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As you very well know, going to the dentist is  of most people. Many people dread their biannual visits. The good news is that you can help leave a positive, lasting impression and secure long-term patients by making a few easy changes to create a more welcoming experience.  Study Your...  Read More
Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown: SolmeteX Hg5® – Part 3 Maintenance, Disposal, and Notes
Today we will be covering the maintenance of the SolmeteX units, the disposal of their filters and any additional notes missed by our previous blogs. The required service, maintenance, and inspections of amalgam separators can be confusing for some, to further complicate the matter, many amalgam...  Read More
Al Williamson – Multiple Streams of Income
Podcast Episode #184: Al Williamson – Multiple Streams of Income Episode #184: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Al Williamson – Multiple Streams of Income Al Williamson joins us today to share his expertise in managing property, multiple businesses and generating various streams of income. From...  Read More
How Email Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Dental Practice
            While people’s inboxes are often crowded, email marketing can still serve many important purposes for dental practices. Fortunately, a little knowledge can go a long way to make your dental email marketing profitable. For example, interesting email subject lines for dentists can make...  Read More
Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown: SolmeteX Hg5® – Part 2 Inspection and Troubleshooting
Thank you for following us on this journey to learning how to read the User Manuals of the top six amalgam separators sold in North America. Our first segment started with the amalgam separator that requires the least amount of work, maintenance or inspection, the . Due to the complex and...  Read More
Staying ahead in the Dental Industry with Dr. Sandra Calleros, DDS
In this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we have Dr. Sandra Calleros, DDS stop by and talk to us about staying ahead in the Dental Industry.  Dr. Calleros has been providing life-enhancing dentistry for more than 30 years in the South Bay Communities. She is an avid CE participant and...  Read More
Smell the Roses
I work with some very high-performing dentists and one of the things that I have to remind them, is:          Slow down.               Acknowledge how far they've come.      I think that's true in any business. I know it is in my own business. Sometimes we move so fast, that we forget to...  Read More
Sex and Orthodontics
You're probably going to wonder what in the world I'm talking about. So let me just give you a little clue, and explain this...   Read More
The Relationship Between Osteonecrosis & Dentistry
Today, more and more people over the age of 50 take medications to prevent the loss of skeletal bone. When the loss of skeletal bone is mild, it is called osteopenia. When it is more severe, it is called osteoporosis. In recent years, there have been reports of a serious side effect in patients...  Read More
1079 Discussing Silver Diamine Flouride with Steve Duffin: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Steve is a general dentist in Keizer Oregon. His background is in microbiology and public health dentistry with an emphasis on the care of patients with special needs. He was involved in the early development of the dental program-serving clients for the Oregon Health Plan and served as dental...  Read More
HIPAA Changes Unlikely for 2019
Smart Training’s Certified HIPAA Professional says it’s unlikely there will be any substantive changes to patient privacy documents or to HIPAA policies for 2019.   “I think we’re a couple of years away from seeing big changes in the way HIPAA is managed and enforced,” Jim Moore said recently....  Read More
3 Ways to Increase Production by 100K in the Next Twelve Months
Insurance reimbursement is not more but less, and insurance companies are getting very particular about what you submit as a narrative and what codes you can and can’t use. On a positive note, our clients this year, 2018, are seeing bigger production numbers than seen in the past five plus years....  Read More
7 Changes to Make After a Dental Practice Transition
No two dental practice transitions are alike, but there is one hard-fast rule that buyers should follow across the board: Don’t make any changes after acquiring a practice for at least six months, no matter how , if you want to keep patients and staff happy. What’s more, it is to your benefit...  Read More
Establish an Estate Plan Aligned with Your Objectives: What Are a Good Estate Plan’s Essential Elements?
Mike McAninch is a Practice Integration Advisor with , where he specializes in helping dentists connect their money and their values to realize their most important financial goals. First, a word of caution. A competent attorney should prepare all estate-planning documents. This is not a...  Read More
How to know it's really time to sell your practice
by  How to know it's really time to sell your practice How to know its really time to sell your practice and how you can help ensure you get what it is worth. Delaying selling too long can drastically decrease the money you get for your practice AND make it harder to find someone to buy your...  Read More
Sell and continue to practice more profitably by merging with a more modern office
Sell and continue to practice more profitably by merging with a more modern office by Posted on July 12, 2018 Many dentists will cut their hours after many years of working tirelessly. As they do so their profit margins shrink as overhead eats up a higher percentage of their revenues. There is no...  Read More
Market Like It's 2018: Stop Making This Careless Mistake - DPS003
In this solo episode, we talk about the MASSIVE mistake dentists are making on social media, and actionable tips they can use to successfully market in today's climate.  Read More
Dentistry's #1 Underutilized Marketing Strategy with William Glass - DPS002
In today’s episode, our guest William Glass talks about Dentistry’s #1 underutilized Marketing Strategy, and how you can use it to create a flood of new patients.  We talk about what you can do to satisfy both your long-term and short-term marketing and business goals, as well as how to use...  Read More
Great Minds Think Alone: How To Change Lives By Doing Things Your Own Way With Dr. Kenny Wilstead - DPS001
In today’s episode, our guest Dr. Kenny Wilstead talks about his unique approach to clinical dentistry, and how to change lives by doing things your own way. In this episode, we talk about how Kenny takes a somewhat unconventional approach to treating patients, and where he thinks many dentists...  Read More
#101 (2 of 2) Interview with One of the World's Leading Experts (David Stone of on Marketing Your Professional Services
On today's episode we continue with our interview with David Stone, CEO of BluStoneMarketing.  Stone is considered by many to be one of the leading professional services marketing experts in the world. Stone has authored 15 books & over the last 25 years has worked with top-companies around the...  Read More
#100 - The 1-Page (Advanced) Customer Avatar Worksheet: How To Quickly and Easily Identify, Find and Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Prospects and Patients
Your Customer Avatar; The "Fabulous 50" and a $104,537 mistake that almost killed my business. Today's episode will help you solve one of the most-expensive, money draining mistakes you can make in business. To celebrate our 100th episode, I’m also giving you one of the most effective client...  Read More
How To Leverage Current Patients For Extra Practice Revenue
This article is somewhat ironic, or at least contradictory, as part of our business is focused on helping Dentists bring on new patients by allowing them to pay per referral, but we wanted to focus on the important aspect of leveraging your current patients to increase your revenue.  Dentists...  Read More
My Latest Facebook Campaign that Generated Over 27 Appointment Requests in Under a Day
My Latest Facebook Campaign that Generated Over 27 Appointment Requests in Under a Day I am super excited to share this podcast episode with you! It’s a little different this week as I am introducing the recording of one of my recent Facebook Live videos, because I really wanted to let you...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Maximizing the Value of Your Dental Practice: Part III Brand
Why do people pay more for a Mercedes than for a Toyota? Both fulfill the same basic function — transportation. Both Mercedes and Toyota brands carry with them certain implications: status, reputation, quality, craftsmanship. Customers who choose one are making a statement about what’s important to...  Read More
Those Tiny Little Decisions
Owning a dental practice can be a real challenge. To make the practice work for you -- instead of you working for your practice -- requires making some tiny little decisions, daily.    Read More
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