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1-10 Where to Practice? 45 Min Outside Any Major Metro with Dr. Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone)
Dr. Tarun Agarwal tells new grads exactly where to practice, how to think like a business owner and lays out his personal plan for financial freedom.Sign up for Dr. Tarun Agarwal's courses:Hear both Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Low at the upcoming Voices of Dentistry summit Jan 27-28 in Nashville, TNDr....  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Bone Quality in Treatment Planning. By Dr. Charles Schlesinger.
Dentaltown is pleased to present...."Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Potential Issues in Treatment Planning".  By Dr. Charles Schlesinger.This CE course can be found here... Proper treatment planning starts with the evaluation of the patient. This CE course will take the participant...  Read More
046 Partial Extraction Therapy with Dr. Howard Gluckman
Dr Gluckman completed his dental training at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1990. After spending a number of years in general practice he completed a 4-year full time degree in Oral Medicine and Periodontics at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, which he completed with...  Read More
How We Doubled Per-Patient Revenue
Let’s have a chat about something that is often an issue for dental practices: revenue.More specifically, many practices are struggling with bringing in the revenue they need due to a range of different factors that impact their market. Assuming you provide a great service and top-quality...  Read More
166: How to Find, Hire and Keep an A-Team
166: How to Find, Hire and Keep an A-Team One of the most predictable determinants of an elite dental practice is an exceptional team.But if you’ve been involved in the dental practice game for any length of time, you know that...  Read More
Hiring & Recruiting for Dentists
Getting ready to hire again? Check out our really interesting Recruiting and Hiring infographic packed with fun hiring stats.Want to know how using a professional recruiter will save you timeand money in the long run? Call us to set up a no-cost no-obligationrecruiting consultation today. Plus we...  Read More
Five Powerful Leadership and Culture Building Statements
Edgar Schein, a noted authority on the subject of organizational culture, has stated that the primary job of a leader is to establish an organization’s culture.A Five Powerful Leadership and Culture Building Statements organizational culture is considered to be the guiding principles that...  Read More
Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Part 4
As we continue our discussion of Aesthetic Crown Lengthening it becomes apparent that we need to be able to identify and measure both the amount of attached gingival and the position of the alveolar crest. The above would also be true if we were planning the crown lengthening for retention.To...  Read More
Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Part 3
With crown lengthening, both for aesthetic and retentive purposes, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "can it be done with a gingivectomy?"  The answer to this question depends on two factors: the position of the bone and the amount of attached gingiva.Everyone would like to do crown...  Read More
Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Part 2
To properly restore a tooth,whetherduring a routine restorative procedure or the preparation of an aesthetic restoration like a veneer or crown, it is important to understand and respect the Biologic Width. So, what is it and why does it exist?The biologicwidthis our name for the special mechanism...  Read More
1-9 "Use Your Dang Camera!" with Dr. Tarun Agarwal
In this episode Dr. Tarun Agarwal (aka T-Bone) shares why he believes that his most important piece of digital equipment is a camera and calls out Dr. Low for not taking more pictures. T-Bone shares his favorite CE courses and advice for how to get the most out of associateships.Paul Homoly's book:...  Read More
774 100 New Patients with Marilee Spears, RDH : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Listen on iTunesWatch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #774 - Marilee Sears Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #774 - Marilee Sears A message from Marilee, “Want to learn the secret of...  Read More
Categories: dental, Podcast
 As a dentist, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort growing your practice and building trust in the community. When selecting a dental marketing SEO company to represent your practice, you must carefully weigh your options. Whenever I talk with potential dental clients, I stress the importance of...  Read More
Experienced Oral Surgeon vs. Dentist: Who Does Implants Better in Tacoma?
Over the past few years, there have been an increasing number of family dentists who are offering dental implants as a service. This could lead to a complicated situation if medical issues arise during the implant procedure. Generally speaking, most people don’t directly contact an oral...  Read More
Four Common Types of Impacted Wisdom Teeth | Tacoma Oral Surgery
Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the third molars erupt through the gums and out into the open. Most people assume that when their , they require immediate oral surgery. There are four common types of impaction we see at Oral & Facial Surgery Center of Puyallup. Depending on which type you...  Read More
Protect Your Staff- Make them Wear Utility Gloves
by: Holly Garchek, OSHA & Infection Control SpecialistEach year there are approximately 384,000 . That amounts to about 1,000 injuries per day at an average cost of about $3042 per victim. $1 Billion is spent annually on lab fees, testing, counseling, and post exposure follow ups from sharps...  Read More
773 Dental IT Support with Reuben Kamp : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #773 - Reuben Kamp Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #773 - Reuben Kamp Reuben has been drawn to IT since he wired his first dental office network at age...  Read More
Categories: dental, Podcast
Millennials, Management, and Money in your modern practice.
"Brett, what am I supposed to do with these younger employees? They fail to come to work on time, they don't listen to my orders,..." Maybe you have said or heard the same thing.As the generational shift continues to happen, Baby Boomers and Gen X professionals are faced with the ever daunting...  Read More
Eight Worst Impressions of Dental Diseases on Daily Life
Teeth are the wonderful blessing of nature to us. It’s our foremost responsibility to adopt oral hygience with heart and soul. , D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D. said : “Teeth don’t die a natural death, you kill them”. Described here are eight worst impressions of dental diseases...  Read More
Categories: dental care
As part of my dental placement, I get a lot of opportunities to speak to patients. A lot of them are more willing to open up to the dental student than to their own dentist. This means that I learnt a lot about some dangerous dental trends that seem to be widespread. Here are just some of the crazy...  Read More
1-8 An Oral Surgeon's Journey with Dr. Russell Kirk
Dr. Russell Kirk shares his journey to ownership as an oral surgeon. He shares the questions he would ask as a potential associate and the lessons he's learned as a business owner.Listen to Dr. Kirk's podcast, theand hear him live at the Voices of Dentistry Summit in Nashville, TN, January 27-28.Go...  Read More
772 Access to Data with Nathan Sparks, CEO of Open Dental Software : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #772 - Nathan Sparks Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #772 - Nathan Sparks Nathan Sparks has a background in engineering services which pivoted to Dental...  Read More
Categories: dental, Podcast
Benefits of Root Canal Therapy
Is your mouth throbbing of pain? A tooth that has become infected will continue to go on this course unless it is managed effectively. When you visit Vancouver or Gresham locations, Dr. Nathan G. Dustin will assess the condition to determine whether or not a dental filling is still the ideal...  Read More
Categories: root canal
Dental dealers
We are looking for dental dealers both here in the U.S. and overseas.www.chairsidefilter.comAmalgam Separator DD2011 The Simple OneThanks,Ray  Read More
Six Steps to Successful Shade Taking
Communicating the shade of a single central or any single unit in the anterior region is one of the most difficult tasks taken on by dentists and technicians. Accurately portraying what the dentist sees requires more than just a photo and properly interpreting the information is key for the...  Read More
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