Evaluating AUM Fees for Small Practice Retirement Plans
When it comes to personal financial planning, the industry is starting to move towards ,which is a welcome development for doctors and dentists who are highearners and high net worth (though not necessarily at the same time).When charged for personal financial planning services, can be even more...  Read More
5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Dental Practice Transition
There’s more to a successful dental practice transition than signing on the dotted line. It is a benefit to both the  that the process is smooth in order to maintain a reputation while keeping patients and staff happy. Here’s how.Determine transition typeThe first step is for the  the practice over...  Read More
The Ideal Retirement Plan for Your Practice
Your CPA informs you that profits for the year will top expectations,and that you should start thinking about using a retirement plan toshelter some of that income from taxes because you will be in thehighest federal and state.After doing some research, you find that there are two types of...  Read More
How To Reduce Your Practice Retirement Plan Cost
It is well-known that the majority of retirement plan providers thatserve the small and mid-sized retirement plans are bundled platformsthat make most of their money via asset-based fees.  Many plan providersdo not offer the best available solutions to small solo and grouppractice plans, and this...  Read More
Small Practice Retirement Plans: How They Are Different
At first glance, the only difference between small practice and large company retirement plans is the number of participants. Everything else would seem to be identical – both plans have a Third Party Administrator, a record-keeper, a custodian, an investment adviser, mutual funds,...  Read More
Looking to open a retirement plan (or want someone to review your existing plan)?  We can help.
As your revenues and profits increase, so do the taxes you pay on your earnings. If you are considering opening a retirement plan for your business to minimize taxes, you are on the right track.  There are three major reasons for opening a retirement plan:    Provide a valuable perk to your...  Read More
Long Term Cost of Retirement Plan Asset-based Fees
Many bundled 401(k) plans offered to small practices can have very high fees, which include mutual fund fees and other asset-based fees. Fees average about 1.5% but at the high end of thespectrum fees can be as high as 4%. These AUM (assets undermanagement) fees always grow as your account grows....  Read More
The best 401k plan: pooled or participant-directed?
When we talk about retirement plans, specifically the 401k plans, we always have in mind participant-directed plans in which all plan participants get their own personal account and are responsible for managing their own investments. It turns out that participant-directed plans aren’t the...  Read More

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