#65: Find The Needles In Your Haystack
Cross-Referencing Your New PatientsListenWhat is the one thing every marketing company should do? Cross reference! In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie explain how to source your new patients and get the most out of your combination of online and offline marketing...  Read More
[Training Video] How to Create A Buying Frenzy, Attract More Leads and Get More New Patients
Before I begin this post on how to create a buying frenzy... I want you to imagine a scenario:What if you were suddenly recognized as “The Expert” and “The Authority” in your field… virtually overnight. People were like“Oh Yeah… That’s the...  Read More
Your Website Probably Sucks
Your website probably sucks! most dentists don't spend enough time on creating a great website. Dentists usually hire the lowest quality provider to build a website because they are told that it is important to have a website but they don't understand how a well designed and optimized website can...  Read More
250 Internet Marketing with Charles Crawford : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #250 - Charles Crawford Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #250 - Charles Crawford • How to track all your new patients properly with dynamic call...  Read More
Internet Marketing Definitions You Need to Know
A Brief Introduction to SEO for Healthcare Professionals; Terms & Definitions You Need to KnowIf you're a doctor or other medical professional, and need a quick tutorial on what means, and the role it plays in your business, you're in luck! For thenext few minutes, we're going to go over SEO...  Read More
Please Tell Me You Aren't Making These Mistakes with Pay Per Click
Alot of dentists will try dental PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, buteventually abandon this marketing technique because these ads end upcosting more money than they bring in. Unbound estimates that anestimated fails? It’s not because people aren’t searching for your services or seeing...  Read More
4 Internet Marketing Techniques That Can Get 100+ New Patients
Physicians, dentists and doctors all know that the best way to keep their practice going is through getting new patients. In the past, the best way to do this was through word of mouth or other types of personal marketing. However, the internet has now changed the way that medical professionals are...  Read More
Maneuvering the digital marketing maze: Is your dental practice making wrong turns?
A dental practice is one of the trickiest businesses to effectively market, either by traditional methods or by utilizing our available digital technologies. Many times, providers and practice managers are overwhelmed by the wide array of available tools and by vendors that are knocking on their...  Read More
6 Hot Viral Marketing Strategies For Attracting New Dental Patients
My first piece of advice isDon't Try To Create Viral Content. Sounds odd for me to say given the title of this post, huh? Well, the truth is trying to create viral content is akin to trying to hit a home run every time you get up to bat. Not very realistic is it?Dental Hub ()recently posted this...  Read More
Social Media Marketing: Why the 80/20 Rule is Your Key to Success
Social media has taken the dental marketing industry by storm. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ give dentists countless opportunities to stay connected with patients like never before.Check out these stats: 72% of online adults were using social networking sites 8 in 10 social...  Read More
The Best Way To Market Your Practice
What is the best marketingNeil SandersonI’m often asked what is the best marketing I can buy or do. Let’s face it there are now dozens of ways to market you and your practice.Not very long ago you really only had two choices 1. You could place an advert in the Yellow Pages or 2. You...  Read More
5 Photos That Your Social Media Followes Want to See
Social media is increasingly visual. Fast growing sites likePinterest, Instagram and Vine are bearing this out. A recent study fromthe internet marketing team at Hubspot revealed that photos on Facebookproduce 53% more Likes than a text only post. Your marketing needsgreat images and here are 5...  Read More
1) How Long Will It Take You To Rank My Site On The First Page Of Google?A) If you’re in a competitive area, I'd say 4 months, otherwise less.If a dental SEO company says that it takes at least 6 months to rank your site onto the first page, don’t walk, run away. This is a company...  Read More
 Protect Your Dental Practice From Internet Marketing Scams
The invoice that you just received for “domain renewal” may actually be a solicitation. The call that you get from someone claiming to “work with Google” is probably not actually Google. Requests to “verify your address” may just be an attempt to sell you an...  Read More
Social Media ROI for Dentists: Worth the Time and Money?
We all agree that a presence on social media shows that your dentalpractice is modern. It reveals that you are keeping up with the timesand that you want to communicate with your patients. But is socialmedia worth the investment? Can being on sites like Facebook, Twitter,Google+ and Pinterest...  Read More
Social Teamwork: Can you hire someone to post for you?
We hear every day from dentists who want a social media presence butdon’t feel they have the time to commit to it. They know that simplyhaving a website isn’t enough anymore because theyunderstand that theirpatients are using social media more than ever. Can hiring an outsidecompany to...  Read More
The "F Word" In Dental Marketing
The Importance of Frequency in Dental MarketingWhen I’m talking to me clients about their dental marketing programs (or lack of them). I’m often asked “how often should I do this or that”. The answer is that frequency is all important in marketing your dental practice, in...  Read More
Building Trust Online: 4 Strategic Tips for Dentists
When I am consulting with my dentist clients from across the country, there is always one absolute in every conversation about their dental practice marketing needs –internet marketing.While it was not even an area of interest just a few short years ago, internet marketing is playing an...  Read More
Six Quick Profit Boosters (part one)
Here’s part one of your Six Profit BoostersWe are always looking for ways to increase our revenues and profitsso I thought I’d give you a very quick overview of what you can do rightnow to deliver you an immediate profit booster almost overnight.e.Because this is going to be a rather...  Read More
AdWords Ad Copy: Best Practices for Maximizing the Character Limit
Pay Per Click (PPC) ads don’t leave you a lot of room for copy. You get 25 characters for the Headline, 35 characters for the URL, and 35 characters for each of the two lines of body copy. That’s not a lot of characters to communicate a full marketing message.So what can you do to...  Read More
How Adwords is Starting to help your SEO
I work with a couple of microsites that only focus on SEM marketing. Since a lot of these website use duplicate content, I often set these to no-index to make sure that this website, and ones like it, don't get penalized.One day, a client of mine was upset that they were set to no-index, and he had...  Read More
Making a Good About Us Page
The About us page is typically the weakest page on a dentist's website. They often have dentists who have spent thousands on a website just to still have a weak about us page. An About Us page on a dental website is really trying to provide 4 different types of information. Mission Statement...  Read More
Why are patients actually going to your website?
Dentists tend to think all kinds of things about their websites- one of the biggest being that people come to their website and read every single page. This just is not true at all. People come to a dentist's website with a goal- and you should be assisting them in reaching that goal.What are the...  Read More

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