Episode 3 - The Front vs. The Back
There’s a conflict in your practice. It’s a conflict between your administrative office and your treatment coordinators. What happens when your team is at odds what happens to your productivity? It’s pretty obvious that productivity goes down. So what causes this? It’s about communication skills;...  Read More
The Dental Road Warrior Episode 1
Your Accountant and the "Contractionist Model" of GrowthThe Dental Road Warrior Episode 1  Read More
In my previous post I wrote about the power of personalized handwritten notes. Today, I want to use the example of "thank you for referral" to demonstrate how you can create a system for everything you do in the office.You need systems to be consistentTrue, the idea of handwritten notes is a very...  Read More
Building Trust
| Shaun Keating + Dr. Dennis Murphy DDS |Dr. Dennis Murphy DDS is an experienced family dentist who had been practicing dentistry since 1977. He believes in minimally invasive dental techniques and has the desire to get to know each one of his patients making his job more rewarding. Dennis likes to...  Read More
Do you often get handwritten "thank you" notes from people? You probably do get a couple here and there from some especially grateful patients. How does it feel? To me it always feel special. A person bothered to find a nice card, to find some time, to hand write and to mail it. I still keep "thank...  Read More
HR Audit Checklist - Communications
Vital to the daily operations of a practice, no matter the size, is a clear communications policy that allows employees to access concise information regarding their rights and responsibilities both under practice policy and the law.Documents to Review: Employee Handbook Employee handbook...  Read More
Confirmation Calls: What You Say Is Not as Important as What You Hear
A hot topic in our industry is how to get patients to show up to their appointments. Many dentists and staff think what is said during the confirmation call makes the difference in decreasing their cancellations and no shows. I am asked all the time for scripts for this and I am completely against...  Read More
The Magic Question for Higher Case Acceptance
In observing thousands of patient exams and case presentations, I’ve come across the singular, biggest obstacle dentists have with case acceptance; they assume. They assume patients only want to focus on one thing or they assume patients want to focus on everything. They assume patients...  Read More
Stay in Touch: Personalized Communication with Your Patients
As the office manager of a paperless office that utilizes all the latest technology available to our industry, I was shocked when I heard nearly one-third of the dental offices in the United States do not use any appointment reminder service to help confirm patients. Our office has worked with an...  Read More
3 simple and effective ways to give your patient an unforgettable dental treat
Let’s face it, patients don’t look forward in anticipation to visiting adentist. It is usually a very uncomfortable moment for them and that makesanxious when they step into your office.Apart from the price,many other factorssuch as the smell of surgery, fear of needles and sound of the...  Read More
How To Get Rid Of Cancellations Once And For All
Frustrating aren’t they?Patient cancellations, I mean. You have a full day booked, but then out of the blue people cancel.Or worse. They fail to turn up for appointments.So your full day becomes full of holes.And if you’re not careful, you’ll never see those patients again....  Read More
Leadership in the Dental Office: Understanding Personality Types
Leadership in the Dental PracticeUnderstanding Personality TypesAugust, 2015“The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors,clothing, makeup all express something.”Gene Simmons“I told mypsychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous -...  Read More
Leadership in the Dental Practice: Retaining Valuable Employees
As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes. Mel BrooksI’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work there, Lou. Marge Gunderson, Fargo (1996)In this series of blogs, we’re discussing Leadership. In June, I...  Read More
Leadership in the Dental Practice - Recognizing & Meeting Needs
Leadership in the Dental PracticeRecognizing and Meeting NeedsJune, 2015"And I-I said, I don't care if they lay me off, either. Because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I'm, I'm quitting. I'm going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they've moved my...  Read More
Entrepreneur's TIP #9:  How To Say What Must Be Said
Have you ever been ina situation where someone else has made the decision for you as to what you should or should not be doing? It usually does not sit well with us. It's not that they are requesting us to do something illegal or unethical. It's more that, in their opinion, what they request or...  Read More
What Every Dentist Can Learn From Band Geeks
I was taking a few moments to get connected with my Facebook friends- that’s a nice way of saying I was procrastinating from doing something I’m not looking forward to doing- and came across a post about marching bands and Rolling Stone magazine. Peeked my interest so I followed the...  Read More
It doesn’t matter if patients react from flight or fight mode. Both types can be easy to work with and does not need to make for a stressful day at the office.These steps will help you connect, defuse, and gain case acceptance. Empathy- “Mr. X, you seem uneasy/unnerved. In my...  Read More
An Important Thing to Know
You do not win friends and influence patients when you use criticism, authoritative attitudes or high-pressure sales talk. You do win friends and influence patients when you really care about them and when you follow the rule be yourself. It is an interesting fact that people will respond to you...  Read More

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