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How to Bypass Insurance Regulation For Your In-House Membership Program
My team and I have been continuing our research on state regulations and how practices can efficiently set up membership programs for their dental practices. During our research we have found a beneficial strategy called “DPC law” (Direct Primary Care) where a practice can simply create a “medical...  Read More
Dr. Steven Rasner's "6 Things I Would Do If I Started Over on Monday"
Listen on the website: Bulletproof Dental Practice Ep Text ‘bulletproof’ to 345345 to stay in the know about upcoming book release and Bulletproof Summit in fall 2018! Key Takeaways: ·        Email Dr. Steven Rasner at , with request to SEND ALL THE STUFF! ·        There is hope and...  Read More
Dental Internet Marketing: 3 Ways to Get Patients Online
Dental marketing has come a long way since the days of phone-book advertising and TV or radio commercials. Traditionally, the only ways to attract patients to a dental practice were slow, expensive, and ineffective. With dental internet marketing, however, marketing your practice has never been...  Read More
949 The Minimally Invasive Approach with Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Ruiz is the Director of the Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry and Course Director of numerous CE Courses at University of Southern California (USC). He is Honorary Clinical Professor at Warwick University in England and member of the editorial board for Dentistry Today. He is also...  Read More
The Best Way to Sell a Dental Practice
You have likely spent your entire career building a dental practice, but now you’re ready to move on. But selling a dental practice is much more than putting a For Sale sign on the curb. Selling your dental practice is one of the biggest moments in your career and you only have one chance to...  Read More
948 Conversion Rate Optimization with Abdur Rafay Zafar of Dental Marketing Direct : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Abdur Rafay Zafar is a digital marketing consultant specializing in generating new patients for dental and medical practices through Pay-per-Click advertising. He is a Google adwords certified professional since 2012 and the owner of Reach Me FasterTM which he founded in January 2014. Reach Me...  Read More
Always Know Where Your Money Goes: Popular Expense-Tracking Tools Today
Tom Bodin, a Practice Integration Advisor with , works with dentists to help them achieve financial freedom through a comprehensive approach to wealth management. In a previous article, I wrote about . Today, we’ll discuss some of the tools you can utilize in tracking practice and personal...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Next Level Endodontics: The Expanding Role of Vital Pulp Therapy. By Dr. Martin Trope
Dentaltown is please to present..."Next Level Endodontics: The Expanding Role of Vital Pulp Therapy".  By Dr. Martin Trope. This 2.5 credit CE course can be found here...  It is indisputable that maintaining a vital healthy pulp is the best way to prevent apical periodontitis. However the...  Read More
Ten of the Top Dental Inventory Management Software Programs Reviewed
Managing inventory at a dental office can mean the difference between blowing the budget and staying on budget. Waste, expired products, lack of product, or delayed product can all stall the progress of a busy dental clinic. Every dental office needs an inventory control system and some offices are...  Read More
Episode 28 - Dealing with Insurances and Salespeople
In this episode we discuss some actual situations that happened recently at our offices. We start by discussing Dr. Neff's recent experience with a salesperson. Are salespeople out of touch with real world dentistry? Do they really have the dentist's best interest in mind?  We continue our...  Read More
947 Elevate & Realize Your Value with Deana Zost, FAADOM : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Deana is a Regional Territory Manager for RevenueWell with over 26 years in dentistry (She was a HORRIBLE dental assistant for a year, but really great in the front office for 25 years!) She is a Fellow & Lifetime Member in the American Academy of Dental Office Management & a founding member of...  Read More
The Roadmap to Freedom with Dr. Anissa Holmes
The Roadmap to Freedom with Dr. Anissa Holmes This podcast episode is a real treat for you. I recently attended the where I was presenting on how to grow your practice with Facebook marketing and how it can be achieved without spending lots of money. Whilst at the event I recorded quite a...  Read More
946 Benefits of B Corp Certification with Scott Andersen of Artisan Dental, LLC : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Scott Andersen is the co-owner along with his wife, Dr. Nicole Andersen of Artisan Dental, where he serves as the director of business development.  In May of this year, Artisan Dental became Wisconsin’s 1st certified B corporation dental practice and the 2nd certified B corporation dental...  Read More
Episode 159: The Worm, The Nighthawk and The Flash
Episode 159: The Worm, The Nighthawk and The Flash   Read More
Types of Phishing Scams
Phishing scams typically fall into one of these 5 categories: 1. Deceptive Phishing Deceptive phishing occurs when scammers impersonate credible companies in order to steal personal information and login credentials. These emails typically create a sense of urgency for victims to rectify a...  Read More
Dental office hiring successful actions
HIRING  SUCCESSFUL ACTIONS                                                                                     Hire for ATTITUDE is Golden Rule #1. The right attitude cannot be taught. Everything else can be.                                                                                   ...  Read More
Dr. Alan Mead – Spotlights with an Industry Leader and a Donkey Named Floyd
Podcast Episode #155: Dr. Alan Mead – Spotlights with an Industry Leader and a Donkey Named Floyd Episode #155: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Dr. Alan Mead – Spotlights with an Industry Leader and a Donkey Named Floyd Dentist and practice owner Dr. Alan Mead is undoubtedly...  Read More
945 Iowa FIND Project with Maren Lenhart MPH CDA, Deb Hoyle Iowa Practice Opps. Coord., and Jarod Johnson DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
The FIND Project is committed to connecting dentists and underserved communities with the resources needed to combat Iowa’s dental shortage, so that dental care is close to home for every Iowan. FIND collaborates with communities and dentists on the recruitment and establishment of private...  Read More
063 Midwest Implant Institute with Dr. Duke Heller
  063 Midwest Implant Institute with Dr. Duke Heller Alfred Heller, DDS, M. S., has placed more than 20,000 implants since 1969. He earned his DDS (1962) and M. S. (1974) from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. He is an Honored Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry...  Read More
Fertile Ground for Start-ups
Fertile Ground for Start-up This is not so much about the process of doing a start-up.  There are already some outstanding podcasts on that topic.  Rather, it is about finding what you need to know about whether a site is viable or not.  Read More
The 'Wow Factor' In your practice
I gave a little talk on creating "Wow" in the dental practice to our dentists and staff at the American Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi. It's on YouTube:   Read More
#87: Making Direct Mail Pay Off Forever
In this episode, Mark and Howie go over Direct Mail marketing, what results you can expect, how to get the most out of mail, and why it is still the best medium for dental advertising. #87: Making Direct Mail Pay Off Forever Podcast Highlights:     Old is cool again     Direct mail never...  Read More
How do I sell my Colorado Dental Practice?
If you are reading this, you have most likely started to think about selling your Colorado dental practice. Whether you are ready to sell for a personal reason or you want to transition the practice to a partner, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of selling your practice....  Read More
Un-Advertising Brings Marketing to Life
For those who are not familiar with Un-Advertising, it is a program of increasing new patient/customers traffic without depending on traditional ads. It is applicable to all industries even beyond the healthcare field. Our program delivers new customers/patients without you trying to "toot your...  Read More
944 Dental Leases & Practice Profitability with Norman Gelfand, President & Founder of Dental Real Estate Experts : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Commercial brokers with a 30-year track record of success in representing tenants and buyers within the office, retail, and healthcare sectors.   We have exclusively represented dental tenants and buyers for the past 17 of those years, mainly within Texas, under the name Gelfand Group Commercial...  Read More
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