It All Boils Down to Abundance
Out of curiosity, I went to Amazon online and searched under the title “leadership books.”I guess I was moderately surprised that there were over 200,000 possible choices. Being an avid student of leadership for over ten years now, I have read extensively on this subject (not quite 200,000 books!)...  Read More
The story goes like this…
A doctor was struggling with the realities of life.Having a family and a busy dental practice, he was feeling overwhelmed by the opposing demands of both. For the past several years, he has been experiencing a feeling that his life was spiraling out of control and that he no longer dictated the...  Read More
Achieve a “Personal Best” by Expanding Your Comfort Zone
Achieving a “personal best” is a milestone for an athlete. It validates the exceptional effort required to achieve the desired reward.Most athletes will admit that achieving a personal best doesn’t come easily and requires more than physical training.  Yes, the physical element is important, but...  Read More
A Good Dentist is more than Good Dental Procedures
Please read on if you think a dentist only sells a product.In the end, the world’s greatest crown, filling, or endodontic procedure fail to compare to the experience we provide for our patients. The experience is what compels patients to stay for a lifetime while referring their friends and family....  Read More
Expect Success
Some fifty plus years ago, noted psychologist and researcher Robert Rosenthal conducted a seminal research study on the self-fulfilling nature of a teacher’s expectations for their students.Students in a California elementary school were administered IQ tests before the experiment. The...  Read More
Doctors: Why aren't you doing this one thing?
Doctors, one tip I have for you that is so important to the success of your practice is to be willing to invest in yourself.Investing in yourself could be multiple thins and different for each person: A leadership course Working on personal development with a coach Reading on how to...  Read More
A Lesson in Wisdom
My family mourns the loss of my mother, who passed away this last week. Mom was an amazing person who inspired many people.She was the living definition of true grit. She was forced to withdraw from college during her freshman year at Akron University to join the workforce, while my father joined...  Read More
Oprah's Top 10 Rules for Success
How do they do it?How do some people achieve such meteoric success? Not just financial success but career fulfilment and personal fulfilment too.Success on all levels.Despite starting from the most humble beginnings.Of course, I’m talking about Oprah.She’s been ranked the richest...  Read More
Balance and Making Time
All too often I hear my clients share with me how they struggle with “finding time” to do the things they truly love or how they can find time to spend with the people who are most special in their life.It seems that we are always in conflict; our business and financial obligations...  Read More
Successful Implant Solutions
Shaun Keating CDT + Steve Tapie Implant ManagerAs more general practitioners are undertaking the complex task of placing their own implants, Keating’s goal is to make sure that the restoration is done correctly from the beginning the first time. Although there are many implant companies that...  Read More
The Cost of Success
Have you thought about the cost of the success you’re seeking?You can earn more, but it’s going to cost you. It’s going to cost time, money, energy and resources. What’s your expectation of success? How will you measure it, to understand if you have achieved a certain...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #44 Networking Events That Can Pose Challenges
Many entrepreneurs hold various volunteer positions in community organizations that often include invitations to attend an event as a guest. Recently I attended a social event where the officers of a board, and their spouses, shared a meal and conversation in order to build a closer bond for a new...  Read More
Success Then Is Not Success Now with Tarun Agarwal : Howard Speaks Podcast #090
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Tarun Agarwal - HSP #90 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Tarun Agarwal - HSP #90 Listen to Tarun Agarwal, DDS explain why you need to accept insurance, why you...  Read More
Entrepreneur's TIPS #13:  How to Identify What I Need in Order to Get It Done!
Think about a project or action that has been left undone for far too long. Perhaps, you’ve thought about it several times and even started to work on it. Still, it’s over there – maybe out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. In fact, every time you think about the project...  Read More
You are the Educational Elite
Dear Doctor,Did you know that as a dentist you are in the top 2.94% of educated people in the country? As we get further along in our practice lives, it is very common to forget all of the hard work and sacrifice that it took to get those three letters after our names.For most of us, our DDS or DMD...  Read More
Actions of a Successful Dental Office
I’m often asked what successful offices have in common...They have a good solid ethical team, with a great attitude. There is a strong leader, they are organized and have real world systems that give more predictability to their schedule. They run like a well oiled machine. There are few...  Read More

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