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What Can Be Done When a Patient Suffers from Dental Anxiety and Needs to Undergo Extensive Treatment?
Though it might be a stretch to say that most people enjoy visiting the dentist, the majority of patients are ambivalent toward dental examinations. While some aspects of regular check-ups and cleanings can be uncomfortable, most people put up with the procedures in favor of maintaining their oral...  Read More
Categories: dental anxiety
Episode 9 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show
Episode 9 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show In this episode we talk about: Why Google AdWords don’t work, which review sites to pay attention to, and how to get your practice known in the community.Article - What Solutionreach's...  Read More
Gum Care Tips to Help Fend Off Dangerous Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease (gum disease) describes a condition when gums or gingiva tissue becomes unhealthy. There are many factors contributing to this infection, and studies show more than 75 percent of American adults have some form of gum disease. The problem is most people do not think gum disease...  Read More
Categories: cure periodontitis
10 Ways Dentists Can Be More Social on Google+
Is Google+ Necessary for a Dental Practice?First things first, we’re talking about dentists using the social component of their Google+ Local page – after establishing their clear, consistent, verified, & properly categorized +Local listing – which is necessary for every...  Read More
50 Years of Dentistry with Dr. Guy Moorman : Howard Speaks Podcast #60
Dr. Guy Moorman started dental school at Emory University in 1965 and has been going strong ever since. After 50 years of dentistry and a love for root canals, Dr. Moorman has advice for the new dentist who is about to do their first molar endo.Stream Audio Here:                                    ...  Read More
11 Reasons Dentists Need a Mobile-Friendly Website NOW
How Does Your Dental Practice Website Look on a Mobile Phone or Tablet?If you're like most dentists - most small businesses really - then your mobile web presence sucks.No sugar-coating it and no need for alarming stats that don't necessarily correlate with the dental industry or poll dental...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online- Endodontics in Depth: Modern Controlled Memory Navigation of Highly Curved Canals by Dr.Chaniotis Antonis DDS,MDSc
Dentaltown Learning Online is proud to present - Endodontics in Depth: Modern Controlled Memory Navigation of Highly Curved Canals by Dr.Chaniotis Antonis DDS,MDS.This 2 credit CE course can be found here..Discussion of this course can be found here....The internal anatomy of human teeth consists...  Read More
"R.I.S.E. to Success" with Judy Kay Mausolf : Howard Speaks Podcast #59
Judy Kay Mausolf’s Ta-Dah Philosophy is about harnessing the power of passion, joy and celebration to bridge the gap between potential and performance. The philosophy embraces positive principles, practical practices, and proven pearls of wisdom to produce the results you desire!Stream Audio Here: ...  Read More
Episode 8 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show
Episode 8 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show In this episode we talk about: television vs social media, Google's decision to penalize all non-mobile sites and how to market orthodonticsWatch the video version of the show...  Read More
Entrepreneurs Tip #5:  Will Your Business Gain Your Customers’ Interest and Support?
As a small business owner, if you were to present to a potential investor the results you achieved in your business during the last quarter, would you gain or lose their interest and support?Would your last quarter read something like this: “Updated website; created new business cards; spoke...  Read More
Entrepreneurs Tip #4: Do You Get the Results You Need to Succeed?
We want to succeed. Thus, we prefer to spend time in activities where success is more likely. However, to build a successful business we must succeed in various areas. The most important should be to build strong professional connections.The problem: the reaction of others to our desire to connect...  Read More
Four Ways to Shut Down Gossip Amongst Dental Staff
Though workplace gossip may seem innocent enough, sometimes sharing information can be damaging to the image and respectability of dental staff and the practice as a whole. Sometimes dental office gossip and negativity can also find its way into meetings or exchanges with patients. It could come in...  Read More
Categories: staff training
The Original Zuckerberg with Dr. Ed Zuckerberg : HSP 058
Edward J. Zuckerberg, D.D.S.,F.A.G.D. is a 1978 Graduate of NYU College of Dentistry. He owned his own practice in Dobbs Ferry, NY from 1981-2013 and has always been an early adopter of technology, introducing his first PC in the office in 1986 and completely fully networking his home based office...  Read More
How Digital X-rays Protect Your Implant Patients?
