How to Become a Patient Magnet
Patient attraction is EVERYTHING in business; therefore, it should go without saying that without a steady stream of patients, your practice will die! As such, you're going to learn how to transform your clinic into a patient magnet through powerful messaging.The information you provide (either on...  Read More
13 Qualities of Awesome Dental Logos
Creating the best dental logo is far from an exact art. There are many different ways to create an impactful logo that’s memorable and stands out from the crowd.In the dental industry, having an awesome logo is essential.Your logo can be one of the most important tools you will use to attract...  Read More
Keep Up with Your Online Dental Content
Published on Feb 15, 2017Dentists need quality content to be found in organic search. Colin explains how to, and how not to, get quality content in Patient Attraction Podcast 993.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
The Savvy Dentist #36: The Minimalist Guide to Content Marketing with Cate Scolnik
The Savvy Dentist PodcastWhere Great Dentistry Meets Great BusinessCreate a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take...  Read More
Your Major Dental Marketing Challenge
A single dental marketing tactic won't get you more and better dental patients like a proven system. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 977.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Why “Junk” Dentistry Matters to Your Bottom Line
Call Us: 888.741.1413Fighting “junk” dentistry is one area where content marketing can get you more and better dental patients. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 927.  Read More
Google Doesn’t Care About Dentists
Google’s changes can cost you new patients. Colin explains a better approach for dentists to keep their search rankings in Patient Attraction Podcast 913.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
3 Cheap Ways to Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing
Facebook has firmly established itself as the primary social media platform across most age and demographic ranges. It serves both as a social platform in which people can share and discuss the goings on in their daily lives, but more relevant to dental practice owners, in many ways it has...  Read More
Podcast Episode 001: Welcome To The Dental Marketer Talks
Episode 001: Introducing The Dental Marketer Talks #TDMTALKS Thank you everyone for listening into the very first episode, episode 001, of The Dental Marketer Talks #TDMTALKS.In this very brief episode, I just cover what you will expect...  Read More
Why Your Website Needs A Landing Page
Your Landing PageNeil SandersonMost people think of a website as an entity in its self, this is not the case. Ais a series of pages of which you need to think about landing pages.What is a landing page? Well the description is in the name really, it’s where people land when they first come to...  Read More
How To Grow Your NHS Dental Practice (part II)
How To Grow Your NHS Dental Practice (part II) Neil SandersonI wrote part one of How To Grow Your NHS Dental Practice a few weeks ago, the reason that there has been a little delay is that I have been putting into place a new product to help solve this problem.So let's have a look at the...  Read More
Growth Hacking Your Content Marketing Program… Take Your Blog to the Top of Google SERP’s and Generate MORE Quality New Patients Each Month!
Growth hacking is the name of the game right now for Dentists who want access to the next generation of dental marketing, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s all about putting more prospective patients at the top of the conversion funnel and bringing more qualified new patient traffic into...  Read More
Woody Called Me A Liar Is Colin actually recording these while driving?- Find out about our Patient Attractors video training series due out this Summer- Reserve your seat in Destin with Dr. Woody Oakes while there's still...  Read More
The "Voodoo" Behind Dental Marketing this episode you will see:- We never intended to work with dentists. Get a quick glimpse of our origins and see why we work exclusively with dentists now- Web marketing isn't voodoo...  Read More

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