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Crowns Are The Simple Solution For Teeth Problem
Some of us may be lucky and through our life never have any cavities or tooth decay whatsoever. Most of us will have cavities that will require fillings. But, there are times when larger cavities can have a chance of affecting the health of the entire tooth. In these situations a crown may be...  Read More
Categories: teeth, health, cracked teeth
How to choose between phosphorus x-ray and digital x-ray for your office
How to choose between using a phosphorus digital x-ray scanner or a digital panoramic x-ray and digital x-ray sensors. Last week I wrote about how to buy and sell digital x-rays and this week I want to talk about how to decide if a phosphorus scanner or digital technology is better for your office....  Read More
Categories: digital vs film
Vertical Perio infrabony defect-part 1 treated with A-PRF, I-PRF, Zimmer puros bone graft
Hello everyone , I love Perio surgeriesandI would love to share with you my firstposthere in Dental Town :)Female patient , 38 years old with aggressive generalized perio disease presented to my practice with CC:"My gums are bleeding andI have a bad taste in my mouth ". My patient had many times...  Read More
How to get Good Dentist
If you are looking for an affordable dentist Indianapolis, but have never had to choose your own dentist before, relax. While this is an important decision to make, it's really not that hard to find a good dentist in your area.Word Of Mouth?Asking your friends and family right here at home for...  Read More
Why Do You Need Dentures?
Dentures are synthetic replacements for your natural teeth and the tissue that surrounds them. There are various types of dentures that range from a complete set of dentures that replaces all of your teeth, to a partial set of dentures that replaces only a few missing teeth. The various reasons as...  Read More
Reported for every ad?
Busy arguing with the dental association over advertising and discovered how the ______ worked ___ way into the committee to add meat to the attack against certain types of advertising. The people at the top can be ruthless in not wanting to back down from their restrictions.Fight on.  Read More
Life is Like a Box of Caramels
Forrest Gump may have said that life was like a box of chocolates, but one North Carolina couple could argue its more like a box of caramels. And after reading their inspiring story, you’d probably agree. Earlier this month we learned about a Durham-based dentist and her business-consultant...  Read More
Dentist has data held for ransom- A shocking story you won’t believe
In an article recently published by the California Dental Association they tell the shocking story of a California Dentist who gets a call from her IT guy telling her that her office server has been hacked and all her patient data has been locked. The only way to get it back is to pay a ransom to...  Read More
The debate has raged for decades over whether or not to remove wisdom teeth at all, and, if to remove them, at what point in development. While there’s still some debate on the technicalities of the issue, the standard treatment for wisdom teeth is to extract them. The five main reasons to...  Read More
Up Your Leadership, Up Your Productivity with Dr. Tuan Pham : Howard Speaks Podcast 044
Dr. Tuan Pham (aka fliegenfischen), founder of, teaches skills that give you control to create your personal definition of success. Dr. Pham talks about dealing with confrontation, intraoral cameras, demographics and more.Stream Audio Here: HSP...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice Marketing a Waste of Money?
Dental marketing is not limited solely to bringing new patients into the practice. In fact, it encompasses the entire patient experience from the moment they begin their online research, totheir first appointment throughfollow up and beyond.Many dentists initially fail to see a positive return on...  Read More
Who Are the Referral Partners in Your Neighborhood?
Even in the age of Twitter & Facebook, most dentists still rely on the good ‘ol fashioned word of mouth patient referral as the lifeblood of new patients into their practice.You mean twiddling away on Twitter and posting funny business on Facebook doesn’t deliver new patients?Well,...  Read More
Video:  The Mandatory Medium for Modern Dental Marketing
I am pleased to provide an article from a guest contributor. Shane Walsh is a friend and colleague with more than 25 years experience in video production. He is a storyteller at heart, and I'm excited to share with you his insights on video as a tool for modern dental marketing.In any given...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online..."Systematic Review of CBCT Images for Pathology" by Dr. James Mah .
Dentaltown Learning Online is pleased to present online "Systematic Review of CBCT Images for Pathology" by Dr. James Mah .This course can be found here.....This course is for dentists preparing to use or are currently utilizing cone-beam CT (CBCT).The course provides a systematic and comprehensive...  Read More
“self-managing”  front desk staff
By Jayme Amos. Get free updates of postsHow do practices create “self-managing” front desk staff?This graphic shows the 12 Duties of a self-managed front desk staff. At each stage, a precise moment of interaction occurs with a patient...can you guess which stage is most important?(hint:...  Read More
In today's legal environment, a owner of adental practice may be vicariously liable for the errors and omissions of staff members. As a general rule, the risks are clinical in nature, however, a substantial amount of errors or omissions occur as a result of miscommunication. In matters of...  Read More
What Dentists Should Avoid Doing At Social Media Profiles?
Social media has changed the way the world interacts. Although MySpace may have started as a way to interact with friends or check out local music, and Facebook originally began with the intentions of connecting college students, the entire world of social media has an impact on nearly everything...  Read More
 Which oral issues you never know
You know that problems can come about when you don't brush your teeth and take proper care of your oral health. However, there are side issues that can come up you might never have even heard of, based on some of your current traits that you do each and every day. There might be some problems you...  Read More
Orthodontists And Orthodontic Treatments
Are you looking to straighten your teeth? Perhaps you want that brilliant smile you just are not able to obtain ? If so, the orthodontic treatments, are what you need to search for. There are different kinds of treatments, but all are designed at improving the alignment of your teeth. This way, you...  Read More
Categories: Orthodontists
"Can Money Buy Happiness?" with Dr. Doug Carlsen : Howard Speaks Podcast #43
How much do I need to retire? Should I buy more stuff or travel? What should I invest in? Who can I trust to manage my money? How much is too much home? Dr. Doug Carlsen answers these questions and more in this jam-packed hour of content.Stream Audio Here: HSP...  Read More
Are you a dentist with more than one dental clinic?-SAF on the road case
If you are a dentist or endodontist that works in more than one clinic, Redent nova has the solution. The SAF pro system tailor-made sutcase allows you to travel safely and easily with your new SAF SYSTEM. For more infomation contact Jack Thomason at 440-212-4949 The SAF PRO Endo Station is now...  Read More
Why Cost of Extraction For Wisdom Teeth Will Vary With Dentist To Dentist?
You’ve made the choice to have your wisdom teeth extracted, and this is probably the best choice, but you may be wondering what you should expect after the procedure. This is a relatively common procedure and the outcome will typically be the same for most patients. Here’s what you can...  Read More
Causes of Oral Cancer
Oral cancer is a unique form of ailment that affects parts of the mouths such as the tongue surface, gums, and floor of the mouth, tonsils, salivary glands, and inner parts of the cheeks. In most cases, the treatment methods are similar to those used to treat neck and head cancers.This article...  Read More
Categories: oral cancer
Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease or gingivitis, is the most common non-communicable diseases in the United States. About 60 million Americans have some degree of gum disease. If red, inflamed and bleeding gums aren’t treated, in the initial stages, the infecting bacteria can do...  Read More
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