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Can Your Business Keep Moving Forward After a Data Disaster?
Running a business is more than setting your own schedule and crushing it daily. It’s hard! In the world of business, it seems you’ve either lost your data or will lose your data. Considering , it’s a good idea to have one!A successful business is a compilation of hard work and lessons learned, but...  Read More
Three Secrets They Don't Teach in Dental Schools
Every dentist wants a happy and profitable career. But there are three things the dentist needs to put into action for that to happen -- and these were not taught in dental school. What are those three 'secrets'?  Read More
Low Cost Ideas that can Create Excellent PR for Your Dental Practice
You’ve probably heard the word PR and how it’s essential for a thriving business.But what does PR really mean?Nicely curated baskets with free toothpaste, pamphlets, and cookies?Or is it giving away free electric toothbrushes?What about sponsoring a local neighborhood event?All of these do in fact...  Read More
5 General Questions to Purchase Dental Autoclave
Dental Sterilisation is the process by which we eliminate organisms and spores present on an object in order to avoid infections. Dental instruments that come into contact with blood and non-intact mucous membranes must always be sterilized before use, and the simplest way of sterilizing these...  Read More
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1250 Enhancing the Patient Experience with Alamin Uddin : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Alamin Uddin is the CEO and cofounder of NexHealth, a patient experience management platform. After working at a doctor’s office during his college undergrad years, Alamin decided to start NexHealth to modernize the patient experience. NexHealth has raised $7M in venture funding, supports over 4M...  Read More
Some Basic Knowledge of Dental Handpiece You Should Know
There is a something of a mystery relating to micromotor driven speed increasing contra-angles. In most of Europe dentists have embraced this technology for years and the vast majority of them wouldn’t think of going back to an air turbine. Only in recent years has the speed increasing contra-angle...  Read More
Categories: dental hardware
Prompt Breach Notification Retains Patients
When healthcare organizations experience a data breach it is understandable that breach victims will be upset and angry. Information is provided to healthcare organizations in the understanding that safeguards have been implemented to keep that information private and confidential.HIPAA Journal...  Read More
Real Estate Syndication: A Dentist’s Guide To Investing
I’ve written about  in the past due to the high interest in the online doctor community. A few years ago, I decided to diversify my portfolio and invested a certain percentage in real estate.As a practicing periodontist, I knew that I didn’t have time to become a landlord so I decided to invest in...  Read More
Why You Should Have A Complimentary Lease Review (Part V)
Lease Renewal OptionsNext, your broker will want to look at your lease renewal options.Most commercial leases include one.It should state how long you have to exercise this right before you lose it as well as what the term for the renewal shall be.Make sure you get a complimentary lease review long...  Read More
Want 100% Team Engagement?
Today’s episode comes directly from Chuck’s keynote presentation at the 2019 Midwest Dental Assembly.What if you had 100% engagement by every team member, and you could depend on keeping people 10 times longer than the norm. That’s what this topic is about today. It’s about the participation age....  Read More
Episode 84: The Power of Emotional Grit and Virtual Reality with Jennifer Fernjack
In today's episode Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave talk with Jennifer Fernjack about patient anxiety and how to overcome extreme dental anxiety. Dr. Laskin and Jennifer  discuss the benefits of OperaVR for both patients and the caregiver. The Power of Emotional Grit and Virtual RealityFind us on Radio!  Read More
1249 Innovations in Dental Photography with Dr. Glenn Krieger : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Since graduating dental school in 1992, Dr. Krieger has been committed to staying on top of the newest and most innovative aspects of dentistry. A fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and a practicing orthodontist, Dr. Krieger understands the challenges faced by clinicians on a day to day...  Read More
Seeking professional help when purchasing a dental practice
Have you found your ideal practice?  Viewed it, loved it and now ready to take the next step?  Whether you are ready to go or still , or pick the ones most suitable for you.  Dental practice valuation and financial review You may have found a practice in the desired location, potentially with the...  Read More
Maybe you SHOULD work for a corporation, I do.....
   Not everyone is created to be a business owner!My 35 years as an "Opportunity Broker" have been a blessing.   I grew up in this business, my father was a dental sales rep for Ash Temple.  Back in the days when the salesman would come to town and stay after the office closed with his tool bag to...  Read More
Dentist Advertising Guide Just Released
Just ReleasedThe Ultimate Guide to Dental Ads, I take an in-depth look at all that different ways that you can effectively promote your practice and get more patients with online dental advertising.  There are platforms that work great to get new patients calling your office, and there are...  Read More
5 Tips to Choose the Right Formal Dress
Choosing a dress is a really hard task and not everyone is really good at it. It gets even more difficult when you are selecting a dress from the wide range of options at . The intricate embroidery, sequin, and beadwork provided over here make you fall in love with all the dresses. The flowy cuts...  Read More
1248 The Keys to Successful Expansion with Michael Pontrelli : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Michael Pontrelli joined Memorial Park dental group as their chief operator in 2015 to help with the expansion of their dental group. In 2015, the group consisted of 1 practice, which was acquired in 2006, and today the group has 8 practice locations in the greater Houston, Dallas/Ft, Worth &...  Read More
Logo Designer simply stunning!
Impress your clients with your own stunning logo. Built for simplicity, the Logo Designer will have you amazed at what you can do. With a push of a few buttons your logo can be incorporated into the sides of the model, or even in the honeycomb section of the base. All instructions are included....  Read More
Study Models are awesome!
You asked - we delivered.  We've incorporated a Study Model feature into our Model Designer module.  With the click of just three buttons, you will be able to construct an orthodontic study model base for your dental model, which not only can be hollowed out, but also aligns with international...  Read More
Why medication is so useful for fighting Anxiety
People can change their lifestyle patterns to curb various mental illness that they are suffering from. At times, the way of life changes alone can support discouragement or assuage uneasiness, so it bodes well, to begin with, them immediately. However, in the event that you are experiencing...  Read More
1247 High Performance Practice with Dr. Justin Bhullar : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Justin Bhullar earned his DMD degree in 2010. He realized there was only one way to get 5 years experience in 2.5 years so he started working 70+ hours per week. After a while that wasn’t necessary anymore and he now practices only 2 days per month focusing mainly on implants, wisdom teeth and...  Read More
Blender 2.8 add-ons - Dental CAD modules
There is a genuine need for dental CAD software which is less expensive and free from annual licence fees. If you have ever thought of using Blender for your digital work, but you are simply overwhelmed by the whole experience, there is a pretty simple solution.Blenderfordental add-ons are...  Read More
Dr. Cherry Chen - The Real Estate Physician
Podcast Episode #238: Dr. Cherry Chen - The Real Estate PhysicianEpisode #238: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastDr. Cherry Chen - The Real Estate PhysicianMany people are unaware of how to start investing, especially outside of Wall Street. My guest today,  Dr. Cherry Chen, is working to educate...  Read More
4 Parts of a WOW Practice Culture
           Companies across industries understand that the success of their business depends on their ability to develop amazing team members and a healthy business culture. Dentistry is no different.That’s why I dedicated a significant part of my book, Delivering WOW, to helping practices set...  Read More
What Secrets Are You Keeping from Your Dental Patients?
As you read the title of this weeks blog you may wonder, “Debbie, what I mean by secrets?”What I over hear in a dental office happens too oftenFor most of my dental career about 35 yrs now,  I STILL hear comments like, “He (“He” is referring to a patient) just got kicked out of his house! He is...  Read More
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