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Defining the Person You Want to Work For You with Dr. Paul Etchison
We have been talking about how to build your team, and it all starts with the ad that you put out. When you are looking to hire, how do you design the ad? Are you trying to make certain people run away from you, and other run to you? Dr. Paul Etchison is here to help explain why this is such an...  Read More
Episode 13 – Periodontal Risk
Listen Here How I think about risk factors changed my attitude towards dentistry. Knowing patient risks are not my fault lowered my stress and improved my love of what I do. Now, when I go through a patient’s mouth, I look for periodontal risk, decay risk, functional risk, aesthetic risk,...  Read More
1120 Round Four With Mike "The Man" DiTolla : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
As a dentist who practices within the largest lab in the US, Dr. DiTolla has access to tens of thousands of doctor’s preps and impressions on a monthly basis. As a result, he has an intimate knowledge of the common habits of the dentists getting the best restorative results. As a self-proclaimed...  Read More
How to open a cheap dental clinic
So you are prepared to budget your home expenses.  Drive that car a little longer.  Stay in that rental apartment or smaller home.  Delay starting the new family.   Sounds like you are ready.   Having been involved in opening several hundred operatories over the last 3 decades – I have seen it...  Read More
Creative Juxtapositions...brilliant mastery of words in a dark world?
Welcome to blogging 101.   A world that can be terrifyingly simple.  Grab a few thoughts and a microphone and blab away.   Create a Youtube channel.  Flip on the “LIVE” button on your Facebook or Instagram TV.  The world wants to know your thoughts.   If you hit the right buttons at the...  Read More
Dentists learn dentistry, corporations learn business
We need entrepreneurs in dentistry!  How will independent start up clinics learn to compete in the new world - the business of dentistry? Understanding the value of your BUSINESS, comparing to other businesses.   Why valuations's all about the story and the potential....but also free...  Read More
Increasing your value, why corporations want to buy your clinc
A Canadian centric podcast, finally! In just a few short years, Corporations have gone from a small presence in Canadian Dental clinics to a Billion dollars worth of dentistry!  If owning a dental clinic is NOT a good business, then why would corporations want to own these businesses? Here is...  Read More
Highlights from the 2018 HIPAA Security Conference: Audit Processes, Cyberattacks and Ransomware Responses, and Breach Posting
by Jay Hodes, President - Colington Consulting - HIPAA Compliance Experts At the HIPAA Security Conference in DC that took place on October 18 & 19, 2018, one of the most valued speakers, Serena Mosley-Day, Acting Senior Advisor Compliance and Enforcement, HHS Office for Civil Rights, presented...  Read More
Dental Consulting | When Do We Begin Screening for Gum Disease?
One of the big controversies working with dental hygienists is “When do we begin screening for gum disease? It is a common question and each office we work with has a different answer. What is the correct answer to this question? In 2011, the American Academy of Periodontology published...  Read More
How the Dentists Can Estimate Their Potential ROI from SEO Services
As a dentist, your e-mail is probably bombarded every day with various online marketing pitches. Everything from web design to e-mail marketing and copywriting—you name it, it’s there. However, did you notice that neither of these sales letters tells you the most important thing, which is what your...  Read More
Steve Parker Podcast – Creating the Mindset of the Entrepreneur
Podcast Episode #201: Steve Parker Podcast – Creating the Mindset of the Entrepreneur Episode #201: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Steve Parker Podcast – Creating the Mindset of the Entrepreneur Many dentists go through school thinking that’s the hardest part—until they get hit by the...  Read More
Have an Ortho New Year - Start Ortho in Your Practice in 2019
Have an Ortho New Year:  Start Ortho in Your Practice in 2019   With the new year just a few days away, we can look forward with optimism, confidence and new planning.    Wait a minute. Did I say optimism?  Am I writing for dentists? Yes.    The dental world is changing. Big insurance,...  Read More
Lessons From Growing Multiple Dental Practices
Lessons From Growing Multiple Dental Practices    Listen to the full episode here   Read More
Optimizing Your Dental Practice Performance With Kiera Dent
Optimizing Your  Dental Practice Performance       Listen to the full episode at    Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 34 - Challenges of Rewarding and Retaining Employees
With the current economic realities of dentistry what is the rationale for offering our employees incentives and bonuses?  How do you communicate this to staff members?  How can you make employees feel like their job is rewarding when you can't offer big bonuses and benefits packages?  What...  Read More
 3 Simple and Effective Ways to Increase New Patient Appointments
Feeling the need to expand your client base? As business owners, it’s only natural to want to reach as many people as you can, and as medical practitioners, this desire is only compounded by an inclination to help the most patients as possible. One of the most reliable and cost-effective ways of...  Read More
A Network of Teams Released To Take Action
Last year one thousand companies told Global Human Capital Trends that hierarchy at work is a bad idea. They are all shifting away from it and actively building organizational ecosystems and networks. The research said companies are in a “race to replace structural hierarchies with networks of...  Read More
The Best of The Dental Up Podcast 2018
  Ladies and Gentlemen, we made it! This is the last episode of 2018. For this last episode of the year, we decided to do the “Best of The Dental Up Podcast 2018”. This episode will have some of the best advice, funny stories or in-depth analysis of the Dental Industry.  Down below we have...  Read More
Sharing makes you bigger than who you are -- What that has to do with being a dentist
The dream of being a dentist -- and your success -- depend on a dream to contribute, to help others, and to love. It's much more than just a job and you're much more than just a technician. It's a life that can make a difference.  FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM:    Read More
Episode 12 – Risk Factors
Listen Here I had an epiphany during the first conference I went to about risk factors. Up until that point, I’d spent my career redoing dentistry that failed that I thought was my fault. After all, in dental school, they taught if my margins were good and I was perfect, then my dentistry would...  Read More
1119 Premier Orthodontics with Dr. Dustin Coles and Dr. Tyler Coles : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
About Dr. Dustin Coles Dr. Dustin Coles is the founder of Premier Orthodontics, the largest and fastest growing private-practice orthodontic specialty office in Arizona. He is passionate about excellent orthodontic treatment and was voted as the Top Invisalign Orthodontist in North America at the...  Read More
Dental Models from Used In Dental Schools For Education Teaching Dentistry Professional Knowlege And Techniques For Future Dental Licensed Practicing. we established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA 92011 Buyamag inc provide dental models training simulators, manikin, phantom heads for dentistry schools education, practicing, training and teaching. They are the best tools for dentistry school students in hands-on training, gain...  Read More
Portable Dental System from Buyamag Inc offer ProSeal II Portable sealant Dentistry Units have set the standard for quality in sealant programs. Features include a powerful suction pump, integrated water supply, and an air-water syringe. The ProSeal II includes an electric Low Speed Handpiece for...  Read More
At Buyamag Inc we provide dental portable equipment units instruments, mobile dentistry systems and field kits. Carts on castors for easy carrying and moving, for dentistry professional work can be done in the field, military set include vacuum pump, hand-piece with dentists portable self contain...  Read More
This Universal Dental Post Remover - Extractor Kit is especially designed for Removing whole Posts from Root Canal or Broken ones inside the Root with improved efficiency and smooth performance. It can be used on Posts made of steel, gold and stainless steel. When Dentist Challenged with removing...  Read More
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