Episode 17: Where is your head?
Do you know where your head is? This is a legimate questions for dental professionals. Many times you don't! Not knowing where your head is or how to practice with your head in the correct position can lead to a lot of muscloskeletal problems in dentistry. ...  Read More
Episode 18: The Blessed Union: How postural awareness and ergonomics are the perfect marriage in dentistry.
Episode 18: The Blessed Union Postural awareness and ergonomics are eternally linked. One without the other is simply not complete. In this episode we conclude our week of postural awareness and discuss...  Read More
They say the eyes are windows to the soul, but did you know the mouth is a window to the overall health of the body? Medical professionals have found that as many as 90 percent of systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms, including nutritional deficiencies and general infections. Learn...  Read More
You can practice dentistry pain free.....I promise
Have you been practicing dentistry for decades and live with chronic pain? Do you feel as though there is no hope for you?So did Dr. Aniko Ball, an Australian dentist who practiced for over 30 years. Even though she had been deemed a hopeless case by the medical establishment, Dr. Ball still had...  Read More
25 Things to Know About Halitosis/ Bad Breath
I work as a dentist in Norway, with a special focus on halitosis (including standardized use of a halitosis-meter) and this is a list of some tips I try to share with my patients.Eating a meal of garlic and onions may give you the occasional bad breath. And everyone’s had morning breath at...  Read More
Episode 2: 2 Minute Body Reboot for Healthier Dental Practice
Episode 2: 2 Minute Body Reboot for Healthier Dental Practice The 1-2 minute time span in between your patients can be used to make you healthier!Join me as I discuss how a 2 minute reboot can reduce your pain and increase your energy...  Read More
Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals  Episode 0: The Who, What and When
Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals Episode 0: The Who, What and W Introducing a new podcast dedicated to answering all of yourquestions about how to practice dentistry safely, decrease your risk of developing pain and increasing...  Read More
Why Do We Fluoridate Drinking Water?
Fluoridation is the process of adding the mineral fluoride to the drinking water supply with the goal of preventing tooth decay. In the USA, fluoridation is a huge public health effort -- about 74.6% of citizens drink fluoridated water. Many people are unaware of the fluoridation process or...  Read More
In the modern days we are living, your intestines/guts can react to stress, processed foods,alcohol, bacteria and some other forms of medications. These effects can bring about a leak inyour guts and a small leak in the gut can result to a very big intestinal problems. For instance, ahealthy gut is...  Read More
Meet Uncle Mo®
Uncle Mo®is a very eccentric guy, who lives alone on his (party) houseboat down at Molar Marina.He spends most days cruising the lake, fishing and taking in the sun... and what he enjoys most is entertaining all his friends and family on the boat.They enjoy the big slide and Tarzan swing...  Read More
The Business of Pain Free
Dental professionals are in the business of keeping people healthy and pain free. Working long hours in impossibly small spaces to perform (seemingly) impossibly complex procedures is essential to ensure the well being of patients. It is an admirable profession filled with dedicated persons willing...  Read More
Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth that you want fixed without calling any additional attention to the unsightly problem? Would you like the treatment to be shorter than the unsightly mouth of metal that most people wear? You are not alone. Many adults have long held out on getting braces...  Read More
Effective Stretching: Are you doing it right?
“I stretch my neck all of the time.” Dr. Iminpain, DDS proudly declares.“You do? That’s great! How long do you hold the stretch?” I feel a great sense of hope as our consulting session begins. Maybe he has picked up a valuable tool that we can work with to help reduce...  Read More
Staying Active and Healthy While Practicing Dentistry: Dr. Boers' Story
Dr. Chad Boers graciously agreed to write a blog about how he manages to stay healthy and the benefits of exercise on his practice. Many thanks to him to take time out of his busy schedule to provide some insight and share his experience on this important topic that he is so passionate about....  Read More

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