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What All Dentists Should Inform Their Front Office Team About
What All Dentists Should Inform Their Front Office Team About Just like nurses, surgeons and Dest employees have to communicate and work as a team in a hospital, so does dentists and their front office team. Dentist have to take charge of a lot of tasks and procedures, and desk employees make sure...  Read More
You Should Do This To Treat Pediatric Sleep Apnea
You can transform a child's life forever.  The main key is identifying the airway issues.    Read More
1202 Hitesh Tolani DMD, Founder & CEO of Virtudent : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Hitesh Tolani is the founder and CEO of virtudent, the leading provider of mobile dental clinics and teledentistry services, making dental care more easily accessible for busy employees at some of the world's most renowned employers.  VIDEO - DUwHF #1202 - Hitesh Tolani AUDIO - DUwHF #1202 -...  Read More
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 1
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 1    Depending on the remaining time left on the lease of your dental practice, it may be time to renegotiate the terms, which can make financial and practical sense for both the landlord and tenant. The key to a successful renegotiation is to...  Read More
Episode 33 – Wake Up Warrior with Special Guest Dr. Jeff Buske
Listen Here “The truth is, my life just really wasn’t working at that point,” says my special guest and practice partner, Dr. Jeff Buske. “I was taking the stress of things at work home to the people who loved me the most, and not giving them the best part of myself.” Today, Dr. Buske and I chat...  Read More
BoomCloud University Chapter 5 : Eight Reasons to Generate Predictable Recurring Revenue.
Generating predictable recurring revenue for your practice is a new business model that every practice should consider implementing into your business no matter the size. When designing your dental membership program, it is essential that you use this revenue model. imagine if you had the...  Read More
Company Culture, Seeing the Big Picture, and Time Management with Dr. Steffany Mohan
Company Culture Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews practicing dentist and multiple practice owner, Dr. Steffany Mohan of Des Moines, IA. Dr. Mohan is a highly accomplished dentist, speaker, and coach. With over 20 years of experience in dentistry, she shares valuable insights and some practice...  Read More
Multiple Location Success w/ Jacob Puhl
Jacob (Jake) Puhl earned his MBA from Xavier University and has now started, owned, and served as CEO of several seven-figure businesses. Among them, he started Firegang Dental Marketing in 2010, building that company up to one of the most successful marketing companies in dentistry; he left in...  Read More
New Dentists:  Dress for Success!
In my first 3-4 years as a Dentist, and prior to purchasing my own practice, I found one of the biggest challenges to be earning patients' trust and respect as a young practitioner.  Adding to the magnitude of the challenge is the fact that people have always told me that I look very young for my...  Read More
1201 Digital marketing with your website by Keith Washington, VP at ProSites, Inc. : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Keith Washington is the VP of Products for ProSites and has 30 years of software management experience and 5 years in the dental industry. Keith has a degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland and has led product transformations at many successful companies.  VIDEO - DUwHF #1201 -...  Read More
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