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Local SEO Got You Down?  There’s Still Hope to Save Your Ranking!
Local SEO Got You Down?  There’s Still Hope to Save Your Ranking!“Google it.” We all say those words so often that Googling has become a verb.As your patient base gets younger and younger, more of your target audience is using the internet to find local goods, products, and services.  If it isn’t...  Read More
Dental Marketing (The Gathering of Intelligence)
Many dentists believe that Google Ads are singularly and narrowly purposed.  Let's drive some traffic to my website (or, so they say).  Hopefully, in the end, some of this traffic will actually place a call to my office and all will be well.  Google Ads, quite honestly, is capable of a whole lot...  Read More
2019's Top 5 Dental Website Conversion Hacks
2019: The Year of Dental Marketing ConversionSEO is clearly vital for your dental website but there's a new factor that's caught Google's attention lately, and that's Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). What is Conversion Rate Optimization you ask? Great question: CRO is defined by marketers as the...  Read More
The Biggest Mistake Dental Practices Make With Reviews
Reviews are an incredibly important part of a local SEO strategy for dental practices, yet unfortunately, a lot of practices are going about collecting them in the wrong ways. Many practices collect reviews on internal reviews portals, which pass up a bunch of SEO-related benefits of reviews. In my...  Read More
How To Grow and Scale Your Practice With Dr. Jesse Green
How To Grow and Scale Your Practice With Dr. Jesse GreenI’m delighted to introduce the amazing Dr. Jesse Green to this week’s podcast episode to discuss many innovative ways to grow and scale your practice.Dr Jesse Green is a dentist, entrepreneur, coach and thought leader who specializes in...  Read More
And the (Dental) Survey Says?
Published on Mar 23, 2017Many dentists break the first rule of marketing with their newsletters. Colin explains how to make your newsletter work in Patient Attraction Podcast 1019.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Dentists Will Drown in “Me, Too”
Published on Mar 22, 2017Today’s dental landscape demands a different marketing approach to succeed. Colin explains how dentists can stand out in Patient Attraction Podcast 1018.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Stop Selling Your Dental Experience
Published on Mar 21, 2017Dentists who don’t market to what today’s patients want will lose. Colin explains why the patient experience is king in Patient Attraction Podcast 1017.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Is Your Dental ROI in the Dumps?
Published on Mar 20, 2017Dentists need to know, not guess, their marketing ROI. Colin explains how to precisely determine your marketing ROI in Patient Attraction Podcast 1016.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Yes, Dental Therapists Are Coming for You
Published on Mar 16, 2017Dental therapists are likely to be authorized in many states within a year. Colin explains how to meet the challenge in Patient Attraction Podcast 1014.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Facebook Failure Tactics for Dentists
Published on Mar 15, 2017Facebook is a loser for dentists, but you can make it less so by avoiding these four failure tactics. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Episode 1013.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
When Dentists Have More Bad Months Than Good
Published on Mar 14, 2017Colin explains why you’re having so many bad months in your dental practice, and what you should be doing instead, in Patient Attraction Podcast 1012.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Is Your Dental Website Ready for FREE Marketing Help?
Dentists need websites that will help them maximize the benefits of the new ADA patient initiative. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 1011.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
The One Mistake That Will Kill Your Dental Practice
Published on Mar 10, 2017Your dental website will negate the rest of your marketing if it's not kept current. Colin explains what you need to do in Patient Attraction Podcast 1010.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
You Need Better Dental Patients
Published on Mar 9, 2017High-value dentists succeed where high-volume dentists tire. Colin explains how to attract more, higher-value patients in Patient Attraction Podcast 1009.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
The Great Dental Website Migration, Part 2
Published on Mar 8, 2017SmartBox is going to great lengths to ensure a smooth transition to HTTPS for our dentists’ websites. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 1008.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
The Great Dental Website Migration, Part 1
Published on Mar 7, 2017SmartBox is enhancing its dentists’ website security to ensure a better experience for dental prospects. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 1007.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
One-Horse Dental Marketing Won’t Get You to the Finish Line
Published on Mar 6, 2017There are a lot of dental marketing firms peddling snake oil instead of results. Colin explains what to watch out for in Patient Attraction Podcast 1006.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Dentists Shouldn’t Give Up on Offline Marketing
Published on Mar 2, 2017Offline dental marketing can be a great adjunct to your online marketing. Colin explains how to make both work together in Patient Attraction Podcast 1004.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Lies Your Dental Prospects Tell Themselves
Published on Feb 27, 2017If you want more and better dental patients, you have to break the mold your prospects have you in. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 1001.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
A “Millennium” of Dental Marketing Podcasts
Published on Feb 24, 2017Dentists shouldn’t be caught unprepared by economic swings. Colin explains how to safeguard your financial future in Patient Attraction Podcast 1000.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Does Delta Dental’s Move Signify a Trend?
Published on Feb 23, 2017Delta Dental’s move in Massachusetts doesn't bode well. Colin explains how to take control of your financial future in Patient Attraction Podcast 999.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice Recession-Proof?
Published on Feb 22, 2017Dentists need to prepare now for an uncertain economic future. Colin explains how dentists can thrive in uncertain times in Patient Attraction Podcast 998.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Will Your Dental Videos Be Competitive in 2017?
Published on Feb 14, 2017The online world is increasingly video-driven, and dentists must keep up. Colin describes how to remain competitive in Patient Attraction Podcast 992.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Does Your Dental Website Measure Up to Mobile Search?
Published on Feb 20, 2017Your dental prospects are looking for you online using mobile devices. Your website has to work for them. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 996.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
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