Posted 8/9/2016 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 86
Cents and sensibility
When preparing a root canal, there seems to be nothing that can’t beachieved by a skilled endodontist. In the right hands, virtually anyroot canal can be prepared with virtually any file or number of files.The very small curvature radius and large curvature angle in thefeatured x-ray...  Read More
Posted 8/10/2015 by Dr Barry H Korzen in The Endo Academy   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 109
Choosing the correct instrumentation technique for any given clinical situation is a function of both the canal anatomy and the behavioral characteristics of the files being used. As clinicians, we are concerned about an instrument’s ability to shape the canal in as an ideal fashion as...  Read More
Posted 7/10/2015 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 139
EXO Endo File Impresses Southeastern Endodontics' Dr. Brock
Compliments of Matthew Brock, DDS, MDS (Southeastern Endodontics)Shortly after sending him his first packs of :We appreciate Dr. Brock taking histime to let us know about his experience using EXO Endo files and hopeyou can find the time to try them for yourself. And if you feel youdon't have the...  Read More
Posted 5/22/2015 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 117
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what's that worth?
Most of the time x-rays of tortuous canals are used to demonstrate thecapabilities of a file. This begs the question: exactly how muchinformation do we get from an x-ray. Dr. HB Johnson, one of the pioneersof endodontics and the man who coined the term endodontics, is theperson that performed the...  Read More
Posted 4/29/2015 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 304
What difference does unwinding an endodontic file make if it doesn’t break?
I was recently asked why would it matter if an unwound as long as it didn’t break. First, let us think of a file asnot only an instrument that enlarges a canal but one that acts as anauger as well; it conveys debris. When a file unwinds to the extent thatits helix augers apically rather than...  Read More
Posted 4/22/2015 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 126
Maximizing Efficiency - for what it's worth
Time is the one commodity shared equally with all. No matter who we are or where we are we each get 60 minutes with every hour, 24 hours each and every day and then it is gone forever. One cannot keep time from passing, yet, profoundly, one can save time.Early in my career, I had the good fortune...  Read More
Posted 12/9/2014 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 145
NiTi Endo 101: understanding terminology of nickel titanium endodontic files
Image contributed by Matthew Brock DDS - Southeastern EndodonticsThesuccess of using instruments while preventing failure depends on howthe material, design and technique relate to the forces exerted on theinstruments. To how the file reacts to applied forces, terms have been defined...  Read More
Posted 11/17/2014 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 161
Does the quality of manufacturing make much difference for endo files?
SEM courtesy Nova Southeastern University College of Dental MedicineBeforedifferent types of files are studied, it should be stressed that thequality of manufacturing is the most basic consideration for determiningthe success or failure of endodontic files independent of...  Read More
Posted 11/10/2014 by John McSpadden in EndoPhile   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 305
Steps of Endodontic Instrumentation Technique
Many endodontists have spent a great deal of time deciding on thefile sequence that serves them best and would prefer not to have tolearn a new technique. For those, we would recommend no technique changesince the One Endo file was designed to give better results with anytechnique simply by using...  Read More
Posted 4/25/2014 by JackThomason in SAF Self Adjusting Files System   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 3574
Testimonial about the Superiority of SAF-Self Adjusting File System
Please watch the video Testimonial about the Superiority of SAF. GO TO for more videos and to register for discounts. Testimonial of SAF by leading Endodontist   Read More
Posted 4/2/2014 by JackThomason in SAF Self Adjusting Files System   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 3898
Ultrasonic Irrigation Needle
Dear Doctors,I have noticed in many clinics that use the ProUltra PiezoFlow unltrasonic irrigation needle, problems with the pump. Now, we have an excellent simple alternative to using the syringe pump. The Vatae pump is a perfect and simple alternative. Simply increase the flow rate to 10-12 ml...  Read More

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