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140: Cory Pinegar | Never Miss A New Patient
Fam… let’s all welcome CallForce to The Dental Marketer Family!!! Thank you for your support and allowing me to continue to do what I love to do! In this episode we talk with our partners, Call Force, Cory Pinegar. This time we really get into the statistics of how often a dental practice misses...  Read More
139: Dr. Femi Fadahunsi | Wylie Dentistry Co.
Dr. Femi is in the house! Have you ever wanted to know how a dentist, who has a REALLY great case acceptance rate, determines whether a patient will accept treatment or possibly not? Dr. Femi tells us all! He lets us know exactly how he does his initial exams, from the moment the patient walks in...  Read More
138: Dr. Sully Sullivan | Paying Your Employees Only Commission.
Ok, we got Dr. Sully Sullivan, Dr. Richard Low, Sandy Pardue, and Dr. Ashley Joves all in one episode! Let’s get into it! This episode was recorded at Voices of Dentistry. Now, if you don’t know what Voices of Dentistry is then do me a favor and “Google it” that way you can attend next year and...  Read More
137: Dr. Tyler Brady | Haven Dental
Hey everyone! We are 20 days into the new year and I hope everyone is killing their goals and crushing it! Or if you’re not… that’s cool too! Maybe your goal is to take it easy more and that’s perfectly fine…. come to think of it… that should be one of my goals too! For you new listeners I...  Read More
1140 Dr. Kevin Frawley DDS, Founder of Beverly Hills Dentistry and Surgical Esthetics and Chase M. White Surgical, VP & Managing Partner : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Kevin Frawley, D.D.S. is a committed dental professional and teacher helping his patients create the smile they were meant to have. He practices in Beverly Hills with his son, Dr. Shawn Frawley and his daughter, Dr. Michele Frawley. He received his undergraduate degree from UCLA with a B.S. in...  Read More
Dr. Nathan Ho – Trial and Error, Going Debt Free and Referral Marketing
Podcast Episode #208: Dr. Nathan Ho – Trial and Error, Going Debt Free and Referral MarketingEpisode #208: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastDr. Nathan Ho – Trial and Error, Going Debt Free and Referral MarketingMindset has a lot to do with not only how you see the world, but also how much you can...  Read More
John Groom – Tax Deferral and the C-Student Advantage
Podcast Episode #207: John Groom – Tax Deferral and the C-Student AdvantageEpisode #207: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastJohn Groom – Tax Deferral and the C-Student AdvantageBeliefs around having a business and making money can be a bit muddled when it comes to selling, doing taxes, and managing...  Read More
Using Google Drive to Organize Practice Documents, Photos, and Monthly Bills
With so many documents, photos, and bills to manage, keeping organized can be a nightmare. We need to organize leadership files, patient photos, advertising assets, and more. We need to keep our accounting documents organized to make sure bills get paid. We need to keep training and development...  Read More
The First Five Years of your Dental Career with Dr. Leeshik Shin, DDS.
     Our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast is Dr. Leeshik Shin, DDS. He is a young, up and coming dentist from Little Elm, Texas who brings some insight into what it takes to be a dentist in today’s world. How he was able to open his new practice right after graduating. Shaun and Dr.Shin...  Read More
Employee Embezzlement - Reducing the Risk
                        Tips for Reducing the Risk of Embezzlement                                    The practice owner should always:                                    1. Be involved with the front office            2. Never use or have a signature stamp in the office            3. Review lab...  Read More
Being a Great Dentist: Is That All There Is?
Being skilled in dentistry is a great accomplishment. You've worked very hard to learn and hone those skills. But, as dentists, we all have the challenge to go beyond the 'technician' and transcend into something special.   Read More
 CBD Oil for Managing the Effects of Cancer Treatments
There is no doubt thatcancer can be a devastating disease both for patients and theirfamilies. Cancer still ranks as the second leading cause of death in theUnited States, right behind heart disease. Over half a millionAmericans die each year from some form of cancer, even with constant newadvances...  Read More
Dental Coaching | A Thief In Your Dental Office. What Will You Do? Are You In Compliance?
Last fall, a small local doctor’s office was robbed. During the lunch hour, while staff members were in the back office, a thief walked into the doctor’s copy room and stole a laptop containing protected health information (PHI). Eight months and $20,000 later, the good doctor narrowly avoided a...  Read More
The Art of Successful Dental Practice Startups
The Art of Successful Dental Practice Startups   See the full episode at    Read More
Categories: Startups, sydp, educatioanl
1139 Dr. Russell K. Kirk DDS, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Founder of Business of Dentistry Podcast & ownR Magazine : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Russell Kirk was born in Union City, Tennessee, and lived in West Tennessee throughout his childhood. After graduating from Obion County Central High School in 1985, he completed his undergraduate training at The University of Tennessee-Martin in 1990. Dr. Kirk attended The University of...  Read More
Brushing your teeth is an important part of your daily routine, morning and night. Look in any store and you'll find a seemingly endless assortment of toothbrushes--both manual, and electric. Manual and electric toothbrushes are both effective at cleaning teeth, and which one you use is a matter of...  Read More
Categories: toothbrush
Dentaltown Learning Online...Learning to Trust Bulk Filling for Class II Restorations. By Dr. David Clark
Dentaltown is pleased to present..Learning to Trust Bulk Filling for Class II Restorations.  By Dr. David Clark.This CE course is free to view for a limited time due to the generous sponsorship of 3M.   This course can be found here...Learn to enjoy placing class II restorations by modernizing your...  Read More
Instagram Marketing Tips for Doctors
Today, in the modern world, where a large number of people are using social media to improve their lives. In the social media networks, Instagram is on the top positions to open the gates for the people from all walks of lives. Instagram is also the best platform for doctors to increase their...  Read More
Joe talks about using social media to attract and keep customersCustomers  Read More
6 Perks of Buying a Rural Dental Practice
When , it’s easy to be drawn toward big city or metropolitan areas. After all, more people equals more money, right? Not necessarily. One in ten dentists practices outside of a 30-minute radius from a large city, and for good reason. Here are some perks worth considering if you’re in the...  Read More
Episode 53: The Crown Down System
Dr. Laskin sits down with his friend and patient David Pryor to describe his process for planning an implant placement. Listen as David reacts from the patient perspective to this clinical procedure.The Crown Down SystemFind us on !  Read More
How About No Sedation or G.A. in Pediatric Dentistry?
Practicing great pediatric dentistry is possible without using sedation and general anesthesia. For the vast majority of patients, this is safer and creates a happier, healthier dental experience. Here's how.   Read More
1138 Dr. Nate Lawson DMD, PhD, Director of Biomaterials UAB School of Dentistry talks dental materials : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Nathaniel Lawson completed a DMD/PhD program in the field of dental materials at the University of Alabama under the mentorship of John Burgess.  After a stint in private practice, he returned to UAB in 2014 to teach and perform clinical and laboratory testing of dental materials.  In 2016, he...  Read More
How to Finance a Home Most Banks Won't Touch
We’ve all seen the ugly home in the perfect neighborhood that desperately cries for some love and attention.  These homes are literally THE diamond in the rough.  If someone has the passion and creativity to modernize and make them new again, they can represent a significant opportunity to the...  Read More
How Far is Too Far, Part II of the Dental Commute
This lecture is on the factors that are influencing how long it takes to get to your office.  We will also discuss the things you should know in deciding what will make a reasonable dental commute.  Part III will be on the locations that are showing a longer commute (and a shorter commute) to get...  Read More
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