Retirement 101 For Dentists
 Retirement 101 For Dentists See the full episode at   Read More
Reasons to Sell Your Dental Practice
Whether your biological clock is ticking or owning your own business isn’t what you dreamed it would be, there are plenty of reasons to consider selling your dental practice. Each situation warrants its own considerations and end results. Let the professionals at PTS walk you through your...  Read More
6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Dental Practice
At Professional Transition Strategies, we have successfully guided hundreds of dentists through the process of selling and buying a dental practice. If you are thinking about buying a dental practice, you will naturally have several smart questions. Here are questions to ask when buying a dental...  Read More
The Best Way to Sell a Dental Practice
You have likely spent your entire career building a dental practice, but now you’re ready to move on. But selling a dental practice is much more than putting a For Sale sign on the curb. Selling your dental practice is one of the biggest moments in your career and you only have one chance to...  Read More
Should I Sell My Dental Practice: 5 Questions To Ask
Should I Sell My Dental Practice: 5 Questions To AskThis is a question that most practice owners come across at some point in their career. Considering selling your practice can be stressful, especially if you don’t have all of the information you need. At Professional Transition Strategies, we are...  Read More
How Can I Make My Practice More Valuable?
If you are considering selling or transitioning your practice, increasing the value of your practice is, or should be, a priority. It can be difficult to know how or to find the time to make changes at your practice. However, it is very important that you take the time to get your practice and...  Read More
Types of Dental Practice Transitions
Types of Dental Practice TransitionsIf you’ve decided that you are ready for the next step of your life and your practice, it may be time to consider retirement. There are many, so regardless of whether or not you are ready to completely stop working, we can help you find a transition that...  Read More
Episode 30 – Building Long Term Wealth In And Out Of Your Dental Practice with Dr. David Phelps
Ep. 30 – Building Long Term Wealth In And Out Of Y Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Never Squander a Relationship With Your Client
At the start of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression (2007), CEODentist presented a series of workshops, articles and training sessions based on the book, "Acres of Diamonds" and the principles of creating "Raving Fans" and "Patients for Life". As a result, practices not only...  Read More
7 Big Mistakes Dentists Make That Delay Retirement
Dentists are entrepreneurs, whether they like it or not. As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand some of the pain you’re going through. While I’m not working in someone’s mouth, I’m equally as busy working through someone’s financial affairs.With entrepreneurship comes...  Read More
3 Investment Principles Dentists Can't Afford to Ignore
You plowed through some pretty toughstuff in college like human anatomy. Youexcelled in a rigorous academic environment andmastered dozens of subjects for your boardexams. Theprocess of learning challenging scientific concepts you mastered incollege should notbe abandoned when it comes to your...  Read More
Smart Retirement Planning for Dentists: Sell Now - Retire Later
Don't Wait Until Retirement Time to Sell Your Dental PracticeDeciding on the right time to put your dental practice for sale can be a daunting experience. While it may seem logical to wait until you're ready to retire, the truth is that selling your dental practice earlier can have a positive...  Read More
State of the Union 4Q14
Fellow Townies,2014 has been a remarkably unremarkable year in many ways. A solid but resoundingly average year. Known challenges still abound - declining insurance reimbursement rates and ever increasing overhead costs. What challenges are folks not aware of and/or intentionally ignoring?Sure, the...  Read More
VIDEO: Producing More Won't Lead to Your Retirement
Here's Jason Smith's latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.One of the biggest misconceptions in dentistry is that the only way for you to achieve your financial goals is by producing more. But piling on more work isn’t always the best answer – and can do more harm than...  Read More
The Tax Implications of Starting a Dental Practice Transition
Here's Kathy Collins' latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.The decision to begin the process of transitioning your practice into the hands of your successor is a tough one, of course. It’s been the center of your life for years, and even if you’re totally ready to...  Read More
The 3 Pieces to Your Perfect Financial Plan
Here's Jason Smith's latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.When you graduated dental school and opened your own practice, you didn’t think it would be easy – obviously starting from scratch would be tough. But you weren’t prepared for just how tough it would be....  Read More
What Happens to Your Practice When You Sell?
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.If you do everything right, what happens to your practice immediately after you sell it and retire is up to you, for the most part. You can have a custom transition process, and ensure that everything is executed to your liking. That...  Read More
How Dentists Should – And Shouldn’t – Invest
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.Last time we discussed the best ways to build a framework that allows you to invest in ways that will help you build wealth from your dental practice. But once you’ve done that, what should you actually do with the money that...  Read More
Fee-only vs. Commission Investing: Which is Best?
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.If you’re looking on advice for investing, and all you want is a few hot stock tips, you’ve come to the wrong place. What we will talk about is how to build a comprehensive investment plan that will build wealth in your...  Read More
It’s Not Too Late to Save for Your Retirement
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.It’s never truly too late to start saving for your retirement. Starting early is certainly better. A person who saves $20,000 a year for 25 years will, at the end, have $1.46 million saved. But to get that same amount in only...  Read More
INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Symptoms of a Sick Dental Practice
Here's Jason Smith's latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.You run a successful practice and you're making a good income - but you know things can be better. You've tried practice management and marketing with short-lived results. You're not willing to settle with the status quo,...  Read More
How Much Do You Need to Save for Your Retirement This Year?
Here's my latest postfor the Four Quadrants Advisory™blog.Common sense and logic tell us that the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better off you are. Interest compounds, so money saved at age 30 ends up worth more than what you save at 50. For example: a person who saves $20,000...  Read More
Reducing the Risks of a Partnership Failing: Part 2
Here's my latest postfor the Four Quadrants Advisory™blog.Last week I talked about the preparation that needs to be done before hiring an associate to make sure your partnership works out. After all, 75% of them end up failing, so it looks like dentists need some help. Once you’ve made...  Read More
Reducing the Risks of a Partnership Failing: Part 1
Here's my latest postfor the Four Quadrants Advisory™blog.75% of new associates hired in dentistry never become a partner. There are a lot of reasons for that, but one of the primary ones is that many practices that hire fail to devise and implement a good transition strategy. Not enough...  Read More

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