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Dental Health Products | Dental Supply Store Dentbay - Dental Supply Companies USA
Dentbay provides a wide range of dental health products which include endodontic products like files, composite, resins and dental cement.   Our prosthodontic catalog includes various impression materials, trays, waxes, artificial teeth, burs etc. Similarly, other segments of dentistry like...  Read More
Episode 105: The Day Insurance Billing Changed A Life
Episode 105: The Day Insurance Billing Changed A L It's amazing how less than $3,000 a year could change a life. On this episode, Dr. Roy Shelburne shares the true story of how his world was turned upside down with a single phone call, all because of insurance. Dr. Shelburne now spends his...  Read More
Chandler George and Matt Patterson – Business Growth Hacks
Podcast Episode #188: Chandler George and Matt Patterson – Business Growth Hacks Episode #188: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Chandler George and Matt Patterson – Business Growth Hacks Many of us are searching for ways to grow our businesses and our income streams. Two good friends join in on...  Read More
How to Make the Next Year the Best Year for Your Dental Practice
            What would need to happen to make the next year the best year for your practice? Do you need to increase revenues? Decrease expenses without sacrificing quality of care or patient experience? Expand or move your office? Or, maybe you want to work fewer hours next year than you did...  Read More
1091 DentalHQ with L. Brett Wells: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Brett Wells is a practicing dentist and owner of Wells Family Dental Group in Raleigh, NC. An entrepreneur at heart, he opened a restaurant venture in 2014 called Tasty 8s gourmet hotdog company, partnered to launch a Twitter-based software service called Tweetbox, and most recently, in response to...  Read More
Understanding Practice Management with Dr. Stephen Dugan, DDS
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast Dr. Stephen Dugan, DDS join us to talk about Practice Management and his methods of transitioning into a new practice. After being inspired by interest, he pursued a career in Dentistry. He served 3 years in the military and opened his first...  Read More
72: How To Get Your Patients To Instantly Accept Treatment With Heidi Mount
Welcome to episode 72 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! So happy you are tuning into this episode because IF you apply the strategies mentioned here…. your dental practice will go a long way and grow. I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing my featured guest: Heidi Mount, who we all know…. is...  Read More
71: The Secrets Every Dentist Should Know With Doug Fettig.
In this episode I interview the wonderful keynote speaker Doug Fettig. Now Doug was the keynote speaker in the event I went to in San Diego called The Business Side of Dentistry, amazing speaker, outstanding knowledge bombs were dropped by this guy! In this episode we dive into so many topics…....  Read More
70: How Two Office Managers Made $40,000 More In Just Three Months With Denise & Monica.
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Heyo! We are at episode 70! Thirty more episodes until the big one zero zero (100!). I am excited for that and this episode. In this episode I was invited to an event to podcast with the key note speakers. The event was called the Business Side of Dentistry, and I highly...  Read More
How to Get a Return on Your Dental Practice Investment
Purchasing a dental practice is no easy task, but it’s only the beginning of the hard work you’ll need to do to see a return on your investment. Whether the practice is new or existing, opportunity cost should drive all your post-buying decisions. Here’s how you can ensure ROI is top of mind....  Read More
69: What Every Dentist Needs To Know Immediately About Their Financial Advisor With Reese Harper
Episode 69 has arrived! I am excited about this episode, I learned so much just listening to all the knowledge bombs Reese kept sharing on this episode. We talk about a couple things in episode 69. We uncover the importance of branding and one thing Reese mentions that I absolutely love is how...  Read More
68: The Blueprint To Opening Your Own Dental Practice With Dr. Ragini Singla And Moki Goyal
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Do you have dreams of opening your own practice and don’t know where to begin? Getting started on becoming a dental practice owner can be overwhelming–especially if you are working full-time as an associate. Maybe you’re in the beginning stages or need help planning.   This...  Read More
67: Finding Better Coping Mechanisms With Dr. Alan Mead
Do you have a good way of coping with the pressure of being a dentist? For many dentists, the stress begins in dental school and continues throughout their career.   This week’s guest, Dr. Alan Mead, is the co-host of the . He’s a fellow dentist, owning a medium-sized practice in Saginaw,...  Read More
66: Building Multiple Dental Practices On Proven Systems With Dr. Mark Costes
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Have you subscribed? Don’t miss a single episode!   You have a dental practice you’ve built from the ground up. It’s going well, and you’re ready to add on to your operation, but how do you get there?   Dr. Mark Costes owns ten practices, is the founder of an extensive network...  Read More
1090 Digital Scanning and Being Profitable with Steven Roth: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr Steven Roth grew up as a first generation American in New Haven CT watching his Hungarian holocaust survivor family build businesses and become successful because of opportunity and hard work. He Graduated Columbia University with a BS in Psychology and The University of Penn-sylvania School of...  Read More
How To Improve Organic SEO Ranking: Gain Quality Links (the Right Way!)
