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Ep. 32 "When Two Insurance Geeks Get Together" with Colleen Huff, FAADOM
Mar 25, 2019Colleen Huff is our guest today and joins me to dish about dental insurance. She’s another insurance geek and has a good amount of tips to pass on in this episode. Listen in as we talk about your office and insurance: how to do it correctly and pitfalls to potentially avoid.6:40 What is...  Read More
How IoT is the Future of the Medical Insurance Industry
IntroductionThe insurance industry is one of the oldest in the world. Having started more than 5000 years ago, insurance has helped people protect their property from unexpected risks and accidents. However, this industry falls behind when it comes to the adoption of technology. Most insurance...  Read More
Medicare, Medicaid and Dental Insurance: A Personal History
Health coverage and insurance schemes, both public and private, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Dental Insurance, have dramatically affected healthcare professions since their introduction. It has been a real education for me, being a firsthand witness to many of these changes.  Read More
Hygienists, Yes You Should Talk Insurance with Patients
Have you ever had an oil change at one of those drive-through express oil change places? You’re in a hurry and ready to move on with your day as soon as possible, but inevitably the mechanic comes into the waiting room to show you that you need a new filter or something. Luckily, they just happen...  Read More
Episode 5 - Insurance Participation Planning with Guest Amigo John S. Cataldo, CPA
The Dental Amigos are excited to host another Philly amigo, John S. Cataldo, CPA. In this episode, Paul and Rob chat with John about analyzing and planning when it comes to deciding whether to participate (or continue to participate) with insurance plans and best practices for transitioning away...  Read More
Episode 105: The Day Insurance Billing Changed A Life
Episode 105: The Day Insurance Billing Changed A LIt's amazing how less than $3,000 a year could change a life. On this episode, Dr. Roy Shelburne shares the true story of how his world was turned upside down with a single phone call, all because of insurance. Dr. Shelburne now spends his life...  Read More
T-Bone Speaks: How to Negotiate Insurance Fees with Sandi Hudson from Unlock The PPO
                           Join me on this week's episode of T-Bone Speaks for my discussion with Sandi Hudson from “” about how to negotiate with PPO insurance companies.Sandi is the co-owner and founder of “Unlock the PPO,” which specializes in analyzing the relationship between dental practices...  Read More
Doctors, it's time to push back on PPO's part III
What can you expect?  We’ve helped many Doctors through this process, and most are surprised at how smoothly it goes.  Yes, there always is some loss of patients.  If patients have zero out of network benefits, you will lose them.  If they’re young and cash strapped with multiple family members,...  Read More
Doctors, its time to push Back on PPO's part II
So how and when do you go about dropping a PPO?  Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t necessarily start with the PPO’s with the lowest fee schedules.  There are other factors involved such as; the size of the PPO in your practice (smaller is better if you’re learning how to go through...  Read More
51: Perio Coding, Supervised Neglect, and ****ing Capitation Plans with Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH
DebbieDebbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is a dental consultant, coach, speaker and author. She is also CEO of Dental Hygiene Solutions, powered by Dental Practice Solutions. Debbie is a world-class leader in creating profitable hygiene departments. She is well-known as a former clinical assistant...  Read More
48: Insurance audits (internally) produce tens of thousands of dollars with Hilary Tien
Hilary TienHi folks, this is Ben Tuinei & Jordon Comstock and it’s our pleasure to introduce today’s topic. Today, Ben audited a client office and found over $150,000 money they should be collecting from insurance payments! I’m amazed at how many dental offices are leaving on the table when it...  Read More
Categories: dental insurance
Break Free From Dental Insurance - Webinar
For all the Dental professionals out there, Come hang out with me and Gary Takacs and learn how your practice can break free from the shackles of dental insurance. We discuss how Gary's practice went full fee for service and how he has used a membership program to attract and retain an uninsured...  Read More
How to Education Patients on Insurance with Dr. Yolanda Mangrum
How to Education Patients on InsuranceYolanda Mangrum, DDS, MAGD has been a practicing dentist since 1997 and practice owner since 1999. She is the founder of Plan For Heath (PFH), co-founder of Virtual Training Innovation (VTI) and the owner/CEO Petaluma Dental Group (PDG). Plan For Health is a...  Read More
Pre-Authorization vs. Predetermination
Ever wish a tech company would develop an app like Mapquest or Waze to navigate your dental staff and your patients through the maze of insurance claim complexity? Even the terminology is challenging!  PREAUTHORIZATION. PREDETERMINATION. PRE-ESTIMATE OF BENEFITS.These terms are very confusing to...  Read More
The Reality of US Dental Healthcare
As dentists, we tend to be well aware of many of the problems that exist within dental healthcare across the country.One of the key issues is accessibility to care. This doesn’t necessarily mean how close the person lives to a good dentist, but factors in whether or not they can afford the care...  Read More
Mind The Gap!
Actually, mind the 2 gaps!First, the gap between whatyou produce and what you collect. The average gap between production and collections is almost 2 months-worth of work! This isn’t due to patients not paying their bills, it is due to PPO write-offs. If you are collecting less than 80%...  Read More
10 Things You Need to Know About You and PPOs
1.You have more power than you think.2. Practices with little or no PPO participation generally do get fewer new patients. However, practices deep into PPO participation do not get proportionally more new patients as they take on more and more programs and more discounts.3. Each practice has to...  Read More
Subscription Dentistry: A Win-Win for Patients and Dental Practices
Subscription Dentistry: A Win-Win for Patients and Dental PracticesHave you ever considered that there has to be a better way than relying on dental insurance plans?A frequent question we’re asked is, “Why should we make the switch to offering subscription plans?” Practices are...  Read More
Episode 86: How To Create, Organize, And Automate Your In-House Dental Practice Membership Plan With Jordon Comstock
How To Create, Organize, And Automate Your In-House Dental Practice Membership Plan Episode Originally Appeared on  Read More
Episode 85: Mastering The Art of Dental Insurance, Negotiation, And Carrier Relationship Management With Harold Gornbein
Episode 85: Mastering The Art of Dental Insurance, Negotiation, And Carrier Management Relationships Episode Originally Appeared on  Read More
Who Are Your "Underserved Patients"
It can be tough getting dental care these days.If you put yourself in the shoes of patients for just one minute, what do you see? For some (the ones with great insurance) there are few worries associated with dental care. For others, you’ll see expensive, inaccessible treatment because...  Read More
Episode 34: Fee For Service Model Versus PPO Model with Jonathan VanHorn CPA
Vanhorn Jonathan created DentistMetrics to solve the problem facing many dentists – they have a complicated business and their time is stretched way too thin. Most dentists spend 15,000 hours learning to be a dentist but ZERO hours...  Read More
Episode 33: Common Insurance Questions answered by Tessina Barney
tessina 33 During this episode Tessina answers several of the most common insurance related quetions sent to us by the listeners. Per popular request Tessina has been asked to make a 4th appearance on the podcast to address certain key...  Read More
Categories: dental insurance
Episode 8: The ProCare Insurance Replacement System – No Claims Necessary!
procare-replay The Revolution is here folks! Imagine a future that reduces the need for you to submit claims. Imagine a future where you don’t have to be on hold for hours each day to fight claims. For years many though that such a...  Read More
Categories: dental insurance
Episode 6: A Replay of the 7 Steps to Negotiating PPO Fees by Ben Tuinei
Ben Tuinei 3rd party payor negotiating, more specifically Dental Insurance Fee Negotiations, is still a foreign concept to dentists nationwide, and worldwide. Mr. Tuinei has spent the last 10 years improving and perfecting this relatively...  Read More
Categories: dental insurance
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