Tax Changes To Watch For in 2018
2018 taxpayers will see many changes related to individual taxes due to the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” passed in December 2017. Many of the provisions in the new law expire (sunset) January 1, 2026. The changes affecting most individual taxpayers include:1. The new “simplification law” keeps the same...  Read More
Should You Acquire a Dental Practice or Start From Scratch
Owning a dental practice is a goal of most dentists, in fact it’s the American Dream to have ownership of something.  So, how do you get there and what do you need to think about first?  For dentists, the first decision is whether you should begin an acquisition of an existing practice or create a...  Read More
Tax law generally treats mutual fund shareholders as if they directly owned a proportionate share of the fund's portfolio of securities and you must report as income any mutual fund distributions, whether or not they are reinvested. Thus, all dividends and interest from securities in the portfolio,...  Read More
What are excess distributions?
A common question from dentists is “How much money can I take out of the business?” We like to make sure business owners know what they are allowed to take out by educating them. After all, it is their hard-earned money. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this, I would like to point...  Read More
Another Big Tax Bill? Here's How to Avoid Them
We’ve talked a lot about the good, the bad and the ugly of taxes for the Dental enterprise. But then there’s the ugliest – the one many of you have experienced in one form or another and one of the most hated experiences in Dentistry – the dreaded tax surprise.As an...  Read More
Tax Tips: Deducting Massage Therapy
Are you in constant discomfort? Have you visited a chiropractor or medical professional for some form of occupational relief? No one likes being in pain or the costs that can come from medical treatment. Luckily, there are tax strategies that associate with the costs of getting well. When you feel...  Read More
If You Build It:  Tax Benefits to New Dental Construction
If your dental practice is established or just getting started,you are probably comparing the costs of brand new construction against those of renovating an existing structure. While new construction may entail more upfront expenses, it offers a greater long-term return on your investment due to...  Read More
Why You Need Certain Information for Your Due Diligence – Part I
I decided to write this blog series mainly because of the pushback we get from sellers advisors on some of the information we ask for when representing the buyer. The first item I’ll discuss are W-2s by year along with an employee roster for that year noting positions, average hours worked...  Read More
The Tax Implications of Starting a Dental Practice Transition
Here's Kathy Collins' latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.The decision to begin the process of transitioning your practice into the hands of your successor is a tough one, of course. It’s been the center of your life for years, and even if you’re totally ready to...  Read More
How To Handle a Tax Surprise
Here's Kathy Collins' latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.The bad news is that if you already have a fat tax bill sitting on your desk, your options are pretty limited. There are payment plans available from the IRS, but one way or the other you’re going to end up having...  Read More
When Growing Your Dental Practice is a Bad Thing
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.Growth can be good or bad for a dental practice, just like for any other business. Growing simply for the sake of it is not smart. Growing at a rate that’s well-thought-out, strategized, and steady is far better.Many dentists...  Read More
INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Symptoms of a Sick Dental Practice
Here's Jason Smith's latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.You run a successful practice and you're making a good income - but you know things can be better. You've tried practice management and marketing with short-lived results. You're not willing to settle with the status quo,...  Read More
3 Tips for Staying Ahead of Taxes Year-Round
Here's Kathy Collins' latest postfor the Four Quadrants Advisory™blog.The intelligent business owner doesn’t simply worry about taxes when it comes time to file a return. It’s a much more in-depth process than that, one that has to touch more than just a few weeks of your year....  Read More

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