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15 Reasons Dentist Cannot Ignore Social Media Profiles
It is a well known fact that a dentist cannot ignore social media profiles, but many dentists don't know why this is. After all, dentistry has been successfully practiced for many years without any of this social media stuff. So what's changed recently that makes things so different? Here are 15...  Read More
Implants Made Easy with Dr. August de Oliveira : Howard Speaks Podcast #35
Dr. August de Oliveira shares how he routinely uses CBCT for endodontic diagnosis, implant treatment planning and surgical stent fabrication. Learn about Dr. de Oliveira's books 'Implants Made Easy' and 'Guided Implantology Made Easy.' Dr. de Oliveira shares how he changes his surgical treatment...  Read More
Sterngold Brings Dental Relief with EZ Pick Up!
Sterngold Strives to Offer the Best: Sterngold restorative dentistry understands well how precious your smile is! Nothing but a charming smile can simply stun the whole world; it can brighten up the entire ambience with its grace and allure. But having a good smile will not suffice; to perfect the...  Read More
The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - Where Should You Invest NOW In Your Dental Practice?
By Jerry JonesThere’s no shortage of choices, are there? You could buy a CBCT scanner. ($100k) A new curing light. ($500) Apex locator. ($1000) Microscope. ($8000/op) E4D. (????? A lot!) CEREC. ($25k USED) Oral Cancer Screening Gizmotronic. ($2500 and up).Or, you could invest it in marketing....  Read More
Categories: dental business
A Glance in the Rearview Mirror at 2014
If you ignore most world news and the fact Chicago the band has again been snubbed for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 2014 has been a good year.Hundreds of people have purchased plans through Dental Insurance Store and are now getting help with your oral health needs. We have proven to be a...  Read More
Grafting infected sites? can and should it be done?
I hope your surgical day is great!A fewweeks ago I posted a video that described how I handle the missingbuccal plate when I extract a lower molar (If you didn’t read/see thischeck out the “Money tooth” blog and video. Happy to send it to you ifyou e-mail me).It went viral and a...  Read More
You Can't Make This Stuff Up....
. SHARING this from months ago, because it STILL gives me a giggle to read it. And yes, this actually happened.That moment when one of the RDH's in the office says "hey, aren't you....??" And you nod "yes,"and then she runs through the offices telling everyone the localnews lady is in the...  Read More
Dental offices are now being hit with Ransomware (cyber blackmail). If you own or work in a dental practice, you need to know what Ransomware is, and the ramificationsof this serious security breach.Ransomware Trojans are a type of cyberware that is designed to extort money from a dental office....  Read More
Position to Transition - Plan Your Exit - Always
#PracticePrudence Practice Transitions. Transitions Planning. Position to Transition. Ready to retire.Avoid regret when you go to retire, sell your practice, or sell your share of a partnership in your dental practice.If you want to make the most selling your dental practice, sell at your business...  Read More
Paid Holidays
The "Paid Holiday" policy Irecommend is as follows:Our dental practice provides paid time off on certain holidays to eligible employees. After 90 days of full time employment staff members who are designated as full time employees become eligible for this benefit. Paid holidays are as...  Read More
Categories: dental, office, manual, paid, time, off
Top Five Social Media Pitfalls For Your Dental Practice
Over the last decade more and more people are turning to the web for advice from all areas in the medical field. Easy access to the Internet from handheld devices, mobile phones, laptops and tablets is the main reason for people turning to the medical sites. The fast response is the main reason why...  Read More
Should Dentists Provide Cosmetic Botox Injections?
You head to your local dentist for your twice-yearly dental checkup. As you chat with the dentist or hygienist, he or she mentions “Oh, by the way, we now offer cosmetic Botox injections for facial wrinkles. Would you be interested in learning more about this service?’You say to...  Read More
Categories: botox, botox injections
What Scrooge Knows About Periodontal Disease
It is the week of Christmas and of course all the familiar Christmas movies have been playing on TV. Charles Dickens' classicA Christmas Carolis one of those that show every year. It has been remade dozens and dozens of times. (I kind of like the Disney versions the best.)This article first...  Read More
12 Ways To Train the Dental Assistant To Work More Like A Dentist
A dentist is often left up a creek without a paddle if they do not have a proper assistant. With a role that important, it's also important that the assistant works hard to be just as much of a dentist as the dentist themselves. Here are 12 ways to train the dentist assistant to work more like the...  Read More
9 Ways of increasing Patients in a Dental care practice
A healthy dental practice should record at least 25 . This may seem unrealistic, but with proper marketing coupled with excellent services, every practice has the potential to be on this level. The thought of proactively marketing your dental practice may not sound very appealing. You might choose...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Watch the Numbers with Tim Lott : Howard Speaks Podcast #34
Tim Lott discusses the most common practice metrics and accounting pitfalls. Make sure you're comparing apples to apples and maximizing your financial knowledge.Stream Audio Here: Audio HSP #34 with Tim Lott Watch Video Here: ...  Read More
Handling the New Patient
I recommend that yourreceptionist:1. Greet the patient in a warm, friendly and professional manner. Be sure to introduce yourself, including your job title. Offer to hang up the patient’s coat.2. Ask the patient to complete the necessary forms including signing off on your dental practice's...  Read More
Categories: new patients
How Are You Bonding? with Dr. David Hornbrook : Howard Speaks Podcast #33
Dr. David Hornbrook shares exactly what systems he is using in his high-end, cosmetic practice today.From generations of bonding systems to soft tissue lasers, tissue retraction and adhesive cements, Dr. Hornbrook shares the best of the best. Also hear his list of the Top 5 dental manufacturers...  Read More
Smile with Sterngold Restorative Dentistry Products
The smile is the most important expression to enhance the beauty of the whole personality. To have a beautiful smile, teeth play a major role. Therefore, any stains or dysfunctions of the teeth can make the smile look damaging. This can destroy your whole personality. And in the attempt to have...  Read More
ERA Systems for Restorative Dentistry - How it has Influenced Modern Surgical Techniques
Smile is Priceless: A beautiful smile can simply mesmerize the whole world with its grace and charm. No one can escape the beauty of a wide smile on a face. A face with a lively smile can spread elegance all around it. And for that, having proper teeth is the most important thing which makes the...  Read More
Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that primarily focuses on the complete management and acre of deviations from the natural position of the teeth. It is also concerned with the growth, development or function of the teeth. As more and more people are concerned about their looks, they often...  Read More
Categories: dental
Dentaltown Learning Online..."Restoration of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions" by John J. Maggio, DDS.
Dentaltown Learning Online is pleased to present online "Restoration of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions" by John J. Maggio, DDS.This course can be found here.....Discussion of this course can be found here..Non-carious cervical lesions represent some of the greatest challenges to the restorative...  Read More
The 20 Struggles That Dentists Face By Running Outdated Technology In Their Practice
Technology is always updating, which may make it hard to keep up with. However, as a dentist, you need to ensure that you offer the latest and greatest tech equipment in your office. If you don’t, here are 20 struggles that you’ll have to face. Clients Will Go Elsewhere Clients expect...  Read More
Categories: dental technology
Overlay on molar after RCT
Hi would like to share this clinical case of restoration of a molar after root canal, the restoration is made in lithium disilicate and adhesively bonded.Hope you like :-)For details feel free to ask in this page...bye!  Read More
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