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How and Why to Grow Your Dental Practice
You’ve noticed that the revenue of your dental practice is declining or simply staying the same year after year. What do you do to start growing again? Here is some advice to get you headed back in the right direction.Increase marketingIntuitively, there is a direct correlation in practice growth...  Read More
Best Ways to Engage Your Customers
Customer engagement is the name of the game in gaining the trust and interest of your customers. With our modern 24-hour news cycle and ‘round the clock entertainment, keeping potential customers focused on what your business has to offer can be a challenge. However, there are a number of methods...  Read More
Categories: marketing, Customers
PDDx Experience Ep9 - Pediatric Marketing Pearls with Dr. Bobby Elliott
Do you have questions about marketing? Are you confused about where to start? In this episode Dr. Bobby Elliott and I talk about marketing and offer five examples of simple, common sense things you start doing in your office today. Let's face it, dentistry is hard enough, but in order to grow your...  Read More
Actually,marketing is such an essential aspect which helps you to show your brand in the market. Seriously whenever you should get services of marketing then you will do it wisely but need to choose professional which help you to get tips and ways to boost the Awareness of your brand. Actually, you...  Read More
Categories: marketing
Whenever you want to make promotions of your business then you need to choose the platform which actually helps you to get a lot of benefits and overall goals. Seriously these days number of platforms available which help you to make the promotion of your business perfectly. Actually, you need to...  Read More
Categories: marketing
123: Dr. Nathan Ho | Affinity Smiles & Envision Stars
The wonderful Dr. Nathan Ho claims the spot for episode 123! In this episode we dive in deep into Dr. Nathan Ho’s past and how he got to where he is today! Which in case if you don’t know he is successfully owning/ running 2 dental offices, a review software company, an amazing Facebook group, and...  Read More
120: Dr. Alexandra Bassett | Paloma Dental
Episode 120 belongs to my wonderful guest Dr. Alexandra Bassett! This was truly such a great interview, Dr. Bassett is a young dentist who just started her practice but…. she is filled with knowledge to share! She opened the doors of Paloma Dental (her dental practice) only  6-7 months ago and her...  Read More
118: Dr. Matt Asaro | “Just Trying To Show People More To This Ordinary Thing Called Dentistry.”
Welcome to episode 118! In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Matt Asaro, someone who not only takes dentistry seriously, but marketing and social media seriously. He has an Instagram account with almost about 30, 000 followers! Listen to how he is growing his following on...  Read More
116: Allan Dib | The 1-Page Marketing Plan.
I want to welcome my brilliant guest Allan Dib! In episode 116 I interview the bestselling author of , a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and a business and marketing executive coach (he’s also great fun)… Allan Dib. This episode is filled and I mean JAMMED PACKED with gems that...  Read More
106: Powers Of Marketing | Megan Powers
Hey TDM Family!  So in this episode I want to introduce you to Megan Powers. She is a pretty big deal in the marketing community, BUT not so well-known in the dental community. That is because, this is another new segment I want to introduce to you where I interview experts in marketing and only...  Read More
104: Meridian Campus Family Dental | Dr. Joshua Carpenter
Talk about a rough start for my guest’s dental practice: Dr. Joshua Carpenter! In this episode we discuss his whole process on how he started his dental practice…. and then…. how the military came down on him and told him to stop! Can you imagine that, the military telling you to stop practicing...  Read More
96: Voices Of Dentistry – How To Stand Out In An Insanely Saturated Community – Dr. Stimmler
Voices of Dentistry was UH – MAY – ZING! Along with that, I am bringing you some impressive and remarkable content from some of the best dentists out there and some of the most innovative and creative minds! I am so excited to introduce to you a friend of mine who has a practice in Brooklyn, New...  Read More
89: How To Make Your Patients Instantly Talk BIG About Your Remarkable Dental Office. W/ Minal Sampat RDH
You are now listening to episode 89 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this amazing episode I interview my wonderful guest, Minal Sampat, who is a marketing genius! In this episode get ready to hear about her past and just how she started in marketing and how she dominated in it (still...  Read More
Episode 21 - Dental Marketing with the Wonderist Agency (Laura Maly and Michael Anderson)
The Dental Amigos host the dynamic duo of Laura Maly and Michael Anderson who are the joint force behind the Wonderist Agency, a full-service, cutting-edge marketing agency for dentists. Laura and Michael chat about trends in dental marketing and emphasize the importance of embracing modern...  Read More
1119 Premier Orthodontics with Dr. Dustin Coles and Dr. Tyler Coles : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
About Dr. Dustin ColesDr. Dustin Coles is the founder of Premier Orthodontics, the largest and fastest growing private-practice orthodontic specialty office in Arizona. He is passionate about excellent orthodontic treatment and was voted as the Top Invisalign Orthodontist in North America at the...  Read More
Does Your Dental Marketing Have a Cavity? Don't Wait Till It Hurts.
