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 Evaluating AUM Fees for Small Practice Retirement Plans
When it comes to personal financial planning, the industry is starting to move towards ,which is a welcome development for doctors and dentists who are highearners and high net worth (though not necessarily at the same time).When charged for personal financial planning services, can be even more...  Read More
Relax at your dentists’ with a special care dental spa
We are all pretty scared to visit the dentist. It is usually due to the fact that we don’t really take care of our teeth, which means there are chances that you are in for a telling-off. Secondly, a visit to the dentist can get pretty uncomfortable with all the filing and cleaning. However, caring...  Read More
Top Tips to Choose the Best Dentist
Are you looking for a professional dentist to put an end to your dental problems? You need an honest, efficient, and compassionate dental professional who want your best interest. Then, with so many dental offices and services, it is difficult to choose the right one. Do not wait until your oral...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry: Treatment Options & Top Reasons to Opt for It
Cosmetic dentistry is supposed to be a professional oral care method that concentrates primarily on enhancing the overall appearance of your smile, teeth, mouth. Even though cosmetic dentistry procedures seem to be generally, elective and not compulsory, in some cases, it does provide restorative...  Read More
Without a mouth, people would not survive and yet historically speaking we are not that comfortable when it comes to dealing with our mouths. There is a massive stigma attached to dental care, regardless of how important it is. But this is slowly changing.Doctors are now dealing with something...  Read More
You can't do this alone - knowing when to get help!
Dentistry is challenging, and I am only talking about the practice of the profession. Running a million dollar company with a team is just as demanding. So how can we do both jobs well, when both are equally demanding? One thing I have learned over the last 10 years is I cannot do this alone, I...  Read More
1162 Dr. Rich Bailey DMD, Director of Onsite Dental Services : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Before graduating, in 1996, from Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine, Rich Bailey had already become an entrepreneur selling his wildly successful Billy-Bob Teeth, which he invented while sitting in denture class. These novelty chompers brought laughter to millions and spawned a new global...  Read More
Is There Such Thing as Good Debt? Dr. Bette Robin DDS JD, Straight Talk #7
Is There Such Thing as Good Debt? Dr. Bette Robin DDS JD, Straight Talk #7Dr. Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about debt and whether there really is any such thing as "good debt" and what kinds of things you probably want to avoid borrowing money for and some things where it...  Read More
Smuggled Out of Iran Into Success, Dr. Younes Safa, Endodontist with Dr. Bette Robin
Smuggled Out of Iran Into SuccessDr. Younes Safa, Endodontist with Dr. Bette RobinEndodontist with multiple offices in southern California, including Pasadena, Torrance, Santa Clarita, and Long Beach has lunch with Dr. Bette Robin DDS JD and discusses being smuggled out of Iran and into success in...  Read More
Putting the Patient First Works Every Time! Dr. Eric Kim, MD, DDS, FACS with Dr. Bette Robin,DDS JD
Putting the Patient First Works Every Time! Dr. Eric Kim, MD, DDS, FACS with Dr. Bette Robin,DDS JDOral Surgeon in Irvine, CA sits down with Dr. Bette Robin DDS JD and discusses his philosophy for success which starts with putting the patient first, and his volunteer efforts.  Dentistry Rising...  Read More
Episode 59: Why DSO's and What You Can Do About It (with Mitch Olan)
In the spirit of killing the dinosaurs in dentistry, Dr. Laskin welcomes Mitch Olan of  to discuss a product that will both improve your productivity and help create a positive experience for your patients.WHy DSOs are ThrivingFind us on !  Read More
Find A Perfect Mattress That Adjusts To Your Back And Needs
When you look for a mattress you musts make sure that you eventually buy one that will adjust both your back as well as your needs. This is required irrespective of the fact that you suffer from a medical condition or not. At the same time you must also make sure that the mattress fits in well with...  Read More
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The top five advantages of consulting a restorative dentist
A charming and confident smile has a power of its own! Everyone desires a vibrant smile. However, sometimes due to poor dental habits and unforeseen mishaps, people miss out on a great smile. But there’s nothing to fret. As restorative dentistry has you all covered. It can efficiently place the...  Read More
Lower Prices, and Higher Production Doesn't Always Mean Higher Profits w/ Lois Banta
How is being part of a PPO hurting you? Lois Banta and I dive into the web that is PPO insurance, what it means to you, how it effects you, and how it effects your patients. How is being part of a PPO hurting you? Lois Banta and I dive into the web that is PPO insurance, what it means to you, how...  Read More
How to Handle the Rest of Your Career
Having genuine love for your patients makes for the happiest career for the dentist. Let me use a wonderful patient family in my Abu Dhabi practice as an example to explain how this works.   Read More
As dentists, we encounter a pretty large amount of questions from our patients regarding their oral health and how to keep their teeth and their families’ teeth safe and clean, but perhaps the most common question that we are asked is “What kind of toothpaste should I use?”We are probably asked...  Read More
THE TOP TEN DENTISTS’ FANTASIES OF ALL TIME:  I was looking through some old files and found this from over 15 years ago. Still worth a chuckle.  –Bill  10. Knowing you just got back from a seminar, the staff all get together and beg to try some more good ideas.  9. Insurance companies start using...  Read More
The interesting points while moving the country for work
International Business RelocationIt's regular for early profession specialists to think about , as it might offer expanded potential outcomes for scholastic posts, past their country of origin. Numerous worldwide organizations, incorporating those in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, social...  Read More
1161 Dr. Les Kalman BSc, DDS, (AA)FAAID, DICOI, Professor, Restorative Dentistry, Dental Outreach Community Service : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Les completed a BSc (Hon) & DDS at Western followed by a GPR at the London Health Sciences Centre. He maintained a full-time solo private practice with an emphasis on digital dentistry, prosthodontics and medical device research while continuing hospital privileges at Strathroy-Middlesex...  Read More
Dental Clinic investments! We look at it ALL WRONG!
It's hard to cut costs while maintaining high quality services! Everyone wants to do better - not only the owners of companies, but the teams who work for them.What if we learn to VALUE those things that help make us profit? The teams, the equipment, the supplies, the lab? If we INVEST in our...  Read More
How An Emergency Dental Professional Can Save Your Chipped Tooth
Emergency dental practitioners are experts in dental care that may make their services available 24/7 and/or enable clients to arrange prompt visits. A dental emergency situation can be specified as an emergency situation which includes an individual's teeth or gum tissues where instant focus by a...  Read More
Is Dentistry in a race to the bottom?
In my previous blog  I discussed how to protect your biggest asset, your lifetime investments....most likely your business!  Security of your business comes from continual improvement and wise investments.  Security for some people means taking less risk.  The value of risk can be measured with...  Read More
1160 Dr. James R. McAnally of Big Case Marketing : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. James McAnally is the founder of Big Case Marketing / Dental - Trust, a specialty dental advertising and sales consulting agency focusing on the advertising and sales of full arch implant / complex dental cases. Client members treat 1-2 full arch cases every week and are located throughout the...  Read More
Contracts 101
What makes a contract a contract? Joe explains five basic principles that make contracts bindingContracts 101  Read More
The Future of Dentistry is Bright! Mr. Stanley Bergman, CEO of Henry Schein with Dr. Carol Summerhays, past president of ADA, and Dr. Bette Robin
The Future of Dentistry is Bright! Mr. Stanley Bergman-CEO of Henry Schein Dental Inc, with Dr. Carol Summerhays - past president of the ADA, and Dr. Bette Robin DDS JD and discusses the future of dentistry. Mr. Stanley M. Bergman, CEO of Henry Schein, Inc. discusses why he believes the future of...  Read More
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