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ReminderDental's Online Demo
ReminderDentalis giving away 4 free months of service to new dental offices with nocontracts, no itemized billing, just flat rate $50/month pricing! Last week I was spending 6 hours a day doing personal demos with new offices. Realizing that can only scale so far, I decided a short video would be...  Read More
Patient Communication: What Will it be Like in the Future?
Our world is constantly changing and evolving to improve the lives of humans. Technology has saved lives by its advances in medicine, it has changed the ways of communication, and it has changed education. We are so busy with work, our families and hobbies that there is just not enough time in the...  Read More
If you are using any of the automated reminders software, you probably have email addresses for most of the patients. But if you are just starting, are low tech or simply not ready to invest into such a system (we don’t use it yet, for example), then it’s still important to collect email...  Read More
A couple years ago we had no clear system for organizing our reminders. The doctor could verbally leave a task for a busy scheduling coordinator and it might slip from her memory. Or a scheduling coordinator could mention something to a busy doctor, and it might slip from his memory. We wanted to...  Read More
Do you often get handwritten "thank you" notes from people? You probably do get a couple here and there from some especially grateful patients. How does it feel? To me it always feel special. A person bothered to find a nice card, to find some time, to hand write and to mail it. I still keep "thank...  Read More
Signed Informed Consent Forms: A Must
Informed consent is critical to clear and comprehensive patient communication. Dental patients should be well informed on the results of examinations, problems or potential problems.State laws guide the implementation of formal, written informed consent. All dental procedures should be performed...  Read More
Have You Tried the Mirror Script with your Patients?
Have you used the Mirror Script?Simply focusing on fixing teeth day in and day out can quickly make for a bored practitioner. How many fillings and crowns can one do before the mundane routine robs them of their excitement and passion and replaces it with dread? Reignite and reenergize yourself by...  Read More
Stay in Touch: Personalized Communication with Your Patients
As the office manager of a paperless office that utilizes all the latest technology available to our industry, I was shocked when I heard nearly one-third of the dental offices in the United States do not use any appointment reminder service to help confirm patients. Our office has worked with an...  Read More
How Technology Improves Patient Communication
Technology can be used to improve communication with patients,sometimes in simple ways. This could mean adding phone lines to be able toaccommodate more calls at once or creating a well-designed and up-to-datewebsite that can convey important information to both potential and currentpatients....  Read More
How Patients’ Decisions Influence Treatment Planning in Restorative Dentistry
As part of treatment planning, you as the dentist introduce options to your patients. After a relaxed conversation, a treatment plan is agreed upon between you and your dental patient. You use the best available research-based literature, clinical experience and patient opinions to guide your...  Read More
What Factors Influence Patient Satisfaction in Restorative Dentistry
According to “The Dental Practice-Based Research Network” (GPBRN), five general factors that influence dental patient satisfaction include: Technical quality of care Interpersonal factors Convenience Financial issues Office environmentPatient Satisfaction can influence a...  Read More
DentChats patient chat system
Oxford Dental Care has always done a good job of attracting emergency patients, or maybe it has not done a very good job of keeping people on active recall and therefore many people only come in for emergencies. Whichever it is, we recently installed an awesome new tool on our and it is a HIPPA...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Calling to Schedule Recall Appointments
Once you have the patient (or parent) on the phone, set an appointment.Briefly, the sequence for recall dialogue is:1. Get the patient or parent on the line.2. In a cheerful, pleasant manner, identify yourself and the office:"Hello, Mr. Jones, this is _______ from Dr. Goodtooth's office!"3. Tell...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Ask the Right Kind of Questions When Scheduling
.1. As a first or opening question, use one to which the person will readily agree, such as these:"You do want to be put on recall, don’t you?"2. Then ask follow-up questions that will give you the result you want. By doing this, the patient draws the conclusion which they cannot disagree...  Read More
The Complexity is Real in Health Care Security
The average organization, regardless of size or industry, is under a greater threat of data breach than ever before, as digital risks continue to propagate and the defenses to avoid them lag. As a result, the frequency and subsequent damages associated with data breaches remain high and rising, and...  Read More
Western population is aging, and average life expectancy is rising. Consequently, the care of the elderly is assuming an increasingly important role in the planning for, and delivery of, health care services. Dentistry should, therefore, address the needs of the population of the future and develop...  Read More
The Latest Healthcare Breach Might Be the Worst
Healthcare data breaches have been growing in frequency and subsequent damages for years now, while the vast majority of the events actually take place on a smaller scale among community providers. However, in the past couple of months, this has not really been the case, with serious breaches that...  Read More
Make A Choice, Make A Change, Make A Difference.
Discover how to deeply connect with your patients in minutes. This article originally appeared as a guest post by Bonnie Hixson on the Dental Hygiene Boost blog. To find out more how you can boost your dental practice production and patient care by focusing on your hygiene department visit It has...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice Marketing a Waste of Money?
Dental marketing is not limited solely to bringing new patients into the practice. In fact, it encompasses the entire patient experience from the moment they begin their online research, totheir first appointment throughfollow up and beyond.Many dentists initially fail to see a positive return on...  Read More
Growing Your Practice Through Patient Referrals
Everyone wants to know how to attract new patients. Dentists often spend big money on external marketing and promotional activities, but did you know one ofthe most effective ways ofincreasing new patient flow starts with your existing patient base?Asking current satisfied patients to refer their...  Read More
5 Ways Technology Simplifies Dental Patient Engagement
There are countless opportunities for dentists to not only reach out to existing and prospective patients, but to connect with them on an ongoing basis. In fact, patient engagement is the name of the dental marketing game today. Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever for dentists...  Read More
How Dentists Can Better Engage Patients
More than a provider’s skill or business acumen, patient engagement is arguably the single most important metric when judging the health and well being of a dental practice. With that in mind, we ask - is patient portal software the answer to disengaged patients?Success in dentistry, as in...  Read More
Consultant Tip: What to Say When a Patient Wants a Filling Instead of a Crown
It's not uncommon that a patient asks if you can do something less expensive than a crown or asks if you can put in a filling instead.Solution: Tell him you certainly can and that you can put a filling in practically anything. Let him know you are not worried about the filling, but that you are...  Read More
Personalizing Your E-Communication Strategies
I often hear from my dentist clients that they worry that they are losing “the personal touch” when automating their patient communication withlike email and text message appointment reminders. Good customer service certainly requires personalization, but the reality is that technology...  Read More
E-Communication Tactics for Dentists
One of the major advantages of a modern dental marketing plan is that patient communication and education don’t have to be limited to the two or three times a year a patient comes into the office for their hygiene appointments and annual exam.Keeping in touch with patients consistently...  Read More
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