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Episode3a - Associate Agreements - What To Know And Think About And When (Part 2)
In the second part of this episode, Paul and Rob continue their discussion about associate agreements both from an employer’s perspective and an associate’s perspective- how to find a good associate and things to look for when hiring an associate and when evaluating a job opportunity. They also...  Read More
1108 DSO's with Jeromy R  Dixson, DMD, MBA and Ian McNickle, MBA: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Dixson is a three time INC Magazine 500 out of 5000 awarded entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of The DSO Project, dentistry's first and only dental support organization, DSO accelerator. Formerly, he was the Founder and CEO of Smiles Services LLC and Founder and President of Smiles Dental...  Read More
119 – Should I Use The 7-Step Facebook Marketing Machine In My Practice?
I’m going to give you the 7-Step Facebook Marketing Machine I use in my businesses and that I teach new Members in the FunnelTribes online communityToday I'll show you how to consistently attract high-quality new patients with this framework without having to spend thousands of dollars paying one...  Read More
Episode 35: Why Dental Support Organizations Will Crush The Solo Practice
Dr. Laskin is pulling no punches this week, as he talks about the rise of Dental Support Organizations, and why they will have a huge impact on solo practices - even ones that hire qualified millennials.Why DSOs Will Crush the Solo Practice?Find us on !  Read More
118  - (Justin Lofton Interview Part #2): “How Can I Make My Facebook and Instagram Marketing As Effective As Possible?
In part two of the interview with Justin Lofton, he reveals key elements of his $15 Million Facebook and Instagram Marketing Success Formula.  And if you’re like me and if you’re like the most successful Members in the FunnelTribes online community – getting access to information of this quality...  Read More
117 - When I'm Ready To Use Social Media To Build My Brand How Do I Know Which Platforms To Use?
When I'm Ready To Use Social Media To Build My Brand How Do I Know Which Platforms To Use?  If you’ve realized that what I’m telling you is true, and you’ve made the decision to get serious about building a solid presence for your brand on social media - I want to encourage you to use a bit of...  Read More
116 - “How Will I Know When My Prospect Is Ready To Become A Paying Patient?”
When a prospect is ready to become a paying patient, they’ll often express their desire to do so subtly. It might be a change in the tone of speech; specific bodily movements or even the way they look at you .In this episode, I’ll show you nine common (but often missed) “tells” your prospect gives...  Read More
115 (1 of 2) - SyncSumo & Zenfusion Founder and CEO Justin Lofton Reveals His $15 Million Facebook Ad Success Formula
Facebook Marketing Expert Justin Lofton has invested nearly 20 years mastering the art of selling online across every industry channel & vertical imaginable.  Over the past seven years alone he’s invested over $15 Million Dollars in his Facebook Ad Success Formula. He’s been featured on and his...  Read More
114 (2 of 2) Chris Voss Best-Selling Book "Never Split The Difference" - An Interview with the Book’s Co-Contributor Brandon Voss
Runaway Best-Seller "Never Split The Difference" - Interview(2 of 2) Former FBI Lead International Investigator & Negotiator Chris Voss’ son Brandon Voss shares how you can use these high-stakes, field-tested techniques in your practice and in your daily lifeIf you want to become better at...  Read More
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Finding Success with Endodontics in Your Practice.  By Dr. Jason Hales
Dentaltown is pleased to present....The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Finding Success with Endodontics in Your Practice by Dr. Jason Hales.This CE course can be found here....This course describes how the successful, fulfilling and profitable practice of endodontics is based upon proper case selection....  Read More
Only you can determine if financial advice is worth paying for. The question you need to ask is what your time is worth? I use this rationale when evaluating almost everything in business and my personal life. Now, I wish I was the man’s man who was extremely handy and could fix anything. The truth...  Read More
Episode 3- Associate Agreements- What to Know and Think About and When (Part 1)
In the first part of this episode, Paul and Rob talk about associate agreements both from an employer’s perspective and an associate’s perspective- what to look out for when deciding whether to bring on an associate and what to look out for when deciding whether to accept an associate position....  Read More
The Truth About Work / Life Balance with Audie Cashion
The Truth About Work / Life Balance with Audie CashionBalancing work and life can be extremely difficult, especially if you’ve got what seems like a million things going on at once. But thankfully, I know just the person who can help dentists like you find the perfect balance between life and work...  Read More
Current Bleaching Techniques: Dr. Dana Rockey discusses teeth whitening options and techniques
Newport Beach dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey discussed various options and techniques of teeth whitening. 1) Whitening Toothpaste: • Simplest and easiest• Available through dental offices or drug stores• Dr. Rockey recommends Ultradent (smooth and creamy and does a nice job of removing stains and some...  Read More
Interception Orthodontics - Treating Airway Issues in Children and Much More
Airway issues in children are frequent and VERY often undiagnosed. The dentist with Interception Orthodontics skill can identify the problems and provide vital, life-changing therapies that can help. Airway is just one of many issues where the dentist knowing Interception Orthodontics can provide...  Read More
Digital Technology and Changes in Dentistry with Dr. Larry Emmott
Digital Technology And Changes In DentistryIn this podcast episode, we interviewed Dr. Larry Emmot. Recognized as a leading dental high tech authority in the country and with over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist, Dr. Larry Emmott’s mission is to help dentists make good...  Read More
Episode 4 - The Hurricane in Your Office
Let me ask you a question: are you the hurricane in your office? As the leader of your dental practice, you set the tone of the practice and the team. Believe me, your team doesn’t show up everyday trying to tick you off; they really want to do a good job. So, what’s going on?In today’s episode,...  Read More
Episode 3 - The Front vs. The Back
There’s a conflict in your practice. It’s a conflict between your administrative office and your treatment coordinators. What happens when your team is at odds what happens to your productivity? It’s pretty obvious that productivity goes down. So what causes this? It’s about communication skills;...  Read More
1107 Oral Hygiene with Mia Geisinger, DDS, MS: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Geisinger received her B.S. from Duke University, her D.D.S. from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine, and her Certificate in Periodontology and Master of Science degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  She will be a speaker at Dentaltown's  and is...  Read More
            How to Get Dental Implant Patients From Social Media with Jack HadleyWelcome back to another exciting episode of the Driven Dental Implant Marketing podcast and video interview series.In this episode, we invite marketer and social media pragmatist, Jack Hadley, onto the show. We talk...  Read More
Episode 34: The Top 5 Things Patients Say
Dr. Laskin reveals the true meaning behind common statements made by patients. He also gives some great ways to put their mind at ease.The 5 Things Patients SayFind us on !  Read More
Your Big Why: It Isn't BS, It is Important w/ John Stamper
Understanding why you are doing what you are doing, and how to allow it to pull you through adversity are both essential to establishing your culture, and thus grow your practice.  Once something is checked off, you are done with it, something like “having a million dollars in the bank” simply...  Read More
How Much Should I Spend on My Dental Marketing in 2019?
One of the most common questions I hear when speaking to dentists about  is "How much should I budget?" It's not only a reasonable question, it's a highly responsible one. Practices who fail to develop a well thought out strategic marketing plan for the upcoming year often end up with surprise...  Read More
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween ;-)  Read More
Cash Balance Plans For Solo and Group Practices
As a small practice owner or a partner in a medical or dentalpractice, minimizing taxes and building your retirement savings are twoof your biggest financial goals.  Many doctors and dentists have arelatively late start and often have significant student debt upongraduation, and they also may have...  Read More
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