Stressed, Doctor?  Nourish Your Mind and Your Soul
Living in this luxurious amazing time, we have favorite luxuries - favorite restaurants, favorite vacation spots, favorite sports teams, favorite…We choose food, travel, teams to cheer, movies, luxuries upon luxuries.We spend time with news, negativity, complainers, shopping, services, confusion,...  Read More
The Truth About Work / Life Balance with Audie Cashion
The Truth About Work / Life Balance with Audie CashionBalancing work and life can be extremely difficult, especially if you’ve got what seems like a million things going on at once. But thankfully, I know just the person who can help dentists like you find the perfect balance between life and work...  Read More
Are You Mired In the Business of Dentistry?
It can be a challenge to become the kind of dentist you originally set out to be. We dentists start out to help people  We may become technically excellent in our patient treatment -- But the business of dentistry becomes another challenge.   Read More
How Successful Are You?
Here’s a little quiz to help you consider your success. If you take it periodically, you can measure your progress: 1. _______ score     1 to 10 - how much do you like yourself?                                      2. _______ score     How much do you like what you do?3. _______ score     How much...  Read More
What Makes You Want to be a Dentist?
Just what makes you want to be a dentist, anyway? Where do you find your motivation each day when you walk into your practice? These are important questions to ask ourselves -- and to address as we progress through our careers.   Read More
Take The Stress Out Of Dentistry
Take The Stress Out of DentistryIn the last ten years, eight doctors in my small town have died prematurely. Among those who died, over half worked in the dental profession. Practicing dentistry is stressful. And stress is a killer. But you don’t have to let stress rule your life or end...  Read More
Do You Have High Production Teams, Or Well Managed Staff?
The fastest way to a stress-free, profitable practice is to build high production all-star teams. We talk about teams, we preach about teams, but few practices really create true, autonomous, high production All-Star teams. Doing so is the best thing that you can do for the success and the culture...  Read More
Do Not Buy Dental Loupes.....until you hear this! are essential for healthy dental practice. This episode you will learn to:Select which loupes are right for you.Avoid common mistakes made when choosing loupes.Choose quality lighting systems.Measure your own working distance.And much much more!Become an informed...  Read More
You can practice dentistry pain free.....I promise
Have you been practicing dentistry for decades and live with chronic pain? Do you feel as though there is no hope for you?So did Dr. Aniko Ball, an Australian dentist who practiced for over 30 years. Even though she had been deemed a hopeless case by the medical establishment, Dr. Ball still had...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #45 How to Recover from a Major Meltdown
Recently, I had a major meltdown. Many that know me would say, “Not Donna.” Yes, this meltdown even prompted my family to stay clear of me and my real crocodile tears.Many of you also know that not much rattles me. As a liver transplant patient in February 2007 with a life-altering...  Read More
Calm Your Stormy Practice by Simplifying Your Workflow - Season 1 Episode 5
Dr. Chris Griffin Show - Calm the Storm S1E5 Dr. Chris Griffin Show - Season 1 Episode 5There is 1 Thing you can do to solve 99% of your problems, but it may not be what you think. One of the inherent challenges of practice is the shear...  Read More
You’re sitting next to the patient, waiting for his response. You’ve done it right. Showed your patient all the x-rays with the bone loss. Described the hygienist’s findings of 5 to 6 mm pockets, bleeding, the pus. Providing a pamphlet of periodontal disease and the oral systemic...  Read More
4 Signs You're Overstressed with Jen Butler : Howard Speaks Podcast #18
Dr. Howard Farran and Jen Butler on how to stressLESS.Audio Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #18 with Jen Butler                        Video Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks Video Podcast #18 with Jen Butler                     ...  Read More
What Every Dentist Can Learn From Band Geeks
I was taking a few moments to get connected with my Facebook friends- that’s a nice way of saying I was procrastinating from doing something I’m not looking forward to doing- and came across a post about marching bands and Rolling Stone magazine. Peeked my interest so I followed the...  Read More
It doesn’t matter if patients react from flight or fight mode. Both types can be easy to work with and does not need to make for a stressful day at the office.These steps will help you connect, defuse, and gain case acceptance. Empathy- “Mr. X, you seem uneasy/unnerved. In my...  Read More
Patients that come from a place offightare easier to pinpoint, not easier to work with. The body has a defense mechanism that when put in dangerous, threatening, or fearful situations gets louder, bigger, and more aggressive to ward off what we perceive as a dangerous predator- yes, meaning you. I...  Read More
Fear and dentistry seem to go hand in hand. Whether the fear comes from childhood experiences or is solely psychological, fear is a real thing that patients often bring with them to their appointments.Here’s what most dentists and their teams fail to remember: people have two biological,...  Read More
stressLESS: Influencers that Impact Your Stress Levels
In all my work with dental professionals and the massive amount of reading I do around the topic of stress management, I have found consistently four really big factorsthat influence stress levels and the data to go with it. Feeling of control:You can call this control, autonomy or ownership. What...  Read More

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