Increasing organic rankings in search results is a top marketing goal for most dentists and small businesses. Many different factors go into gaining the coveted top spots in search results - watch this 3-minute video from Google's own Matt Cutts to learn what's involved:   <span...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Opening Our Eyes to CBCT in Endodontics: A View From the Inside. By Dr. Brett Gilbert.
Dentaltown is pleased to present "Opening Our Eyes to CBCT in Endodontics: A View From the Inside."  By Dr. Brett Gilbert. This 2 credit CE course can be found here.... The use of CBCT in Endodontics has become the standard of care for specialists.  Viewing the teeth and surrounding...  Read More
Establish an Estate Plan Aligned with Your Objectives: What Is a Living Will?
Tom Bodin, a Practice Integration Advisor with , works with dentists to help them achieve financial freedom through a comprehensive approach to wealth management. One key element of a comprehensive financial plan is a proper estate plan. While this can feel like a morbid topic, it is the...  Read More
1089 Endodontics with David Landwehr: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
See Dr. David Landwehr speak at  Early bird pricing extended. Learn more... As a leading practitioner, and speaker, David Landwehr, D.D.S., M.S. serves as a frequent teacher at events focusing on endodontics and oral pathology. Dr. Landwehr’s ongoing work as an opinion leader has positioned him at...  Read More
Do Landlords Give Concessions on Renewals?
In working with thousands of healthcare professionals on lease renewals, one of the most common statements we hear is: “My landlord told me they don’t give lease renewal concessions” or “I’ve never gotten any concessions on a renewal from my landlord in the past”. From a landlord’s perspective, the...  Read More
Using Automation to Boost Relevance + Revenue
If your dental practice isn’t using automation, you might be missing out in more ways than you think. Check out five key ways automation can boost your business, improve patient satisfaction, and keep you relevant:    Read More
Successful Startups, Will Yours Be The Next?
Imagine taking your entire project, and setting it up like a chess match - but with a championship chess player in your corner. Stephen is that championship player, and will help you map out the right strategy, plays, and positions while analyzing every piece that’s in play. We’ll talk real estate...  Read More
Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor!  Part II - Ortho and Me
Why would you be interested in orthodontics?  Why would you want to read about it?  Why would you think of possibly adding it to your practice?   Here are my answers to these questions:  My interest in orthodontics came from an interest in seeing my child patients have the most gorgeous smile as...  Read More
1088 Q and A with Nova Dentalpreneurs: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Howard Farran speaks with the students in Nova Dentalpreneurs at Nova Southeastern University  AUDIO-DUwHF #1088 Nova Dentalpreneurs VIDEO-DUwHF #1088 Nova Dentalpreneurs   Read More
How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost A Dentist?
Social Media for Dentists: What Are The Costs? The costs of social media marketing for any dentist are directly tied to the ROI you receive from social media marketing.  The  for your dental practice can be substantial, but so can the effort and costs of properly managing your social media...  Read More
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