My opinion of "Root Cause"
I wanted to write this post to share my professional opinion as a general dentist about a new documentary revolving around the potential dangers of having a root canal procedure done.  Whether you have heard about the film or you have watched the entire thing from start to finish, this article is...  Read More
Don't Just Assume A Root Is Fractured When You See Lateral Bone Loss
Sometimes we are quick to assume a tooth is fractured when we see lateral bone loss.  But that radiographic finding alone isn't enough to make that determination.  If you cannot visualize a fractured, and the tooth is diagnosed as a necrotic pulp, it doesn't matter how big the lucency is, it can...  Read More
626 Cutting Edge Endodontics with William Nudera
Listen on iTunesWatch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #626 - William Nudera Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #626 - William Nudera Dr. William Nudera earned a DDS from theUniversity of...  Read More
Categories: dental, endodontic, Podcast
Episode 15: What's the Deal with Endodontists?
We had the pleasure of having Dr. Jeffrey Wiswall, DDS, MS in-studiowith us for this episode of Dentists, Implants and Worms. Fun fact: Dr.Jeffrey Wiswall is currently the ONLY board certified Endodontist inthe state of South Dakota.Endodontists are a rare (and strange)breed of dental...  Read More
Complex recovery of a upper bicuspid
Like to share a complex case of recovery of an upper bicuspid with almost no sound healthy tooth structure . Patient will was to restore in a predictable way the tooth without doing an implant so a multidisciplinary treatment was carried on doing a orthodontic extrusion , a crown lengthening and...  Read More
What is the fewest number of endodontic files required for canal instrumentation?
After 35 years of for endo file efficiency vs. file stress, I continue to be puzzled forhow to best answer the frequent question: “How few of your instrumentsare necessary to prepare a canal?” Just as perplexing are the marketingclaims asserting that only 3-5 of their particular files...  Read More
Overlay on molar after RCT
Hi would like to share this clinical case of restoration of a molar after root canal, the restoration is made in lithium disilicate and adhesively bonded.Hope you like :-)For details feel free to ask in this page...bye!  Read More
A Dental Odyssey: 1964 - 2014
Kermit the Frog once observed, “It’s not that easy being green.” If by being green Kermit meant being true to yourself and pursuing your dreams, the subject of today’s post would likely agree. If he meant drive a hybrid and recycle your dental floss, you may want to stop...  Read More
Apical plug with Five Mineral Oxides (5MO), 3 months follow up.
22 years old female patient suffering from pain on tooth 11previously treated with inadequate endodontic treatment(figure1).figure1.Reatreatment was done , irrigation with Naocl 5.25% , normal saline and Endoactivator then placing calcium hydroxide for 2 weeks(figure2).figure2.After that the open...  Read More
Categories: endodontic
Get to Know Endo
For over three decades I have had the remarkable opportunity to design, manufacture, market, scientifically test and clinically evaluate new endodontic files. My research lead me to build a computer controlled clinical simulator to comprehensively assess key performance indicators of endodontic...  Read More
A Father to Son Heart to Heart About PPOs
Patrick PPO knew something was wrong as soon as he got home from work and saw his son Pat sitting on the front porch.Walking up to his son, he set down his laptop bag, loosened his tie and sat down next to Pat. “Something wrong, son?” Sniffing, Pat wiped his sleeve across his nose and...  Read More

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