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Marketing and Advertising: Dental Practice Marketing for New Patients
Marketing and Advertising: Healthcare, Medical and Wellness Practice Marketing for New Patients What is marketing?  is the business process for creating, communicating and delivering products and services that add value for customers and organizations.A marketing consultant or marketing company...  Read More
The Truth About Case Acceptance
I recently received an email from one of the top learning institutions in the United States asking my opinion for an upcoming article.The article was about what dentists should look for in patient-education resources, such as brochures, in order to improve patient understanding. The assumption is...  Read More
Dental Advertising: 2 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Results
With so many things competing for people’s attention today, it’s more important than ever that your dental advertising dollars are invested wisely.For example, if your ads are too complicated, people will move on. Additionally, if your ads don’t make an emotional connection with the right people,...  Read More
How To Fit Dentistry Into Any Patient's Budget With Dr. Bruce Baird
        How To Fit Dentistry Into Any Patient's Budget With Dr Bruce BairdI’m delighted to introduce Dr Bruce Baird to this week’s podcast and talk about how dentists can grow their personal wealth and fit dentistry into any patient’s budget.Bruce B. Baird, DDS, has been named as one of the...  Read More
Dental Marketing Strategies To Get New Patients To Your Practice
When marketing your dental practice, it’s hard to know what strategies will work best for you. With so many options available, it can be challenging to narrow your options down to strategies that are reliable, repeatable, and profitable.Because of that, many dentists stick with traditional dental...  Read More
Are You Sick & Tired of Burning Thru Money With Weak Ads?
It’s not your advertising; it’s your content, it’s weak so your ads fail!  Learn 3 proven tips for creating a killer message. Patient attraction is EVERYTHING in business! As such, you’re going to learn how to transform your clinic into a patient magnet via improved content marketing strategies!The...  Read More
Wonderist Agency had the honor of being interviewed by Johnathan VanHorn of DentistMetrics, a dental CPA firm. We discussed the state of Dental Marketing and you can listen here: you have any...  Read More
Episode #12: Why you should focus more on recare
Episode #12: Why you should focus more on recare Most businesses rely on repeat visits from their customers to enhance the value of their business and increase profits.In today's episode, Jerry and Kevin dive into five reasons why toomany...  Read More
Podcast Episode 007: 4 Ways To Rapidly Increase Your New Patient Referrals.
Hey guys! In episode 007 we dive into how to increase referrals through dental marketing.When your existing patients refers their friend, family, or co-workerto you; that shows a sign of trust from your existing patient.This also means that this referral is WAY more likely to be a loyalpatient...  Read More
Episode #11 Is Your Dental Marketing Making These Mistakes?
There is almost no limit tothe mistakes a dental ad can have – everything from missing criticalinfo like a phone number or website, to leaving out the address,misspellings, bad grammar and more. Today’s show will dive into somespecifics beyond these typical ROI Killers to include...  Read More
Podcast Episode 004: If you're marketing isn't on point, you're advertising won't stand a chance.
In this episode I talk about, very briefly, a super common thing I see with many dentists and that is: advertising with no marketing behind it.You have to know the difference between the two. However, most importantly, you have to get your marketing down right, in-office and out of your office....  Read More
Two Ohio Dentist New Patient Case Studies
The week before Labor Day Weekend, we had a couple of marketingcampaigns drop for two dentists in Ohio. Both were referrals from awell-known consultant (you’d recognize his name instantly – He’s oneheckuva Gem!)We dropped nearly identical campaigns for each, save for a fewdetails...  Read More
[VIDEO] How to Unlock 21% Growth In Any Dental Practice
Charlotte, NC-area dentist, Dr. Hiren Patel discusses Membership in Jerry Jones Direct's ClearPath Society. Dr. Patel's practice has increased 21% in just the first 8 months of 2016 - a 31+% annualized growth.  Read More
How Storytelling In Your Marketing Brings New Patients?
What is the best way to differentiate yourself from the myriad of advertising messages out there?What would make you stick out from your competitors?What can you say in your marketing that makes your community remember you?Use stories.Here is a video on how you can incorporate storytelling into...  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #15: Common Mistakes Part 3, Custom vs. Cookie Cutter
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie continue their discussion of common mistakes they see Dentists make when marketing their practice. This episode focuses on custom vs. cookie-cutter advertising.ListenPodcast Highlights: Understanding how your promotions look and sound ...  Read More
Should Dentists Dare to Fail?
Published on Jul 26, 2016Traditional dental advertising can be a seductive trap. Colin explains why dentists who don’t dare to fail won’t succeed in Patient Attraction Podcast 848.  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #11: Direct Mail, the King of Dental Advertising
In a world dominated by digital media, direct mail is still the king when it comes to getting new patients. Mark and Howie explain in this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery.Listen:#11: Direct Mail, the King of Dental AdvertisingWatch  Read More
Check out Wonderist Agency's two part blog for the Wisconsin Dental Association on the importance of having a current google location page for your practice.Part 1:Part 2:If you have any questions, please feel free to visit or call us at 262-844-1628.  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #7: Interview with Julie Mitchell, FAADOM Part 1
How can Dental Web Content help office managers? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we interview Julie Mitchell, FAADOM member with 20 years of experience managing dental practices.Listen:#7 Interview with Julie Mitchel Part 1Watch on YouTube:  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery Episode 6: Media Types -- Where do I put my money?
In Dental Marketing Mastery Episode 6, we delve further into the various media types, such as internal marketing, mail marketing, the internet, telephones, print media, and mass media.Which media types will give you the most ROI? What percentage of your budget should you put towards each media...  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #4: How to Budget Your Marketing
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss one of the most important things about marketing your practice -- your budget! How much should you allocate towards marketing? Which mediums should you spend the most in? How do you avoid a start and stop mentality? All of these questions and...  Read More
Article By: Sophia EgeATTRACT PATIENTS WHO WANT TO LISTEN.How many times a day do you ask Google or Siri to solve your life’s problems? You might be searching a whole range of questions, from what time your favorite Netflix show comes back on to what new dental technology exists–there...  Read More
Redirect Your Sense of Dental Marketing “Urgency”
Published on May 21, 2016Long­term successful dental practices shift away from “selling” to patients. Colin explains how to succeed by not selling in Patient Attraction Podcast 796.For more informatio  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery Episode 3: What Moms Need to Hear from You!
In episode 3 of Dental Marketing Mastery, we further expand on the two halves of the market and answer the most important question: what do moms need to hear from you?Play3: What Moms Need to Hear from You!Direct DownloadListen in iTunesWatch on YouTube:  Read More
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