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943 Seeking Employment Made Easy with Dr. Ivy D. Peltz & Dr. Eric S. Studley : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Ivy Peltz and Dr. Eric Studley are both general practice directors and clinical associate professors at New York University College of Dentistry in the Department of Cariology and Comprehensive Care, where Dr. Studley is also the director of practice management and ergonomics.   Dr....  Read More
An International Dental Phenom with Dr. Michael Apa
Listen on the website: Bulletproof Dental Practice Ep Text ‘bulletproof’ to 345345 to stay in the know about upcoming book release and Bulletproof Summit in fall 2018! Stream video here: Key Takeaways: ·        Dr. Apa travels back and forth from New York City to Dubai, focusing on...  Read More
Productive Dentist Academy
| Dr. Bruce Baird DDS + Shaun Keating CDT | This week’s featured guest, Dr. Bruce Baird DDS is a nationally renowned premier cosmetic dentist and has been named one of the nation’s most productive dentists. His expertise as an implant dentist has afforded him the skill to perform dental implant...  Read More
Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Start Using Today
Not too long ago, dental marketing campaigns took weeks to plan and required investing thousands of dollars before you had a hope of recouping a single dollar. With that level of investment required, it took a lot of new patients to even hope to break even. The thought of achieving returns of  with...  Read More
You Either Have Excuses or You Have Results
I love the quote, “You either have excuses or you have results,” because it reminds me to focus on what I can do and what areas of opportunity there are to tap into. In dental practices I hear a lot of excuses and it's easy to fall into that trap when things aren't going your way. I hear...  Read More
942 LendingClub Patient Solutions with Mike Gilroy : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
As Senior Vice President, Mike Gilroy is responsible for leading LendingClub Patient Solutions which provides quality, responsible, and innovative financing for elective medical and dental procedures. Mike brings over three decades of sales, marketing and business development experience to...  Read More
Ortho Case Finishing: The In-Treatment-Presenting-Posterior Crossbite
Orthodontic Case Finishing:   How do I get out of this pickle? (Part II) Pickles can be sweet, tart, bitter, or sour. “Dr.  Chris, when do I get my braces off?” “Let’s look,” I say to the pretty teenage girl in the orthodontic chair.  She has worn her elastics well, kept her plaque under...  Read More
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry “How can you hate practicing dentistry? This is what you do, it’s your profession.” I hear you ask. Let me clarify the statement, I don’t hate practicing dentistry…I hate practicing dentistry in conjunction...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online..."Improving Case Acceptance". By Dr. Mark Murphy.
Dentaltown is pleased to present......"Improving Case Acceptance". By Dr. Mark Murphy. This CE course can be found here... We live in a cynical time that rewards quick fixes, fast food, ATM’s and instant everything taking time to help our patients WANT what we know they NEED, drives the...  Read More
941 Dental Practice Brokerage with Gary Boyajian, DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Upon finishing his GPR at  St  Josephs hospital in NJ  Dr Boyajian purchased an exisiting   GP dental practice in Bergen county NJ plus a building.   The practice grew rapidly by utilizing  the proper marketing techniques and applying the latest technology and dental procedures.   His practice...  Read More
Two Ways Work Will Get Done
There is only one of two ways any work will ever get done: 1) You do it yourself. 2) You hire other people to do the job. Depending on the circumstances there is no one way which is better. For example: You can clean your own home or you can hire someone. Depending on what money you make in...  Read More
Arbitration Agreements - The Employer's Weapon
Stuart J. Oberman, Esq. of Oberman Law Firm discusses Arbitration Agreements, or as he calls it, the “Employer Weapon.” If you own a dental practice and don't have arbitration agreements to protect yourself, reconsider. The absence of these important agreements could be consequential. ...  Read More
Why Your Patients Aren’t Getting on the Schedule
This is an excerpt from our Ask Sabri column, where readers get to ask MGE’s Deputy COO, Sabri Blumberg, questions about marketing, practice management, staffing, and more. Reader: Nine times out of ten, patients seem excited to go ahead with treatment after talking to me. Then I send them to...  Read More
940 Orthodontics and General Dentistry with Dr. Brock Rondeau : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Rondeau is one of North America’s most sought after clinician who lectures over 100 days per year. Over 23,000 dentists have attended his courses and study clubs in the United States, Canada, China, Australia, England, Turkey and Poland. He has an extremely busy practice, which is limited...  Read More
Categories: Orthodontics
Branding for Dental Professionals: A Guide to Naming Your Practice
Do you need to come up with a name for your dental practice? There might be more than one reason that you’d need to do it. For example, you might and need a new identity to make the practice your own. Or, you might be opening your own practice and wondering what to call it. Or perhaps you...  Read More
Episode 158: The American Dream
Episode 158: The American Dream   Read More
True Multitasking: VOD 2018 LIVE Interview
| Dr. Alan Mead DDS + Podcast Producer Eric Mendeleev | Live interview with Dr. Alan Mead, co-host of The Dental Hacks Podcast and host of The Alan Mead Dental Experience recorded at Voices of Dentistry Live Summit 2018. Dr. Alan Mead is one of the founding members of Voices of Dentistry Live...  Read More
Dr. Brady Frank – Multiply Your Net Worth and Cash Flow Through Multiple Ownership and Real Estate
Podcast Episode #154: Dr. Brady Frank – Multiply Your Net Worth and Cash Flow Through Multiple Ownership and Real Estate Episode #154: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Dr. Brady Frank – Multiply Your Net Worth and Cash Flow Through Multiple Ownership and Real Estate ...  Read More
Five Year Recall on Intentional Replantation of Mx Molar
 is the intentional removal (extraction), surgical treatment of the root (outside of the mouth) and replantation of a tooth back into the extraction socket. While not a common approach, this technique can be useful for teeth that cannot be treated with traditional endodontic surgery. This procedure...  Read More
Advice Given to Me
Do you like to get advice? I do. But, you must qualify the source. In this case, the source was questionable:    Read More
The Dentists input
The real evaluation from the dental office  Read More
#86: Radical Convenience, Chat, and Conversions
Speaking to website visitors, converting them into patients, and more! In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark interviews Scott Hansen of about radical convenience, removing sales friction, and more. #86: Radical Convenience, Chat, and Conversions Podcast Highlights: ...  Read More
939 Leverage and Manage Social Media with Rita Zamora : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #939 - Rita Zamora Stream Audio here AUDIO - AUwHF #939 - Rita Zamora Rita Zamora is an international speaker and published author on social media and online reputation management. She and her team have been helping dentists and specialists across...  Read More
Pre-Authorization vs. Predetermination
Ever wish a tech company would develop an app like Mapquest or Waze to navigate your dental staff and your patients through the maze of insurance claim complexity? Even the terminology is challenging!  PREAUTHORIZATION. PREDETERMINATION. PRE-ESTIMATE OF BENEFITS. These terms are very confusing...  Read More
Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: How They Might Affect You and Your Practice, with Blake McClellan
Listen on the website: Bulletproof Dental Practice Ep Text ‘bulletproof’ to 345345 to stay in the know about upcoming book release and Bulletproof Summit in fall 2018! Stream video here: Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 51 Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak Guest: Blake...  Read More
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