5 Tips for Eliminating Hygiene Cancellations & No-Shows
 We’ve all been frustrated when someone cancels last minute or doesn’t show up without any communication. It’s easy to point fingers and say, “I thought you confirmed that patient!”While it’s impossible to eliminate ALL cancellations and no-shows in the hygiene department, there are a few ways to...  Read More
The Best Way to Use a Quick Fill / Short Call List
The Best Way to Use a Quick Fill / Short Call ListEvery type of dental scheduling software has some form of a quick fill list or short call list. This is basically a list of patient appointments that have been cancelled and/or patients who have said they want a call if an appointment opens up at a...  Read More
How To Get Rid Of Cancellations Once And For All
Frustrating aren’t they?Patient cancellations, I mean. You have a full day booked, but then out of the blue people cancel.Or worse. They fail to turn up for appointments.So your full day becomes full of holes.And if you’re not careful, you’ll never see those patients again....  Read More
Ten Proven Steps to Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows in your Dental Practice
When it comes to cutting down on cancellations and no-shows, there are similar but different protocols for 1) new patients, 2) patients due for recare, 3) patients past due for recare, 4) patients scheduled for operative, and 5) patients who broke their appointment for operative.Here are 10 tips...  Read More
 What type of people cancel and no-show to their dental appointments?
An engaged dental team can start to predict which patients will cancel or not show up for their dental appointments. No practice wants too many of these types of patients. It becomes vital for the scheduling coordinator to be able to identify these patients so that the dental team can confirm their...  Read More
What's In It For Your Patients?
What's your PARVB? Put into a way that you may understand better, let's call this your Patients' Appointment reason to Return- theValue and Benefit to them.Or another way to say it from your patients point of view may sound like this"What's in it for me?"All day long you are asking your patients to...  Read More
More on No Shows and Cancels
Any systems comes down more to WHO is doing the job then the “system” itself.Don’t get me wrong - systems are vital - but there are tons of good systems out there.What is more important is how well trained the people are on implementing whatever system you use as an untrained...  Read More
Chronic Appointment Breakers
Good management of your dental practice includes a scripting protocol for your Scheduling Coordinator (SC) to handle chronic broken appointment patients (at least three broken appointments or is not sorry after the second broken appointment). Something like this:SC: “I’m sorry but I...  Read More
Standardized Sequence for Handling Requests to Break or Cancel an Appointment
Standardized Sequence for Handling Requests to Break or Cancel an AppointmentWhen you are speaking to a patient or someone who calls for a patient and they want to break an appointment, there are certain steps to follow. The first step is to get the person on the telephone that has the...  Read More
Actions to take to fill up your dental schedule, cut down on no-shows/cancellations.
1. For those who take insurance get in "end of year" insurance out.2. Have a short call list3. Make sure that every patient has their next appointment scheduled before leaving4. Follow-up on unscheduled treatment and missed appointments. The person doing the calls must have excellent communication...  Read More
Broken Appointments: Following Up On
Correctly handling missed appointments is key to the successful management of your dental practice. If not handled as soon as they occur patient treatment plans can be disrupted, the schedule is thrown off and patients can be lost.When a patient misses an appointment they must be called within...  Read More
Reduce Broken Appointments
I believe that practices have a lot more control over broken appointments than they ever realized. Many practices are running on automatic and not taking time to educate patients and look at the patient's indicators before scheduling and during confirmations. 1) Educate the patients when the needed...  Read More

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