A Big Reason Most Patients Don’t Follow Through with a Comprehensive Treatment Plan and a Few Things You Can Do About It
On today’s episode, I discuss reasons some patients may be wary of pursuing further treatment or seeing their treatment plan through. I also outline ways to ensure that they feel comfortable, understand the importance of dental health, and return to the practice regularly. Click the link...  Read More
Three Reasons to Make Learning a Core Value in Your Practice
? Today I discuss why it is so vital to make learning a core value in your practice. In a time when a demand for dental services and profits are flat, frustrations run high. As such, it is important to manage personal and team stress. The way to do this is to advance your practice through learning....  Read More
The best part of the elephant to eat first.
?On this episode, we delve into which part of the elephant we eat first. Namely, I break down how to tackle the many issues that arise at a practice. When you have a team, patients, and finances to deal with, it's hard to know where to put your focus. Click below to hear more...#HealthyTeam  Read More
Why an Anchor is More Important Than a Drill in Your Practice When it Comes to Health and Profit
On today’s episode, I talk about an important aspect of every dental or medical practice: I discuss anchoring. Namely, framing patients’ expectations and understanding various procedures and the costs they may incur.?#HealthyTeam?  Read More
The three things to do if your practice is financially unstable.
Turbulent cash flow, surprise expenditures, or a lull in production can all make you feel like your practice is going off the rails, financially speaking. Because so many independent variables are involved in our practice’s cash flow, it is easy to become overwhelmed. So you could struggle on...  Read More
A simple way to decide what to pay yourself as a dentist this year.
Owning and practicing in your own business has many challenges.One of the toughest is knowing how much you should pay yourself. Pay yourself too much and you compromise the cash flow needs of the practice. Pay yourself too little and you can’t meet your personal overhead requirements. Because...  Read More
Episode 2 - The Importance of Controlling Debt
In this podcast we discuss many facets of debt that are facing dentists today:- Good vs. Bad Debt (Necessary vs. Unnecessary)- R.O.I. (Return on Investment)- Educational Debt- Business Debt- Personal Debt- Income outlook to service the debt  Read More
Learn How To Lower Your Dental School Debt Load By Upwards of $35,000
Every week we hear from doctors who say their first career goal is to pay off their debt.Below, we’ll explore how those numbers are calculated and how some dentists have been lowering their debt load by upwards of $35,000 (for associates and private practice owners).Bonus Material:Want proven...  Read More
How to LOWER your dental debt by $35,000
How to LOWER your dental school debt by $35,000 This week's podcast interview uncovers the new possibilities of lowering dental school debt payments by an average of $35,000.Click the play button to listen to the interview and find out how...  Read More
Dental Student Debt Is Good News.  Learn Why Here
In this article, we are going to dig into the possible benefits of Dental Student Debt and the hard truths behind whether or not you’ll see any profits from that debt.Our culture generally has a negative opinion of debt, and I’m about to tell you some things that might sound a little...  Read More
Optimism For Dental Debt!  Really?
I have 2 pieces of news that make this 7-figure dental debt load a reason for optimism.#1 – 6-Figures Instead of 7-Figures#2 – The Good and Profitable Dental Debt#1 Reason for Optimism- 6 figures instead of 7-figuresThe most recent statistics show the actual average dental debt load to...  Read More
Shocking News: Negative Net Worth Of Over 1 Million Dollars – On Your First Day?
I’ll explain below how this is the first year thatit’s possible to owe 7-figures before sitting chairside in your own practice. This could be the day that we will remember that young dental graduates begin their careers with a NEGATIVE net-worth of $1 Million.Shocking?I hope so, because...  Read More

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