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Are You Doing THIS for Better Dental Case Acceptance?
Published on Mar 20, 2016 Big dental case acceptance is key to increasing your collections. Colin reveals why you’ve been selling the wrong thing in Patient Attraction Podcast 734.   Read More
338 Fortune Management with Kim McGuire : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here                                        VIDEO - DUwHF #338 - Kim McGuire                            Stream Audio here                                        AUDIO - DUwHF #338 - Kim McGuire                            As an Executive Coach for Fortune...  Read More
337 Innovations in Caries Assessment and Management with Margaret Scarlett : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here                                        VIDEO - DUwHF #337 - Margaret Scarlett                            Stream Audio here                                        AUDIO - DUwHF #337 - Margaret Scarlett                            This episode’s discussion: -New...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
5 Tips for Crafting Your Online Persona
Published on Mar 19, 2016 Your online persona helps prospective dental patients like, trust, and choose you. Colin shares 5 tips for crafting yours in Patient Attraction Podcast 733.   Read More
Episode 07: Dr. Scott Ganz, DMD
We are pleased to have Dr. Scott D. Ganz, DMD call-in all the way from New Jersey for Episode #7 of Dentists, Implants and Worms. Dr. Moody, Jeff and Gabe join togehter in studio 1-A for this exciting opportunity to hang out to with a renowned International Lecturer, Editor-n-Chief at Cone Beam...  Read More
[easy] MEDICAL BILLING…for Dentists!
[easy] MEDICAL BILLING…for Dentists! Could you improve more patients’ lives? With simple-to-use medical billing, you can deliver MORE CARE…and be compensated for it. Today’s interview is with one...  Read More
053: David Maloley – Culture, Chemistry & Accountability
053: David Maloley – Culture, Chemistry & Accountability Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. Today I am sharing an interview I did on the Relentless Dentist podcast with host Dr. David...  Read More
The 2016 DKYD Dental Tourney Has Begun!
The tourney brackets are set and the players are ready for the games to begin. Who will finish as this year’s champ and who will assume the role of underdog, galvanizing the hearts and passions of fans from coast to coast? This year’s tournament promises the usual chills and thrills,...  Read More
How To Create A Social Practice with Jack Hadley
How To Create a Social Practice With Jack Hadley Jack Hadley teaches social media marketing to MBA students at Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management in Provo, Utah. He is also a partner at My Social...  Read More
How to Be a Team Building Catalyst as Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®?
The words “high performance” attached to something can sound cliche. Though in fairness it’s a vital image you must ingrain in your consciousness as a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®?. Think of your acquired or expanding dental enterprise as a high-performance (habits are...  Read More
The 4 Biggest Digital Marketing Challenges for Dentists in 2016
Published on Mar 18, 2016 Dentist face four challenges generating enough web traffic and converting lookers to paying customers. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 732.   Read More
Ep. 32 - Dental Practice Marketing Tactics That Work In The Modern Age with Jake Puhl
Ep. 32 - Dental Practice Marketing Tactics That Wo Content originally appeared at: . ...  Read More
336 Guth Dental Consulting with Lorraine Guth : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Listen on iTunes Watch Video here                                        VIDEO - DUwHF #336 - Lorraine Guth                            Stream Audio here                                        AUDIO - DuwHF #336 - Lorraine Guth                            This episode’s...  Read More
3 Key Phone-Tracking Metrics Every Dentist MUST Use
Published on Mar 17, 2016 Phone tracking is the best way for dental practices to monitor marketing ROI. Colin discusses 3 key metrics to track in Patient Attraction Podcast 731.   Read More
Preventing Root Perforation During Root Canal Therapy
This patient came to in June 2009. Her general dentist had started RCT on #3 but was unable to locate the MB canal(s). A perforation was made during the efforts to find the MB canals. We have taught the generalists in our community that the most successful and fulfilling way to practice...  Read More
How Much Should a Dentist Spend to Acquire a New Patient?
According to a couple different surveys and reports, the average value of a new patient is about $1000. So how much should you spend on getting those new patients? Let’s breakdown the numbers You’re getting 40 new patient leads a month (someone that could potentially become a...  Read More
Local Med Recommendation What is LocalMed? (As said by LocalMed with adaptation) LocalMed is a website plug-in for dental websites that allows patients to find and make dental appointments online for free. Find a Dentist: Use LocalMed to find a local dentist. Filter by insurance, date...  Read More
One of the Best-Kept Secrets of Real Estate Investing with Glenn Stromberg
Podcast Episode #56: One of the Best-Kept Secrets of Real Estate Investing with Glenn Stromberg Episode #56: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Glenn’s background in...  Read More
ETHICAL SHORTCUT: #1 Proven Step for Docs to Become Better Business Owner
ETHICAL SHORTCUT: #1 Proven Step for Docs to Becom If you’ve ever wanted to ethically shortcut your path to success in practice-ownership, you need to focus only on the best, PROVEN concepts. But the question becomes:...  Read More
 Dentaltown Learning Online....Aesthetic Criteria by Dr. Jan Hajtó
Dentaltown Learning Online is pleased to present...Aesthetic Criteria by Dr. Jan Hajtó. This 2 credit CE course can be found here... ? Structured Smile Design approaches are becoming more and more common and popular. While explaining these principles Jan Hajtó gives several...  Read More
Is Paid Search Right for Your Dental Practice?
Published on Mar 16, 2016 Paid search can offer both promise and pitfalls for dental practices. Colin reveals the best ways to use paid search in Patient Attraction Podcast 730.   Read More
Episode 06: Alan Mead of The Dental Hacks
We have the distinct honor of having Dr. Alan Mead, DDS as our special guest for Episode #6 of Dentists, Implants and Worms. You may recognize Alan's voice as one-half of the hit dental podcast "The Dental Hacks", and if you don't then you need to educate yourself by going to . Give them a...  Read More
Is Solo Practice Dead?
Below and what will be following for the next few weeks are some excerpts from Jerry Jones' De-Commoditizing Dentistry CD/DVD combo. If you are interested in obtaining a free copy of the DVD/CD, click this link: and order it. In the meantime, please enjoy and comment!! My name’s Jerry...  Read More
335 Orthodontics for General and Pediatric Dentists with Richard Litt : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Listen on iTunes Watch Video here                                        VIDEO - DUwHF #335 - Richard Litt                            Stream Audio here                                        AUDIO - DUwHF #335 - Richard Litt                            This episode’s...  Read More
Categories: Orthodontics
Dental e-Newsletters: Are They Worth It?
Published on Mar 15, 2016 Keeping connected helps retain existing patients and attract more. Colin shares 6 tips for producing dental e­newsletters in Patient Attraction Podcast 729.   Read More
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