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Bonding: To Ortho and Beyond
These are some incredible bonding products that dentists can use with orthodontics and beyond. I am going to tell you about these products and where to get them.     Read More
Should Associates Have Actual Ownership in the Practice? With Eric Nuss
Let's start there. I think before you even go there, whether they should or shouldn't, I think you've got to question, what's the motive? Why do I want to give up equity in my business/practice? What am I getting in exchange for that? So by giving up equity in my business, I'm diluting my own...  Read More
1211 Lean and Merry Dentistry with Ian Erwood BSc, DDS, FAGD, FICOI : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr Ian Erwood received an Honors BSc majoring in Biochemistry at the University of Toronto. He then received his DDS from the University of Western located in London Ontario. After graduating from dental school he and his wife – Dr Theresa Bourke opened an office in a small shopping centre located...  Read More
Business Consultant: Practice Management Consulting for Health & Wellness
  What is a consultant?   A  is a person who provides expert advice in their area of expertise, such as business, management, accounting, human resources, law, marketing, information technology, engineering, and more. These consulting professionals use their education, training, and experience...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online... "Thinking About Dentistry" By Dr. Jason Luchtefeld.
Dentaltown is pleased to present "Thinking About Dentistry".  By Dr. Jason Luchtefeld. This CE course can be found here... In this entertaining talk Dr. Jason Luchtefeld shares some of the problems with the lack of critical thinking skills in dentistry.  After demonstrating the need for these...  Read More
Some Thoughts about Employing Your Children in Your Dental Practice
Katie Collins, a Practice Integration Advisor with , helps dentists order their financial lives and reach financial peace of mind so they can better focus on what truly brings them joy. Each year, right around October or November, dentists are inundated with year-end tax-planning tips. One that...  Read More
What A Dental Real Estate Tenant Needs To Know About Rent Escalation Clauses (Part II)
Types of Rent Escalation Clauses There are a couple of types of rent escalators: Stepped Rent Escalation Clauses This type of rent escalation allows your landlord to increase your rent at specific intervals. For example, you might pay $30 a square foot in year one, $31 in year two, $32 during year...  Read More
5 Softwares That Make Your Dental Practice Run Smoother
Working as a dentist requires having the best technology at hand. What matters most is making use of everything that keeps patients up to date with everything that has been done with their treatments of late. While the tools are important to make check-ups and modify how people's dentures should...  Read More
130: Advertising And Investing In Your Practice with Ben Shaver
  130 Ben Shaver began his career in hyperlocal advertising over 20 years ago helping local clients build their business through advertising. In 2010 he formed Dental Inbound, a multi-channel advertising company that delivers ads for DSO's, solo dental offices and specialists. They are unique as...  Read More
Clinical Tip #302: Rubber Dams
The use of rubber dams during pediatric dental procedures has great advantages for both the patient and the dentist. Here are some excellent tips from Dr Chris Baker.     Read More
1210 The Jazz Imaging x-ray sensor subscription by Rick Henriksen : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Rick Henriksen joined DEXIS in 1998 and immediately took on the task of establishing processes to drive strong organic growth.  VIDEO - DUwHF #1210 - Rick Henriksen  AUDIO - DUwHF #1210 - Rick Henriksen Assuming a leadership role, Rick established the Dexis model as a new standard in best...  Read More
Top SEO Tips For Dentists #2 - Best Dental Marketing Companies
Avoid large dental marketing companies like PatientPop, Prosites, and Officite if you really want to compete online. In my opinion, the “boxed up” websites they provide are nothing more than an extension of a cheap business card. Their websites usually have abysmal rankings for target keywords and...  Read More
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How to Establish a New Dental Practice, the First 6 Months
With so many established dental practice  especially are in a good position to establish a startup. Breaking down the steps to dental practice ownership can be manageable when following a time table. Here’s how. 9–12 months before opening As with any major life purchase, start by evaluating...  Read More
Help your employees understand their benefits
Most dental professionals are looking for a dental job that includes benefits in some capacity.  Whether that includes Paid-Time-Off (PTO), Health Insurance or a Retirement plan, receiving any or all of these is wonderful and add great value to your position. In this post we breakdown the costs...  Read More
Survey: How to Learn About Your Patients
Survey: How to Learn About Your Patients How do your patients feel about you, your practice and your practitioners? What dental services do your patients actually want and need? How did your patients find you and what attracted them to your clinic?   Many dentists make assumptions about their...  Read More
Website Design: How to Build a Business Website Using Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or WordPress
Website Design: How to Build a Business Website Using Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or WordPress Are you wondering how to build a business website for your dental practice? Are you considering creating a website using Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or WordPress? Do you already have a dental website and...  Read More
Business savvy dental professionals might want to consider that according to research conducted by the American College of Rheumatology, chronic neck pain is a condition “ …affecting 30 –50% of adults in the general population in any given year.” Logically, we can then reason that half of all...  Read More
Episode 71: Three Words To Improve Dental Bonding
Dr. Bryan Laskin and patient Dave Pryor discuss the most common step that dentists make during a bonding procedure. Three Words To Improve Dental Bonding Find us on Radio!  Read More
What A Dental Real Estate Tenant Needs To Know About Rent Escalation Clauses (Part I)
Unfortunately, commercial leases have something in them that you never had to worry when you were buying your home. And that's rent escalation clauses. These clauses allow an owner to increase your rent at regular intervals. Sometimes, tenants and landlords argue over whether there should even be...  Read More
The Four Building Blocks of Every Successful Practice
Today I want to talk to you about the  There are four building blocks upon which all privately owned businesses are founded. They exist whether we pay attention to them or not. Most of us can't take the time to see this because we're stuck on the treadmill too busy trying to make money. So let's...  Read More
1209 Dr. Carlos Mora of NXTdentistry in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Carlos Mora was born on July 15th of 1985, he is a general dentist who has been practicing dentistry for 4 years.  VIDEO - DUwHF #1209 - Carlos Mora AUDIO - DUwHF #1209 - Carlos Mora He started creating a study network for dentist ’til the point it evolved to a professional virtual...  Read More
3 Ways to Produce 20% More NOW!
Straight Talk #23 - 3 Ways to Produce 20% More NOW!  Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about how producing more in your practice is very do-able and really isn’t a mystery. This stuff is kind of basic, but many of you never learned it and lots of you are telling me you...  Read More
1208 So… You Think You Want to Speak in Dentistry by Vanessa Emerson : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Founder of Dental Speaker Institute and Dental Speakers Bureau, Vanessa Emerson is known as a thought leader by clients, prospects, meeting planners and peers. Her marketing services are in high demand, specializing in speaker materials, website design and e-mail marketing services. VIDEO -...  Read More
You’ve Graduated from Dental School; Now What?
You’ve studied for the past eight years and now finally have that much coveted dental degree in hand. Now what? Even if your dreams are to own your own practice, there are other options to consider and a few steps you might want to take first. Here, we break down some options for dental school...  Read More
Core Values, Startups and Team Management with Dr. Sean O'Grady
Core Values and Startups  Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews recent startup practice owner, Dr. Sean O'Grady. Dr. Gina asks Dr. O'Grady about the challenges and obstacles he is facing with a startup, as well as the success and autonomy he is enjoying from practice ownership. This is a great episode...  Read More
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