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#44: The Small Things Your Front Office Can Do To Get You BIG Results With Karina Acosta
In episode 44 I chat with someone who started in the dental industry not too long ago but has really made an impact in the dental offices she works with. Here we talk about just how important having a remarkable user experience on your website plays a major role in attracting new patients. Remember...  Read More
757 Education After Dental School with Nicholas Roy, DMD, FAGD : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #757 - Nicholas Roy Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #757 - Nicholas Roy Nicholas K. Roy, DMD, FAGD graduated from University of Connecticut School of...  Read More
157: Execution in the Age of Distraction
157: Execution in the Age of Distraction Never before in the history of human kind has there been a greater volume of free information available on every subject imaginable.But how do you find the right information in a sea of nonsense and...  Read More
Episode 120: Adventures from Ecuador
Episode 120: Adventures from Ecuador   Read More
How Good is Your Hygiene Department?
We all know that the hygiene department’s performance has a direct bearing on the health of your patients and your practice’s bottom line.I’ve grown weary of rules of thumb for hygiene like “Hygiene should be 30% of practice production” or “Perio should be 30% of...  Read More
Aside from providing exemplary dental care and customer service, a successful dental practice must also make patients feel comfortable and confident. One element that is essential to establishing confidence in your practice is a strong website, which will most likely be a potential new...  Read More
A practice’s Open House is a momentous event in the company’s history. Whether you’ve remodeled your practice, opened a new location or you’rebeginning a brand new practice, you won’t want to skip hosting an Open House! Having an open house provides an opportunity for...  Read More
When you’re ready to own your own practice, there’s two options you may be considering; building a new practice or buying an existing one. Let’s focus on things to review for the potential purchase of an existing practice.Client BaseOne of the main lures to obtaining an existing...  Read More
Much like Benjamin Franklin’s common axiom, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, regular preventative maintenance performed on your dental equipment will save you disruption and expense in the future. Some maintenance is simple and can be completed by office staff,...  Read More
Legal Compliance/HR Best Practices Audit Series: Part 1
It is important that every practice owner conducts a best practices audit to ensure their practice is in compliance with state and federal law.Usual areas of inquiry in a compliance/best practices audit include the following: Personnel Policies Personnel Procedures Employee Handbooks ...  Read More
Keeping supply costs down is a struggle to which almost all dentists can relate; with that in mind, we’ve developed a few methods that can help you make your ordering process more manageable.Start by preparing a list of your most commonly ordered supply items, which can be obtained from prior...  Read More
The Contemporary Dental Office by Dr. Dana Rockey, Newport Beach CA
Newport Beach wellness dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey, DMD talks about the contemporary dental office where dentistry and medicine are merging under the umbrella of healthcare.Dr. Dana Rockey is a leader in the dental and healthcare industry. For more than three decades Dr. Rockey delivered the highest...  Read More
– Special Associates Episode – 4 Expert Roundtable format…powerful content!
– Special Associates Episode – 4 Expert Roundtable format…powerful content! What legal “stuff” do Associates need to know?And…What do OWNERS need to know about legal protections with Associates?Today...  Read More
Knowledge is Power: Avoiding the Envelope of Law
Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Lee Frost DDSWorking in a 65-year-old practice as a second-generation dentist, Dr. Lee Frost DDS was exposed to dentistry at an early age and was intrigued with the career due to the business freedoms. To compete with others, Lee provides nearly every service including...  Read More
156: Craig Cody – The Dentist Tax Whisperer
156: Craig Cody – The Dentist Tax Whisperer One of the fastest ways to increase your net income without spending any additional time at the dental chair is by legally decreasing your tax liability.Over the years, there’s been...  Read More
Episode #17: How to Balance Marriage and Dentistry with Drs. Luis and Tori Mariusso
Episode #17: How to Balance Marriage and Dentistry with Drs. Luis and Tori Welcome to episode #17 of the Life and Dentistry Podcast!On today's episode, our group sat down with Dr. Luis Mariusso and Dr. Tori Mariusso to discuss their...  Read More
0 Start Here: Intro and The 8 Season Roadmap with Dr. Alan Mead
This is a prequel to our show, where Dr. Alan Mead of theinterviews me, Dr. Richard Low. We talk about my background, this podcast and our 8 season plan to guide new dentists through practice ownership.If you already heard this episode on the Dental Hacks or you heard my interview with Dr. Mark...  Read More
Don't Forget Your Visual Aids
As a dental professional sometimes we forget our job includes education. Even though many patients are aware of what we do, they don’t always practice it. It is important that we make a lasting impression on our patients so that we see positive results and progress at their next visit....  Read More
#43: What’s The Next Wave In Dentistry For The Public With Daniel O’Rourke
In this episode we share the viewpoint of a bioesthetic dental technologist. Daniel O’Rourke mentions what he believes may be the next wave that dentist will see more of a demand from the public… occlusion. If so, you better start your marketing strategies RIGHT NOW and make sure its...  Read More
756 Hope, Growth, and Abundance with Bonnie Hixson : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #756 - Bonnie Hixson Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #756 - Bonnie Hixson Bonnie Hixson Is the Founder & Publisher of The Progressive Dentist...  Read More
755 Building Trust and Making Smiles with Jonathan Abenaim, DMD, DICOI : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #755 - Jonathan Abenaim Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #755 - Jonathan Abenaim Dr. Jonathan Abenaim is the owner of Jonathan Dental Spa and The Smile...  Read More
How to Effectively Deliver Your Message with Ron Sheetz
Podcast Episode #123:How to Effectively Deliver Your Message with Ron Sheetz Episode #123: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast How to Effectively Deliver Your Message with Ron SheetzToday, Dr. David takes the mic for a solo episode to outline...  Read More
155: The Thread that Holds it all Together
155: The Thread that Holds it all Together Overhead and Cash Flow Control.Operational Systemization.Team Culture.Master these three pillars and you will have an exceptional dental practice.But as a practice owner, the CEO of your...  Read More
Is Dental Insurance Eligibility Taking Too Much Time?
Did you know checking your patient’s dental insurance eligibility (ahead of their appointment) takes an average of two hours a day? That’s at least 10 hours a week or 40 hours a month, at a minimum. Spending ¼ of an 8-hour day making phone calls, checking websites, and digging...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Actions For a Medical Emergency (Including Your Own!) By Daniel G. Pompa, DDS
Dentaltown is pleased to present...."Actions For a Medical Emergency (Including Your Own!)"By Daniel G. Pompa, DDS.The CE course can be found here...A CRISIS SITUATION can—and likely will—occur at some time in your practice.Many potential medical emergencies can be prevented. Gain a...  Read More
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