Digital X-rays are used as an alternative to traditional X-rays to view the teeth and jaw bone. Digital X-rays contain less radiation than the traditional X-ray, and are thusly considered safer to use, especially for patients with dental implants. What are digital X-rays?Digital X-rays are very...  Read More
Categories: Digital X-rays
Seven Tips for Online Marketing Success for Dentists Who Do Oral Cancer Screenings
Marketing a dental practice online is a proficient way to bring in more customers if done correctly. Success with online marketing requires understanding how content reaches potential customers and understanding what content that they would like to see. 1. Use infographics to explain the importance...  Read More
Why Your Website Needs A Landing Page
Your Landing PageNeil SandersonMost people think of a website as an entity in its self, this is not the case. Ais a series of pages of which you need to think about landing pages.What is a landing page? Well the description is in the name really, it’s where people land when they first come to...  Read More
An All-American Dental Lab with Shaun Keating, CDT : Howard Speaks Podcast #57
Shaun Keating has been doing dental lab work since Junior High when his brother was a senior at USC dental school. This inspired him to become a lab technician and eventually found the award winning dental laboratory, Keating Dental Arts. What's unique about Shaun is his willingness to get on  and...  Read More
Episode 7 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show
Episode 7 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show In this LIVE episode we talk about: tips for setting a marketing budget, why Yelp is such a frustrating platform and the biggest shift in websites in the last decade.Episode 7 was shot live at the...  Read More
Root Canal Treatment - An Effective Means of Saving Infected Teeth
When the nerve portion of a tooth becomes damaged or infected, or the pulp of the tooth is damaged, a root canal is an effective means of saving infected teeth. Damage can occur to the tooth when it becomes badly decayed as well. Although a root canal sounds like a daunting procedure, it is...  Read More
Twelve Things to Keep in Mind When Dentists Talk with Insurance Companies
Dental insurance coverage can cause confusion to underprepared patients. Patients need to develop an understanding of their insurance to get the most out of it, and not be surprised by large, uncovered fees. Researching one’s dental insurance can give patients not only a deeper level of...  Read More
Categories: Insurance coverage
Five Diets Dentists and Hygienists Not Only Recommend, But Follow Themselves
It seems like almost every week a new diet craze comes across the radar claiming dramatic results and this trend for happier and healthier lives through diet has a lot of people falling for fads that just do not deliver. Certainly, the things you eat directly impact your body and your oral health....  Read More
Navigating Commercial RE with Tanner Milne : Howard Speaks Podcast #56
When Tanner Milne realized that there was no commercial real estate broker in the Phoenix valley who specialized in helping dentists, he created Menlo Group CRE.  Since then he has brokered over 1000 real estate transactions for dentists and advises them on leases, renewals, purchases, and new...  Read More
Straight Teeth Health and Appearance
Having straight teeth doesn't automatically mean that your mouth is healthy, but if you care for your teeth as well as make sure they look good, odds are you have a healthy smile that is also attractive. Learn what you need to do so your teeth not only look good, but feel great as well. This...  Read More
The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - Walt’s Lessons For Dentists To Excel In Business
I’m a huge Disney fan. If I could travel back in time to meet Walt, I’d do it. The vision he laid has been so powerful that it’s transformed the business of entertainment. It’s even transformed the business of business. Disney, as a business, does almost everything right,...  Read More
Dental Office Manager Daily Checklist
Info: This checklist addresses the basics that a dental office manager should maintain and accomplish on a daily basis.____1. Be on time for the dental office morning meeting (at least five minutes early).____2. Start the morning meeting at the exact proper time.____3. Make sure the receptionist...  Read More
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