Working ON Your Business Part 1
Listen on the website:Bulletproof Dental Practice EpStream Audio here:                                    Working ON Your Business Part 1                         Episode 36Hosts: Key Takeaways:    What does it mean to work ON your business instead of IN your business?    A lot of dental practices...  Read More
Categories: Systems
2-1 Dialing in Your Systems with Dr. Scott Leune
Welcome to Season 2! In today's episode with Dr. Scott Leune we dive into what it means to implement clinical and business systems in your dental practice.Visitto sign up for Dr. Leune's course in San Antonio or learn about their other services.was the resource Breakaway usesfor automatically...  Read More
5 Systems Mistakes Killing Your Business
It’s not a fairytale.You can create an efficient business that can run smoothly and efficiently – even if you aren’t there. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?But there’s one catch. You have to have smart systems in place.So what exactly are systems?A system, with standard...  Read More
Little Known Ways To Systematize Your Practice With Dr. Mark Costes
Little Known Ways to Systematize Your Practice with Dr. Mark Costes Dr. Mark Costes is a serial entrepreneur, author, international speaker and business coach. Mark received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Staff Training, Systems and Hiring the Right People.
If you have a staff problem, it turns into a system problem. And vise versa. If you have a training problem there’s a good chance it will turn into a staff problem. Now, you have two things you have to handle. And very often, you have three things to handle— TheStaff Infection, because...  Read More
Implement Systems! with Mark Costes, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #105
Dr. Costes had three years between undergrand and dental school to figure out what he was doing. Now he shares the unique principles he learned during that time, and how he's applying them to dental. Watch Video here: VIDEO - Mark Costes - HSP #105 ...  Read More
They’re Not Buying Dentistry… They’re Buying A Relationship
You can refer to it as relationship credit or a deposit in the emotional bank account, but whatever you call it, until you have created a patient-doctor relationship based on trust, your clients won’t be loyal. You have to earn patient loyalty through your actions and words.Let’s put...  Read More
Get Serious About Your Dental Practice Systems
Since you are the owner of a business, I encourage you to occasionally step outside of your role as the top producer and dentist and into the role as a CEO. I urge you to view your business form a vantage point of “outside and slightly elevated” and to employ the concept of Ruthless...  Read More
Dr. Chris Bowman’s Bold Biography
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Bowman: Give everyone the opportunity to say yes or no to your best care. Patients aren’t going to just know what we can do for them. Who else is going to tell them? Whatever niches you're attracted to as a dentist, those are the things that you should layer in...  Read More
Top 12 reasons why your reception area and treatment chairs might be empty - And it's NOT the ecomony
Let's get right to it, shall we? Every single office has the same opportunitytoday to either KICK ASS or SUCK. It's your choice. Sometimes you mightneed support with systems to get you there, but every singleoffice/person has the same opportunity available to them upon openingtheir peepers for the...  Read More
Insurance Fee Negotiation and a Southern Drawl
My father is from Alabama. Hedoesn'tjust speak English, he speaks Southern American English with tones and phrases that most people not from the Deep South, have only heard on TV or at the movies. He has always worked hard, was a wonderful provider while growing up, and is a great dad. When I...  Read More
Dental Systems Audit- What's behind the curtain?
We have a new man in the house. Well…not exactly a man, he is an orange, energy packed, paw pounding, flash of fur, male kitten that has the amazing ability to run from one side of the house to the other in a matter of seconds. He weighs mere ounces, but runs so hard with full out...  Read More

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