"Should I Stop Taking My Blood Thinner Before My Appointment?"
Many adults today are prescribed medication to counteract our circulatory systems ability to form blood clots. Most people who are taking one of these medications on a long-term basis, do so to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke because of progressing atherosclerosis or irregular...  Read More
Pursuing Periodontal Care During Pregnancy
Many women are afraid to pursue periodontal care during the time they are pregnant. This is no doubt due, in part, to the possible need for local anesthetic and antibiotics. There is concern that these chemicals may have an adverse effect on the developing baby.Ideally, existing gingivitis and...  Read More
Patient Education: Are They Listening?
The patient will do exactly as you instruct, right?  So many studies -- especially in pediatric dentistry -- conclude that patient education will solve the oral health problem featured in the study. When you teach your patients to brush and floss, how many actually do that?  Don't they understand...  Read More
What is Periodontal Disease?
Periodontal disease means bone loss around the teeth. This is different from gingivitis which means inflamed, swollen and possibly bleeding gums but does not, by definition, involve any loss of bone.Both gingivitis and periodontal disease are caused by the bacteria that live in our mouth and grow...  Read More
Patient Education: Mission Impossible?
Many, if not most patients you try to educate on dental health don't get it.  So what is a dentist to do?    Read More
The Relationship Between Osteonecrosis & Dentistry
Today, more and more people over the age of 50 take medications to prevent the loss of skeletal bone. When the loss of skeletal bone is mild, it is called osteopenia. When it is more severe, it is called osteoporosis.In recent years, there have been reports of a serious side effect in patients who...  Read More
Knowing the Causes of Bad Breath and How to Fight It
Nobody likes bad breath. We don’t like speaking with or being close to someone who has it, and we hope that we don’t have it. So why do people have it?There are a number of causes. Knowing the reason will help prevent it and will permit treatment if it already exists. Bad breath can come from three...  Read More
Fight Mouth Germs for Your Health’s Sake
Fight Mouth Germs for Your Health’s Sake Ever wonder how mouth germs can double your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer even pre-term birth? This patient friendly video shows how germs cause havoc in your body once entering your blood...  Read More
Top Ten Myths heard from the dental chair
If you’ve worked in a dental office across any position – from a dental assistant, hygienist, or front office staff member – you’ve likely heard some eye-brow raising comments and stories from dental patients. Patients hold these beliefs about the dentist or general oral...  Read More
These 2 Numbers are Game Changers!
I'm going to give you a tip today that will help set the expectation for your new patients and create value for what you're offering in your practice from the very beginning.There are two numbers that you should always give a patient on their new patient phone calls. The full fee for the...  Read More
Bad Dental Habits To Chat With Patients About – Part 3
Addressing Bad Dental HabitsThis blog is a follow up to Parts 1 and 2, which are based on an article on that discusses bad dental habits to avoid.We’re moving into the cold and flu season. Many of us will be seekingrelief of a sore throat and coughing. Do yourself and your patients afavor...  Read More
What Scrooge Knows About Periodontal Disease
It is the week of Christmas and of course all the familiar Christmas movies have been playing on TV. Charles Dickens' classicA Christmas Carolis one of those that show every year. It has been remade dozens and dozens of times. (I kind of like the Disney versions the best.)This article first...  Read More
3 Mistakes that Hurt Hygiene Treatment Acceptance
In my recent visits to dental offices I've noticed some common mistakes that create big roadblocks for consistent treatment acceptance in the hygiene room. If your team has been trying to increase hygiene production but are struggling to get patients to accept treatment other than the "regular...  Read More
How Dentists Can Better Engage Patients
More than a provider’s skill or business acumen, patient engagement is arguably the single most important metric when judging the health and well being of a dental practice. With that in mind, we ask - is patient portal software the answer to disengaged patients?Success in dentistry, as in...  Read More
E-Communication Tactics for Dentists
One of the major advantages of a modern dental marketing plan is that patient communication and education don’t have to be limited to the two or three times a year a patient comes into the office for their hygiene appointments and annual exam.Keeping in touch with patients consistently...  Read More
Hygienist or Gynocologist?
When you see a client twice or more a year for over a decade, you certainly build a trust like no other. As a therapist (yes, we hygienists are therapists) I have found that patients sometimes just need help with other completely unrelated topics. There was no preparing for the recent discussion I...  Read More
A patient walks in the front door late...
In the not too distant past I encountered a situation that I'm pretty sure I won't ever forget. It was a typical workday filled with lots of medical history updates, full mouth probes and deleting items from the treatment plans that had actually been completed three years ago just not updated in...  Read More
Hi, I'm Charlotte!
"Dental Hygiene Hell" was the phrase coined by my classmates back in 1998. I'm sure we weren't the only wanna-be RDH's that thought our program was one gigantic stress inducing, social life strangling, time devouring tornado.We were neck deep in pharmacology, chemistry, root morphology, histology...  Read More
I was working with a client recently who was describing all the strategies he was going to use to attract new patients to his clinic. They were glitzy, flashy, and actually quite expensive. Once he was finished I asked him “So tell me how much you are going to invest to keep the patients you...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Actions and Words of the Dental Team Can Increase Cancellations or Prevent Them- Tip #2
Tip #2- Know that a large portion of broken appointments begin chairside. As we evaluate broken appointments and track down exactly what was done prior to the appointment day, what was said andwhat was leftoff, we seethat many of the broken appointments should have never occurred. Most could have...  Read More

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