My first day in dental school was my son's first day in kindergarten -- and here's the story
What an amazing perspective, being both a dental student and young parent with a child in school -- at the same time. Watching my son grow up as I grew in my career has been a great lesson and rewarding in ways I didn't expect.   Read More
Doctor, it's time to be Courageous
Doctor, what is it you fear in your dental practice? If you own your own practice, there is so much to do and so much going on. What scares you and how do you deal with it?  There is an answer in your perspective on your life and your career.   Find us on   Read More
The Truth About Work / Life Balance with Audie Cashion
The Truth About Work / Life Balance with Audie CashionBalancing work and life can be extremely difficult, especially if you’ve got what seems like a million things going on at once. But thankfully, I know just the person who can help dentists like you find the perfect balance between life and work...  Read More
T-Bone Speaks: How to Reach Financial Freedom with Chuck McKee
         In this podcast episode, I meet with a close friend of mine, Chuck McKee, to discuss something that dentists are reluctant to talk about – financial freedom.Chuck has 20 years of dental experience and partners with dentists across the country to help them integrate technology and grow...  Read More
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast Episode 5: Being a Boss
Being a boss is a huge challenge. Being a boss also brings many rewards that make all the hard work and stress worth it. How did you decide being a boss was right for you? In this podcast Bobby and Phil talk about being a boss, what it means to each of us, and how we decided that taking on the...  Read More
How Successful Are You?
Here’s a little quiz to help you consider your success. If you take it periodically, you can measure your progress: 1. _______ score     1 to 10 - how much do you like yourself?                                      2. _______ score     How much do you like what you do?3. _______ score     How much...  Read More
The Importance of a Healthy Work/Life Balance with Dr. Derek Jones, DDS
Our guest this week, Dr. Derek Jones, DDS graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and went on to the Yale-affiliated General Practice Residency. Practicing from Sanford, Maine.   Read More
The PDDx Experience - Episode 2 - Work Life Balance and Team Culture with Dr. Justin Warcup
In this episode Dr. Justin Warcup and I discuss his journey to becoming a pediatric dentist, how he bought his first practice, and how he had to find a better work life balance after taking over a practice that had been around for over 30 years! This is the first part of our conversation and it is...  Read More
Dentists Under Siege?  (Part 2)
“The past does not equal the future - unless you live there.”  ~ T. RobbinsWhy on earth do we choose to allow the insurance companies to come between us and our patients?  (Because of fear.)Why does it feel as if you are just “another run-of-the-mill” dentist?  And what is that anyway?  It’s a...  Read More
You Get What You Think You Deserve
Welcome to the Efficiency Institute and my very first blog here! Now, I’ve authored a book and articles and published scientific research. I even blogged on dental procedures for patients, but not for my coaching business. Naturally, I have pondered and pondered on what pearls to disseminate...  Read More
Episode 79: How To Work Less While Still Growing Your Dental Practice With Justin Short
Episode 79: How To Work Less While Still Growing Your Dental Practice With Justin Short Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
Balance and Making Time
All too often I hear my clients share with me how they struggle with “finding time” to do the things they truly love or how they can find time to spend with the people who are most special in their life.It seems that we are always in conflict; our business and financial obligations...  Read More
Is not getting the right support killing you?
Sadly the suicide, addiction and divorce rates in the dental health care industry is all too common. The way we disrupt this trend and reverse the commonality of it is by teaching the new class of students how to create real support systems in their life. Letting them know that asking for help and...  Read More
Getting More Out of Working Less
Getting More Out of Working Less Getting More Out of Working Less Have you mastered the art of balancing work and personal life? Or are you like most professionals who are leaning a little too far into the work side of things? In this...  Read More
The 3 Most Important Relationships That Will Transform Your Practice: Audio
The 3 Most Important Relationships that will Trans If a dentists entire business is built on relationships, why don't we focus more on how to build them stronger? In this training, requested by Dr. Farran, practice mentor Dino Watt explains...  Read More
I don’t quite know how it happened. My yearly six-week vacation ritual was in full-gear this year, but unlike previous years, work started to creep in. First, I needed to finish some things for my team. Then, I had to work on something for my clients. Next, I wanted to tie up some loose ends...  Read More
Entrepreneur’s Tip #8:   Release, Relax, & Reconnect to Get Back on Track!
Ever find yourself sitting at your desk faced with projects or tasks you just don’t want to do. Well, you have three options. You know you’ve picked option number one when you find that time has passed and you haven’t really done anything except think about what you don’t...  Read More
Living an Abundant Life with Dr. Bill Blatchford : Howard Speaks Podcast #65
Is it possilbe to work less days and make more money? Can vacations boost productivity? Should new graduates take out more loans to buy a practice? Dr. Bill Blatchford answers these questions and more in this hour podcast interview with Dr. Howard Farran.Stream Audio Here: ...  Read More
6 meditations you could be doing at the office right now
Untitled Document Have you ever heard about LSD in the 60’s? In places like Golden Gate Park, someone with a microphone would lead a group through a series of visualizations, telling the audience what to focus upon to alter their level of...  Read More
Recharging My Batteries
Do you ever feel like a hamster on a wheel? Going, going, going, with little time for rest? It is nice to take a break, find relaxation and get rejuvenated. Vacation was just what was needed!Twenty-three years ago, my husband and I were married on Kauai, in a beautiful Japanese garden on a golf...  Read More
3 Things Every Dentist Needs to Keep Work Manageable
Here's my latest postfor the Four Quadrants Advisory™blog.A dentist is most productive and most profitable when they’re in the chair. But someone has to run the business side of the practice as well, and often that falls to the dentist. They’re out of their element, they’re...  Read More

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