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Episode 5 Come on Baby Light My Fire: Passion in Dental Hygiene...How do you get it back?
When we graduated dental hygiene school we were filled with excitement as we embarked on our new careers. Over time we all have experienced the lack of enthusiasm for our profession for various reasons including burnout, low wages, decreased clinical opportunities, difficult work environments,...  Read More
Episode 4 Veganism, Carrie Underwood, and Fat Pants
Momgienists Christie and Jasmin discuss veganism, the gorgeous Carrie Underwood, and the world of the fat pants. We can't seem to escape them! Hear our ramblings as we prepare to go to a fundraising event.   Read More
Episode 3 Guest Andrea, RDH, Surviving Dental Hygiene School as a Breastfeeding Mama
Surviving dental hygiene school is one of the most challenging experiences any person can go through. Imagine completing school while juggling the responsibilities as a mom! What if you coupled that with being a breastfeeding mother? Our Guest Andrea, RDH is a total rockstar and she made it...  Read More
Episode 2 Volunteering at Mission Of Mercy and National Dental Hygiene Month
MOMgienists Christie and Jasmin discuss their first experience volunteering and providing dental hygiene services. The National Dental Hygiene Month 2016 is over! What did you do to make a difference?   Read More
Navigating IRS Troubles with Darrin Mish
Podcast Episode #91: Navigating IRS Troubles with Darrin Mish Episode #91: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Navigating IRS Troubles with Darrin Mish Today we’re joined by a friend and tax attorney Darrin Mish,...  Read More
Q: The cervical area has ____ vertebrae.
(A). 5 (B). 7 (C). 9 (D). 12 Keyword: cervical There are 7 cervical vertebrae. There are 12 thoracic vertebrae. There are 5 lumbar vertebrae. There are 4-5 modular pieces in the coccygeal that are fused. In adults, this segment may be fused with the sacrum. Answer: (B). 7 When...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online...To Pull or Not to Pull: Apical Surgery vs. Implant Replacement. By Daniel G. Pompa, DDS.
Dentaltown is pleased to present....To Pull or Not to Pull: Apical Surgery vs. Implant Replacement. By Daniel G. Pompa, DDS. This CE course can be found here... This course describes the indications and contraindications, for performing or referring a patient for Apical Surgery. With the...  Read More
569 Six Specialists : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #569 - Six Specialists Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #569 - Six Specialists Howard sat down with six dental...  Read More
Will Trump trump Obamacare??
Donald Trump, whether he is an ace in the hole or a fart in the wind we have to keep on keeping on. November’s presidential election was perhaps the surprise of the century. In the aftermath, everyone on both sides of the aisle have so many questions and are filled with all kinds of...  Read More
Episode #15: What Every Dental Practice Must Do Before Year-End
Join Jerry Jones and Kevin Anderson on today's radio show as they discuss a number of year-end items to review and "check off" before we get too far into December. Episode #15: What Every Dental Practice Must Do Before Year-End ...  Read More
Trent Does a Startup, with Dr. Trent McCord
Trent Does a Startup, with Dr. Trent McCord Trent is a regular guy. He grew up in Arkansas, is a huge Razorback fan, and went to undergrad at William Jewell College in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a 2013 graduate of the...  Read More
Facebook Does Dentists Dirty
Call Us: 888.741.1413 Facebook’s 2-year advertising metric error demonstrates why only one marketing metric matters to dentists. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 925.  Read More
What Makes a Leader?
Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Leadership is an investment. Making the decision to be a leader will cost you something. As with any decision you make in life, you’ve got to invest your energy, time, and mental resources to be successful. When you are a leader, you have to give....  Read More
Episode 73: Yes, We Actually Have a Non-Dentist Fan
When someone moves to a new area... they need to find a dentist, especially for their families. Well, where do they start? How do they make their choice? What sort of seemingly little things are being overlooked when it comes to marketing in the information age? Justin and Gabe are out of...  Read More
Communicate With Your Clients
...  Read More
How To Get Rid Of Cancellations Once And For All
Frustrating aren’t they? Patient cancellations, I mean. You have a full day booked, but then out of the blue people cancel. Or worse. They fail to turn up for appointments. So your full day becomes full of holes. And if you’re not careful, you’ll never see those patients...  Read More
Do You Need To Like Your Marketing
What is professional marketing? If your advertising is focused more on design than results, it isn’t professional. In order to get new patients for your dental practice, try the Un-Advertising approach. It isn’t like traditional advertising; it’s a community-oriented,...  Read More
Dare to Use Dental Videos
Call Us: 888.741.1413 Dental videos and particularly webinars are great new patient recruitment tools. Colin explains some of the ins and outs in Patient Attraction Podcast 924.  Read More
Episode 57: Getting Paid: Mastering The Art of Accounts Receivable with Andy Cleveland
Episode 57: Getting Paid: Mastering The Art of Accounts Receivable with And Content originally appeared at: .  Read More
Episode #14: What To Do Before You Go “Public” To Offer New Clinical Procedures
On today’s radio show, Jerry Jones and Kevin Anderson will discuss the secret to leveraging existing patients when introducing new procedures or new technology. Plus, they’ll review questions and research you must do before committing to offering new procedures OR new tech! This...  Read More
086: Dr. Mark Costes – Systemization Jumpstart
086: Dr. Mark Costes – Systemization Jumpstart It wasn’t long ago when marketing or even referring to a dental practice as a “business” was considered unprofessional. Well, those days are long...  Read More
Negotiating Your Dental Case Solution
Call Us: 888.741.1413 Tired of constantly trying to sell your dental case solutions? Learn how to negotiate your way to "yes." Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 923.  Read More
[warning] Avoid HIPAA “Police” with your digital photography tools
Create Patient-Experience EXCELLENCE…using the DRESS-REHEARSAL concept [the Digital photography can grow your case acceptance…maybe better than almost any other tool! But… What happens when that...  Read More
568 Success in Marketing with Chris Barrow : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here                                        VIDEO - DUwHF #568 - Chris Barrow                            Stream Audio here                                        AUDIO - DUwHF #568 - Chris Barrow                            Chris Barrow has been active as a...  Read More
Dr. John Nosti: How Occlusion Affected Me
by Dr. John Nosti I remember that feeling of my first day in private practice. Exciting for the freedom of not being in the educational environment any longer, while also having the feeling of anxiety for not having that “educational shoulder” to lean on. I felt that I had a great...  Read More
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