It doesn't hurt, so why do I need to have this cavity filled?I'm willing to bet that as a dentist, you hear this feedback on a near weekly basis. Patients come in for a routine checkup and a cleaning, thinking everything is fine (because after all, if it doesn't hurt it must be okay as is), and dig...  Read More
2019's Top 5 Dental Website Conversion Hacks
2019: The Year of Dental Marketing ConversionSEO is clearly vital for your dental website but there's a new factor that's caught Google's attention lately, and that's Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). What is Conversion Rate Optimization you ask? Great question: CRO is defined by marketers as the...  Read More
How to Increase Production of Your Dental Practice
Whether you’re looking to sell your dental practice or just purchased one, increasing your production should be top of mind. Here are five ways to increase production of your dental practice both before or after a transition.Scope of servicesOne of the most efficient and profitable ways to grow...  Read More
Naming Your Practice
Here are the 8 basic (and fundamental) rules to naming your practice correctly (and wisely)Name Your Practice  Read More
Should You Hire a Dental Consultant to Help Grow Your Practice
Should You Hire a Dental Consultant for Practice GrowthYou have likely heard this question a dozen times or more. You've possibly even asked yourself this question. I know I have asked myself this question for our practice even though I used to be a dental consultant. The truth is, it is a...  Read More
6 Ways to Lower Your Dental Practice Overhead
Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to sell your dental practice, lowering your overhead is always in your best interest. Changes can be thought of from an expense perspective and production point of view. Here, we recommend where to make some smart cuts, big and small.StaffingA change in...  Read More
Episode 19: Bonnie Hixson and the Dinosaurs of Dental Marketing
Bonnie Hixson of The Progressive Dentist talks with Dr. Bryan Laskin about some misconceptions commonly embraced by dentists when marketing their practice. They discuss new and effective ways to market, leaving the bad ideas to the dinosaurs.Bonnie Hixson and Dental MarketingFind us on !  Read More
Cliche' but true.. you'll have to spend some if you want to make more.
 The best things in life are FREE-  like love, laughter and hugs... but it takes money to make money in dentistry!Even as a child working the crowd on the school bus selling Now and Laters and Air Heads to my peers, I understood very well that you had to spend money in order to make money.  I would...  Read More
1067 Dental Marketing with Dr. Jessica Emery : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Jessica Emery is:  A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a Chicago cosmetic dentist, an entrepreneur, a creative, a visionary, a philanthropist, a smile stylist, a girl boss, a LOVER OF LIFE!!  Dr. Emery grew up just outside of Boston, in Worcester, Massachusetts.  She followed in...  Read More
Categories: marketing
Race, Culture, and Dentistry
What practices are often seeking is a "natural constituency" in order to growth the office quickly and without a great deal of drama.  To do this, it might be wise to consider the different races, ethnicities, language groups, and similar populations.  This a great first-step to figuring out how to...  Read More
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