Do Landlords Give Concessions on Renewals?
In working with thousands of healthcare professionals on lease renewals, one of the most common statements we hear is: “My landlord told me they don’t give lease renewal concessions” or “I’ve never gotten any concessions on a renewal from my landlord in the past”.From a landlord’s perspective, the...  Read More
5 Things Every Doctor Should Know When Choosing Their Commercial Real Estate Agent | Part 5
Part 5: Does your agent have a listing in your desired market? Or worse yet, several listings?If your agent has listings in the market or area you interested in, they have a clear conflict of interest in representing you as a tenant or buyer and should be immediately eliminated as an option to...  Read More
5 Things Every Doctor Should Know When Choosing Their Commercial Real Estate Agent | Part 4
Part 4: Are there reputable industry professionals that can vouch for your agent’s healthcare real estate experience?Building a dental or medical practice is a collaborative process between your equipment specialist, contractor, architect, lender, real estate agent and several other key partners....  Read More
5 Things Every Doctor Should Know When Choosing Their Commercial Real Estate Agent | Part 3
Part 3: Is your agent asking you basic or obvious questions about your practice?An expert agent should have a firm understanding of your industry and be aware of the key requirements that can affect your practice. Likewise, they shouldn’t be asking you questions that you would expect them to advise...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online...Real Estate: Real Issues for Starting (and Selling) a Dental Practice. By Charles Feitel.
Dentaltown is pleased to present....Real Estate: Real Issues for Starting (and Selling) a Dental Practice.  By Charles Feitel.This CE course can be found here....For a limited time, this course can be viewed free of charge to US residents due to the sponsorship of HPRG | Health-Pro Realty...  Read More
A 25K Win in 30 Minutes
A 25K Win in 30 Minutes Yup…we recently saved one of ourHigh Level Clients 25KThat’s 25,000.00 in cold, hard cashWith one 30-minute phone callHow did we do that?Today, you’ll learn: Learn Jayme’s special...  Read More
The Highly Sensitive Person in Your Chair
There is an increasingly large group of people who identify themselves at “highly sensitive persons” or HSPs. While it is not an official psychological or physical diagnosis, for those who identify themselves this way, it is very real.In 1996, Elaine Aron published a book called The...  Read More
How to Choose a Lease Negotiator
Your Office LeaseYour office lease is the most important document in your office, after your diploma. The most important principal in business is, “You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.”Negotiating your lease is a vital step in your business’...  Read More
Buying vs. Leasing: A Dental Guide to Commercial Property
The DilemmaOne of the most heavily debateddecisions many dentists face when opening a practice is choosing between buying and leasing their office space. There are pros and cons to both options and, like the rest of your business; the decision requires a lot of analysis and planning.If one decides...  Read More
Navigating Commercial RE with Tanner Milne : Howard Speaks Podcast #56
When Tanner Milne realized that there was no commercial real estate broker in the Phoenix valley who specialized in helping dentists, he created Menlo Group CRE. Since then he has brokered over 1000 real estate transactions for dentists and advises them on leases, renewals, purchases, and new...  Read More
How A Dental Real Estate Lease Can FAIL (part 3)
For dentists looking to open a new office, this article willgive you some powerful strategies to use in your dental real estatelease negotiations.If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of this 3-part mini-series you can read them here:Part 3: HOW TO WIN(and how your landlord will try to win too)Could Your...  Read More
How A Dental Real Estate Lease Can FAIL (part 2)
If you missed Part 1 of this 3-part mini-series It shares thoughtful insight and should be read before Part 2.Dentistswho are considering opening a new office will most likely look at the option of leasing. After reviewing many leases, my team has found afew sure-fire ways to FAIL in the dental...  Read More
How A Dental Real Estate Lease Can FAIL (part 1)
The one, all powerful document, called a dental real estate lease, could secure or obliterate your financial security.Surprisingly the financial dangers have nothing to do with the price per square foot.Read on, in this 3 part article to discover the 3 worst FAILS of a dental real estate...  Read More

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