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Top SEO Tips For Dentists #2 - Best Dental Marketing Companies
Avoid large dental marketing companies like PatientPop, Prosites, and Officite if you really want to compete online. In my opinion, the “boxed up” websites they provide are nothing more than an extension of a cheap business card. Their websites usually have abysmal rankings for target keywords and...  Read More
Top SEO Tips For Dentists #1 - Website Architecture & Dental SEO
In this mini series of blog posts I will try to demystify SEO for dentists and give you some tips that you can do yourself or at least make sure your marketing team is implementing.Over the years I’ve analyzed thousands of dentist websites. The lack of basic SEO on many of them is astounding....  Read More
Are you working with a dental marketing, dental SEO, or dental web design agency who's providing you with a "content library" to use on your website? Not so fast!That "content library" may actually be hurting your site's SEO efforts and keeping you from attracting new patients.Try this easy...  Read More
Voice Search Optimization: A New Phenomenon You Cannot Ignore
Voice search is a rising phenomenon that is changing SEO and the digital marketing world as we speak. People are using their mobile phones and home assistant devices to look for local businesses and services. Your dental practice is no exception to this trend. Voice search is different in many ways...  Read More
Demystifying Dental Marketing: An Introduction to SEO for Dentists
        SEO is one of the most powerful and confusing dental marketing techniques. Many patients use Google and other search engines to search for dentists. Thus, getting your practice on the first page of search results can help you earn dozens of new patients every month.At the same time, search...  Read More
What Is Dental SEO and Why Is It Necessary?
You probably hear everywhere you go that you have to practice search engine optimization to stay in specifically designed for dentists to use and get benefits from it. What you might not know is what SEO really is and why it matters. We will try to explain SEO to you.SEO Is…...  Read More
How to Rank #1 for Dental Practice Using SEO
Like every other industry, the dental industry is competitive. Do you often question how you can set your practice apart from the rest? How can you as a dental practice rank #1 on Google? These are all common questions we businesses have. The answer is to  (local SEO) campaign following a proven...  Read More
Location, Location, Location: Why Your Google Local Search Results Can Vary (Sometimes Wildly)
What if Google told you that your nearest dentist was in another country?Recently we had a question about why a certain dental practice wasn’t showing up in the search results when the person Googled the word “dentist” along with the specific town. Showing up in the map results is...  Read More
How You Can Choose the Best Keywords For Your Website
I'm sure you know that the dental industry is highly competitive. As of 2016, there were, a number that's only expected to grow.Sooooo, if you're a dentist, it's important to differentiate yourself from your competitors.One of the best ways to do that is to use the correct dental keywords to ensure...  Read More
 As a dentist, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort growing your practice and building trust in the community. When selecting a dental marketing SEO company to represent your practice, you must carefully weigh your options. Whenever I talk with potential dental clients, I stress the importance of...  Read More
What to Understand About the Most Common SEO Problems & How to Spot Them
Let's face it, if you want to grow your dental practice, you need a strong online presence that’s aided by internet marketing for dentists. Think of your website as the online front door to your dental offices.To get more people to come through the doors, you need to improve your rankings in...  Read More
Let Speed Happen
One of the areas that is frequently overlooked when designing a dental practice website is speed. That is understandable, as most dentists creating a new site are more concerned with the look of the website and how well it represents their office visually. But when it comes to optimizing a website...  Read More
8 Ways You Can Increase Your Patient Retention
The ADA projects the in the US will increase through 2035, thus it is more important than ever to treat your patients well and really earn their business.You want good patients to return and recommend you to their friends and family when someone is in need of a great dentist.Many practices have...  Read More
Lessons Learned From A Frustrated Cosmetic Dentist
Dr Lance Timmerman Issues Warning - A Must Listen Dr Lance Timmerman shares his experiences with dental marketing and SEO companies to help you make an informed decision on who to work with. Learn the right questions to ask when...  Read More
Improve Website Visibility With These 8 SEO Tips
If you have an existing website that is not showing up on the first page of a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search, you will want to review this quick search engine optimization (SEO) guide to why people aren’t finding your dental website online.Search engines crawl thousands (millions) of websites...  Read More
The Importance Of Ranking, Content, And Does Size Matter?
If you are reading a blog about dental SEO or searching online for search engine optimization for your practice website then you already have some understanding of the value of getting your website as high as possible on the first page of Google. But sometimes it helps to put some statistics...  Read More
DIY SEO (it starts right here)
Get 100+ New Dental Patients in the Next 120 Days (without paying a dental marketing company)If you're looking for a , or if you'd just like to learn how to hire an SEO company to do it for you, you're in the right place.Google has long been saying that building links to your dental website is a...  Read More
Wonderist Agency had the honor of being interviewed by Johnathan VanHorn of DentistMetrics, a dental CPA firm. We discussed the state of Dental Marketing and you can listen here: you have any...  Read More
Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice
Advertising your dental practice successfully requires a rock-solid internety. If you want to attract new patients, simply having a functional website and placing a few ads here and there just won’t cut it. Even if you’re a great dentist, you will fall behind your competitors who know...  Read More
7 Ways To Compete As A High End Dental Practice
*Originally published November 16, 2016 As a private dental office, you’re competing against of large corporate dental facilities.These facilities often have a significant amount of capital to spend on widespread marketing campaigns and a vast amount of dentists to service those clients. In...  Read More
Quick HACK! How to Repurpose Facebook Live Videos for YouTube
Many people have asked me "Are you able to download Facebook Live Videos so that you can use them on You Tube or for Patient Newsletters?"....Well, even though there is no "official" download button for Facebook Live Videos, it can so absolutely still be done!Check out this video to see this cool...  Read More
What is call tracking? Can it help your marketing performance? (Listen)
What is Call Tracking? How Can it Help Your Business?Quote of the day: “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra!” – Jimmy JohnsonWhat is it? is a way to use software to track the phone calls that come in. Sometimes this software can also record the...  Read More
Check out Wonderist Agency's two part blog for the Wisconsin Dental Association on the importance of having a current google location page for your practice.Part 1:Part 2:If you have any questions, please feel free to visit or call us at 262-844-1628.  Read More
Increase Your Referrals & SEO Concurrently | Dental Marketing Blog
3 Proven Ways to Increase Patient ReferralsHey guys welcome to the. Today we're talking about three proven ways to increase patient referrals and what it means for your SEO.What are 3 things you can start doing this week to make your practice more referral worthy?1.Thanking Patients who refer to...  Read More
Dental SEO vs. General SEO | Dental Marketing Blog
Stream Audio: Dental SEO vs. General SEO #16 - Dental Marketing Why Hire a Dental SEO Specialist?Welcome to the! Today we’re talking about the difference between a generalist SEO Company and a Dental SEO Company....  Read More
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