In the array of treatments dentists use to help patients with periodontitis or advanced gum disease, osseous surgery is one of the options. It’s typically used to treat severe or advanced gum disease, when other treatments haven’t worked to get rid of the problem.Patients with advanced gingivitis...  Read More
CBD Oil For Fighting Gum Disease
Gum disease is a massiveproblem in the United States, yet largely unnoticed by the public. Boththe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the AmericanDental Association (ADA) say that upwards of 60% of Americans exhibitsome form of active gum disease. Gum disease is more than...  Read More
Kathryn Won the Battle But Not the War
Kathryn contacted me for a second opinion. Her problems are not unusual. She told me what she had gone through so far.It started when her dentist told her, “You have a gum infection, which is due to bacteria living under your gum tissues. Let’s kill these bacteria, and we’ll cure your disease.” So,...  Read More
Meet Gummy Smiles®
GummyG® is Biggie's little brother. Like his brother, Gummy LOVES music, but despite his sincere efforts, has little to offer Biggie in the way of legit talent or content.Nevertheless, G-man tags along and tries very hard, and sometimes the results are hilarious... and even inspire Biggie and...  Read More
Getting a piercing isn’t bad. In fact, piercings have been used for self expression since the ancient times. Many piercing trends have developed over the years, copied from anthropological evidence or popularized by . One unique piercing that has turned into a trend over the years is gum...  Read More
Vertical infra bony defect part 3- I-PRF blood derivate
Gum treatment marathon - left side Patient was very excited about the surgery and theentiretreatment took almost 10 hours, 2 sessions, 5 hours each. I usedblood derivates I- PRF to help with the healing and stabilize the grafts. Blood derivatives treatment became popular in dentistry. I am using...  Read More
Vertical Perio infrabony defect - part 2
Vertical bony defects part 2 As I promised, here is the continuation of the Severe Perio Disease treatment of my 38 years old female .Upper right quadrant has altered delayed eruption - take a look at the bone level at the CEJ , especially canine area . Patient had excess of the facial bone but she...  Read More
Beatrice Our Hygienist: Gum Disease Awareness
affects more adults than cancer, diabetes or heart disease. With 74%of the population affected, only half are aware of it. Gum disease haslong been associated with heart disease, strokes, pre-term births, andlow birth weights. Now there are several connections between overallhealth and overall...  Read More

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