Episode 34: The Top 5 Things Patients Say
Dr. Laskin reveals the true meaning behind common statements made by patients. He also gives some great ways to put their mind at ease.The 5 Things Patients SayFind us on !  Read More
Patient Selection: Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Patient Selection: Obstructive Sleep ApneaObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a type of sleep apnea which is caused by obstruction of the upper airway. This obstruction can be complete or incomplete. It is characterized by recurrent spells of absence of breathing followed by normal breathing spells....  Read More
Getting Your Patients to Optimal Health With Dan O'Rourke
Getting Your Patients to Optimal Health With Dan O'Rourke This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Dan O’Rourke all about getting your patients to optimal health.Dan is extremely passionate about dentistry and the importance of balancing your professional and personal life. He has...  Read More
Do This to Get Existing Patients to Accept Treatment
Today I want to talk to you about your existing patients that are seeing you on a regular basis and still have dentistry that needs to be done. I feel like it's easier for practices when they have a new patient come in with dental needs to be very intentional about having conversations with the...  Read More
Warning: Are You Leaving Money On The Table?
Horrifying, isn’t it?The number of patients that are inactive in your database.If you’re like most dentists I work with you have a database of patients. Hundreds of names and addresses of people who visited your practice.Many of these patients walked out the door with every intention of...  Read More
Retraining Patients
We have ownedfor 10 months now. Our production has been growing steadily with new patients, but obviously not as fast as we would like. We are finding that getting the patients and the staff to implement the things that we know will work is a retraining process. We are having to retrain patients to...  Read More
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Why it is important to follow up with your patients
Following up with patients is not only great for your patient but it also can bring really positive results for your practice. On the other hand, not doing so, can not only lead to lawsuits in extreme cases but also patients not returning.Many dentists believe following up with their patients in...  Read More
How To Get Patients to Like Your Facebook Page
Dentists Need to Connect With Patients on Facebook FirstSocial media is all the rave these days, even for dentists.Who'd a thunk it, but has your dental practice taken the most fundamental step in realizing actual results from your Facebook page?It's not about how many Likes you have, it's all...  Read More
Is Your Hygienist Asking This One Question?
Every day we work in the dental office, we ask our patients a variety of questions. There is one particular question that will be important to askand it will help you discover theexact treatment they would like and possibly never imagined it could be possible. Perhaps your patient never knew you...  Read More
Coversion Whale and Apple Dental Group Work Together on Win A Smile Makeover!
We are so proud to announce that Conversion Whale has teamed up with Apple Dental Group to offer someone a chance of having a smile makeover! We think that a new smile can really change someone’s life.Whether you need a total smile makeover or just crowns, implants, veneers, orthodontics, or...  Read More
Exceed Patient Expectations And Reduce Your Divorce Rate
It’s sad to say but most people actually come into a dental office expecting the doctor to be running late in getting to them. They expect problems with their bill. They expect difficulty in getting appointments convenient to their schedule.What if you decided, “In my office,...  Read More

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