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When SEO isn’t Working | Dental Marketing Blog
When SEO Gets ToughHey guys thanks for joining me. Today, a very serious subject and that is when your SEO just isn’t flowing at the same rate as you had originally anticipated at the outset of the campaign.When this happens, there are basically 3 ways to deal with the issue.First, you may...  Read More
Top Dental SEO Factor | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Top Dental SEO Factor | Dental Marketing Blog Hey guys, welcome to the! Today, the number one Dental SEOfactor. We have a great episode today!Today we’re discussing the #1 factor in Dental SEO!I’ll cut...  Read More
Web Designers Can’t Do SEO | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Web Designers Can’t Do SEO | Dental Marketing Blog Web Designers Can’t Rank Your Dental WebsiteHey I'mthe Dental Marketing Guy! welcome to the.Today we're talking about web designers and why they can't rank your...  Read More
Should Dentists Learn SEO? | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Should Dentist Learn SEO? | Dental Marketing Blog Who needs Dental SEO? Welcome to the. I’m Justin Morgan the dental marketing guy. Let’s delve into this!SEO is probably the most enigmatic practice in...  Read More
White Hat SEO | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Dental Marketing Guy Show Episode 9 - White Hat SEO What is “White Hat” SEO?Welcome to the, I’m the dental marketing guy. Let's delve into this!Today we’re discussing what white hat SEO is....  Read More
SEO Story | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Dental Marketing Guy Show Episode 8 - SEO Story 2 Major Factors in SEO | Content and Links Welcome to the! I’m Justin Morgan, aka the dental marketing guy. Today we’re talking about the 2 major factors...  Read More
One Thing To Know About SEO | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: One Thing To Know About SEO | Dental Marketing Blog 2 SEO Principles | SEO andReferralsare the SAME THING Welcome to the Dental SEO Show! I’m Justin Morgan, aka “the dental marketing guy,” and...  Read More
Do you need SEO? Are You Aware of the Risks in SEO? Find Out Here!
SEO: Do You Even Need It? Many dentists are told "you need SEO" to attract new patients. How much truth is there in this marketing maxim? More importantly, what are some of the risks involved in doing SEO? In the years I've been doing SEO for dentists, one thing seems to be...  Read More
Harmful SEO | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Harmful SEO | Dental Marketing Blog Can SEO Hurt My Dental Practice?That’s my question today. I’m the Justin Morgan, the dental marketing guy. Here to talk to you about some of the dangers involved in...  Read More
How to Earn Links for SEO | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio:How to Earn Links for SEO | Dental Marketing BlogHow to Earn Inbound Links for Dental SEOI’m the Dental Marketing Guy. Let’s delve into this! Probably the best form ofoff pageSEOis the earning of inbound links. That is, to find opportunities from authorities within the...  Read More
What is SEO? | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: What is SEO? | Dental Marketing Blog What is SEO?Today on the, we’re discussing what SEOis, and more importantly what it means to your practice.Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your...  Read More
Google Leaks | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Google Leaks | Dental Marketing Blog Google LeaksHeyguysit's the. Today we're talking about a hundred and sixty pages of newly released Google leaks. What is it mean for yourpractice.Heyguys welcome to the dental marketing...  Read More
Dental SEO | Top 100 Search Marketing Ideas for Dentists
Looking for SEO tips for your dental website?, SEO expert, tells all in this100 Dental SEO tipsblog post:Dental Domain Name Aspects1.Domain Age– How long have you owned your domain name? You’re going to need to establish some trust with search engines in order to rank well. One of the...  Read More
3 Things to Understand Before Starting or Hiring for SEO
Most businesses aren’t going to always be able to hire an in-house expertto handle their online content all the time— which makes outsourcing their SEO services an increasingly attractive offer for their practice– but there’s a catch.1. You Need to Understand the Basics.SEO...  Read More
How to Master SEO to Increase New Patients and Maximize Visibility with "Dental Marketing Guy" Justin Morgan
Mastering SEO with Justin Morgan Justin Morgan, aka "the dental marketing guy" is a dental marketing enthusiast, specializing in getting your dental website to rank highly on search engines. Justin is different from many SEO experts because...  Read More
THE PROBLEM WITH SEO Working with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company can be frustrating and feel like it is shrouded in secrecy and baffling to anyone who doesn’t speak SEO. While it is true that successful SEO campaigns required a lot of nitty gritty work, the basic strategies and...  Read More
How Much Should a Dentist Spend to Acquire a New Patient?
According to a couple different surveys and reports, the average value of a new patient is about $1000. So how much should you spend on getting those new patients?Let’s breakdown the numbersYou’re getting 40 new patient leads a month (someone that could potentially become a patient) and...  Read More
Should You Hire an Online Marketing Company or Do it Yourself? (Listen: Podcast)
You've probably wondered to yourself: Should I do my own online marketing, or hire someone to do it for you?Here are some common questions that will help you to determine which route to take:50 Hours to Learn the Basics: Are you willing to spend 50 hours minimum (200-300 hours preferably) to learn...  Read More
The Surprising Truth Behind Dental Keyword Rankings
Published on Feb 5, 2016Colin Receveur goes back to a classic episode to reveal why dental patients will pay based on value, not price. Hear more in Patient Attraction Podcast 690.  Read More
3 Tips Dentists Need to Know about SEO in 2016
Published on Jan 19, 2016Dentists wanting to rule their market need to know what to expect from SEO campaigns. Learn a few SEO tricks from Colin in Patient Attraction Podcast 673.  Read More
These 3 Marketing Strategies Help Dentists Dominate Their Competition
Published on Dec 31, 2015Colin revisits podcast episode 99 to show dentists three unexpected ways to beat their competitors. Watch the video in Patient Attraction Podcast 654  Read More
Ep. 22 - How To Get 40+ New Patients Each Month With Reviews Online
Episode 22: How To Get 40+ New Patients Each Month Content originally appeared at:  Read More
3 Secrets to Know When Considering Outsourcing SEO
Published on Nov 30, 2015What should dentists look for when deciding on an SEO company? Colin Receveur breaks down how to find good SEO businesses in Patient Attraction Podcast 623.  Read More
5 Ways Dentists Can Connect With Their Patients
When it comes to youror connecting with your patients, there are so many things involved that can cause a relationship to go down the tubes. The secretary answering the phone in a less professional manner. A patient coming on the 'wrong' day. You know the day that you have patients back...  Read More
Shocking Reason Your Dental Website Could Be Losing You Business
Colin shares how a shocking discovery about your dental website could be losing business. Classic episode 194 reveals how in Patient Attraction Podcast 557.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
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