[Podcast] #32: Creating a Marketing Plan
Have you reflected on your marketing year? What plans do you have for the next year? In this episode, Mark and Howie discuss how to make a marketing plan that works, and how to stick to it.ListenPodcast Highlights: Assessing your marketable assets Assessing your website, text & email,...  Read More
21 Tips to To A More Profitable Dental Practice
There's no doubt, all dentists that I speak to want at least 1 thing, that is to be more profitable. Sometimes that means taking on more patients. Other times, it means being more efficient with what you have. Here's 21 ways you can make your practice more profitable. Tyson Downs is an...  Read More
101 Ways a Dentist Can Grow Their Practice (Infographic)
Share this Image On Your Site (Embed Code Below)Share this on your website, just copy and paste the code below onto your site. Please include attribution to Titan Web Agency with this graphic.  Read More
Online Marketing Tips for Dentists in 2015
Dental patients are modern, tech savvy consumers. They inevitably use the Internet when researching local dentists, and much of what they find online will determine whether or not they pick up the phone to make their first appointment.Be sure that the information they find online about you and...  Read More
Simple Tips for Getting More Online Dental Patient Reviews
According to a 2013study, 70% of respondents agreed that online reviews were just as important than a dentist’s credentials. That number increased from 53% reported in 2010. It’s clear that online patient testimonials are incredibly influential to patients looking online for a...  Read More
image source: engines want to provide users with the most relevant results, and a main focus of giving such results is now based on a user’s current location. For example, when performing a search for “dental offices in salt lake city utah”, Google...  Read More
Get Your Dentistry to the Front Page of Online Search Results: 5 Ways to Boost Your Google Ranking
You’re not the only , you have to do everything you can to stand out. One way to stand out is to get your website to show up above your competitors in online search results. Here are 5 ways you can boost your Google ranking and come out on top in search results.1. High-Quality ContentThe ,...  Read More
3 Dental Marketing Myths that Even Chuck Norris Can't Kill - Part 1
Myth trivia 101.True or false?Facial hair grows back thicker when you shave it, especially if you shave it in the direction against the direction of its growth.<tick tock tick tock>Answer? False. ()Strong scientific evidence disproves these claims. As early as 1928, a clinical trial showed...  Read More
Twitter for Dentists: Update Your Profile Now!
If you regularly use Twitter for your dental practice, you may have noticed the remarkable changes to your profile page. Twitter has been rolling out an update to user profiles, with an emphasis made on visual content. They’ve made images a huge focus of the new profile page, reflecting the...  Read More
Dental Practice Marketing: Managing Your Online Reputation
These days, patients are going online to conduct research when looking for a new dentist. According to a 2013 study by, 70% of respondents said that online dentist reviews are just as important as a dentist’s professional credentials.Word of mouth marketing has been revolutionized. While it...  Read More
Is Your Dental Marketing Plan in Need of a Refresh?
What is your plan for sparking new patient flow? If you are still relying on phone book advertising for your dental practice, you might want to refresh your marketing plan.Sure,still has a place in the marketing plan for some dental practices. If you are targeting seniors, it may still make sense....  Read More
Dental Practice Branding: 4 Steps to a Winning Online Strategy
It is estimated that the average person sees 3,000 advertisements every day! Your patients need to be able to recognize your dental practice brand. If you’re not iconic, then all of the time, money and effort that went into the message is completely wasted. So, how do you make the most of...  Read More
Social Media Marketing: Why the 80/20 Rule is Your Key to Success
Social media has taken the dental marketing industry by storm. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ give dentists countless opportunities to stay connected with patients like never before.Check out these stats: 72% of online adults were using social networking sites 8 in 10 social...  Read More
LinkedIn for Dentists
So much of what is written about social media focuses on Facebook, with Twitter and YouTube following closely behind. A recent article published onsays that LinkedIn should not only be included in the mix but should actually be #1 on a dentist’s social media To-Do list.The article asserts...  Read More

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