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Dentists: How You Can Ask & Get More Patient Reviews
The chances are good that many of the new patients who book an appointment with you have read online reviews of your practice before they called you. In fact, about.It’s worth noting that consumers tend toas much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend. In other words,...  Read More
The Importance of Speed in Marketing
Successful marketing has to be done just right by balancing everything together at the right pace and speed.Watch this video to find out why speed is so important in marketing, and how to use this concept for turning internet traffic into actual new patients.Find more information here:Helmut...  Read More
Instilling Patient Loyalty (vs. Patient Satisfaction)
Marketing retention studies have shown that "satisfied" customers are three or more times as likely to switch to other providers and brands than loyal customers. How do dental professionals define what it means for a patient to be loyal? Given how much anxiety people generally experience with...  Read More
Conversion Whale Adds 13 New Dental Practice Partners
DAVIE, Fla. –April 5th, 2016– Expanding its roster with 279 newclients in 2015, Conversion Whale is riding a fast-growing wave of success. Founded in 2014, the national dental practice marketing company has just added thirteennew dental offices to its ever-expanding portfolio, which now...  Read More
EP 005 80/20 Sales and Marketing, ITI Consensus Group on Restorative Materials in Implant Dentistry, Head on Collision Leads to Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants
EP 005 80/20 Sales and Marketing, ITI Consensus Gr To listen on iTunes clickFor more interesting cases, and to listen to more full episodesvisitQuote of the DayJulius Caesar : “Cowards die many times before they die their actual...  Read More
Get the Monopoly on the Best Referral Gifts!
DeliverDENTALOPOLYto your referrers this holiday seasonand bond your offices together while injecting tongue-in-cheek-biting dental humor! Where else will you find Plaque Place, Margin Gardens, Wire Bend in the Road or Root 66? Created by an orthodontist and advertised in JADA withgreat response...  Read More
Conversion Whale Signs Two New Dental Practice Partners
Leading dental practice marketing company signs two new dental practices in Connecticut, and GeorgiaDAVIE, Fla. – October 19, 2015 – Conversion Whale, a national dental practice marketing companyadded two new dental practices to its portfolio, which includes more than 400 offices in 44...  Read More
Why Would A Dental Practice Want A Mobile App
Why Would Your Patients Want Your Mobile App?When the developers of the dental mobile app first approached me this was the first thing I said to them. Let’s face it why on earth would anyone want to to got the trouble of downloading your mobile app?First let me explain what a mobile app is....  Read More
Why Your Website Needs A Landing Page
Your Landing PageNeil SandersonMost people think of a website as an entity in its self, this is not the case. Ais a series of pages of which you need to think about landing pages.What is a landing page? Well the description is in the name really, it’s where people land when they first come to...  Read More
Your Landing Page Is The Most Important Page On Your Website
Your Landing Page, The Most Important Page On Your Website!Neil SandersonMost people think about a website as one big element but in fact as far as Google or any other search engine is concerned it is in fact a series of pages that the search engine indexes and when someone comes to your site they...  Read More
How To Use Facebook For Researchd
Start Using Facebook For ResearchNeil SandersonIt wasn’t so long ago whenever you took to the high street or went to the supermarket that there was a nice lady or gentleman with a clip board who would ask you if you had a few minutes spare to answer a few questions was it?It seemed that they...  Read More
What to do when you win 'Best Dentist'?
In our area a local newspaper does a reader poll for 'best dentist' and this year our office won...the last time I won was around 2007, so it was great to be recognized again.Some of the things we have done so far or plan to do include: Running a few 'thank you' radio ads Newspaper thank...  Read More
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How To Promote Private Dental Treatment In Your Practice
To Promote Private Dental Treatment You Have To Tell People What You Do!Neil SandersonJust how do you promote private dental treatment? Your private dental treatment may just be one of the best kept secrets in your practice! I don’t think I have been to a dental practice yet where the private...  Read More
How To Grow Your NHS Dental Practice (part II)
How To Grow Your NHS Dental Practice (part II) Neil SandersonI wrote part one of How To Grow Your NHS Dental Practice a few weeks ago, the reason that there has been a little delay is that I have been putting into place a new product to help solve this problem.So let's have a look at the...  Read More
Dental Website Not Delivering High-Quality New Dental Patients Like You Want? Try These 5 Simple Tweaks!
"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot LEARN, UNLEARN, and RELEARN."-Alvin Toffler1) Site Speed is Key. Google wants to offer the best to their users and they know people hate to wait. If your website has a slow load time then people...  Read More
4 Reasons Dental Practice Marketing On The Internet Works
Consider the advantages to marketing via the internet and social media...I love comparing online marketing to putting gas in your car. Can you get to your destination without putting gas in your car? No. If you put gas in your car is that a guarantee you will get to your destination? No. But it...  Read More
How to WOW Patients & Create a BUZZ About Your Dental Office
Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to inspire patients to tell co-workers and friends about your dental office? Think about the things people share on social media. They usually share pictures, videos, and things that are 1) exciting, 2) interesting, and 3) novel.Does your dental office...  Read More
Boot Camp For Training Your Dental Staff to Become Your Social Media Army
Ever wondered how many new patients you could attract if you had an army of social media marketers working for you?Surprise! You actually have a whole staff of employees right now you could put to work for you if you gave them a small amount of training.90% of your staff is already using social...  Read More
6 Hot Viral Marketing Strategies For Attracting New Dental Patients
My first piece of advice isDon't Try To Create Viral Content. Sounds odd for me to say given the title of this post, huh? Well, the truth is trying to create viral content is akin to trying to hit a home run every time you get up to bat. Not very realistic is it?Dental Hub ()recently posted this...  Read More
Social Media Myths Exploded: 10 Beliefs That Are Costing You Referrals and Hurting Patient Retention
Social Media Myths Exploded: 10 Beliefs That Are Costing You Referrals and Hurting Patient RetentionMuch of what you’ve been told and believe about social media marketing is wrong. They are myths. I crushed them originally a few weeks ago on a webinar for the and I’ll do the same in...  Read More
Forget About Getting Likes On Facebook, Here's What To Do Instead w/Infographic
It’s likely that you’ve been told by one or more Dentist marketing experts (DME’s) and/or practice management companies (PMC’s) that the key to success on Facebook is to get as many likes as possible. After thinking about it you say to yourself… “Well, that...  Read More
What Dentists Can Learn From Price Transparency
Dentists seem to be very secretive about their prices, but I'd like to propose there are a few advantages to price transparency you might not have considered and might surprise you...First off let's look at history. The internet has been a huge game changer and patients are now price shopping on...  Read More
Evidence Facebook Ads Might NOT Be All They're Cracked Up to Be...
When FB let the cat out of the bag that businesses would need to start paying for advertisements if they wanted to show up in more organic feeds, people were in shock. I'm not sure why. FB is a business with shareholders now, and therefore they have to show profits.Yet I must admit I kept thinking...  Read More
How to Use Utilitarian Marketing for Dental Marketing Success
This blog was designed to be read in conjunction with my last post on Utilitarian Marketing...To refresh your memory, I went into some details about how the most progressive form of social media marketing for dentists is in the form of utility. In order to reach "friend" status on your patients'...  Read More
The Key To Dental Marketing Success: Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice Using The Four Moments of Truth
Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice: Why Understanding and Designing The Four Moments of Truth Is The Key To Your Dental Marketing Success When dental marketers talk about “real time” online strategies, they are almost always thinking about rapid engagement and response. focuses on the...  Read More
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