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When Sepsis Strikes After a Tooth Extraction
When it comes to having one or more teeth extracted, be aware that you could gain something unwanted as a result of the extraction: an infection known as septicemia, which could turn into a very serious infection known as sepsis.While rare after a tooth extracton, sepsis does occur and it’s...  Read More
Periodontal cure with biofilm microscopic manadgment
Thank you for interest in periodontal cure.Therapy goes like this:See patient once a month for 8 month. Have him does all his hygiene in your presence, floss and bass modified. Have microscope monitoring every month from 3 deepest pockets, with saliva mounting. No brushing nor floss the day of the...  Read More
Categories: periodontal therapy
Periodontal cure treatment
A definitive cure for agressive and chronic gum disease is possible:Go back to a normal flora biofilm ! It takes about one year to accomplish. First supress gingivitis (no leucocyte to feed on), have the patient use H2O2 1% for brushing and baking soda (6) plus salt (1) tapping on the gum twice a...  Read More
Categories: periodontal therapy
When new dental practices need working capital
New dentists seeking additional cash flow often find themselves in a "Catch 22" position.Many dentists seek additional cash flow for their businesses but until they have a credit history they cannot receive additional credit. It's amazing to have this situation happen but it's something that is...  Read More
With Halloween being this week, candy is about the only thing on everyone’s minds. Every flavor and type of candy surrounds you — at work, at home and in stores — tempting you to buy, buy, buy. And the tempting works since every year .Even though you buy and consume so many sweet...  Read More
Best Dental Hygiene Tricks For Enjoying Halloween
-The practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy to prevent oral disease, by regular brushing and flossing and visits to a dentist.Halloween time is a fun time for the whole family…the weather begins to turn, leaving cooler weather for lots of quality family time. It...  Read More
Categories: Halloween, Halloween2014
U.S. Supreme Court Weighs in on Cosmetic Dentistry
On October 14, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about teeth whitening that has sparked debate about the power of licensing boards.The hearing was on an appeal from the federal antitrust lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners...  Read More
Selling Your Practice Soon? Tips for Planning Ahead
Getting close to retirement? Doctor's always ask us: I am 1 to 5years out from wanting to sell my practice, what are some things I should do tostart planning? Here are a few tips that will help make your practicedesirablebut more importantly, morevaluable.Before we divein, you...  Read More
Yes, There is a ToothFairy
There is a ToothFairy, and it needs our help. The, America’sToothFairy, is dedicated to eliminating children’s preventable suffering from dental disease by providing programs and resources to deliver community-based preventive, educational, and treatment services. Since 2006, the NCOHF...  Read More
Sterngold Dental LLC Gives a Young Child Sisay a Reason to Smile Again
On a very unfortunate day, Sisay, a 6year old child from Africa, was attacked and mauled by a wild hyena while he was playing in his backyard. This attack left Sisay completely deformed and clinging for his life. The hyena had viciously attacked the young boy’s face, which forced him to lose...  Read More
Dental Implants In Restorative Dentistry
How do Dental Implants Work?Dental Implants are fused to the jaw bone; they provide stable support for artificial teeth. Dentures and bridges mounted to implants won't slip or shift in the mouth an especially important benefit when eating and speaking. This secure fit helps the dentures and bridges...  Read More
latest advancements in dentistry is really a boon to dentistry
latest advances in dentistry is really a boon to th dentistry .from these advancements we give the patients a good treatment and also can educate the patient . intraoral camera ,endomotors ,rvg system ,tooth colored restoration ,implants etc.all are really good helpers of dentists with the help of...  Read More
State of the Union 4Q14
Fellow Townies,2014 has been a remarkably unremarkable year in many ways. A solid but resoundingly average year. Known challenges still abound - declining insurance reimbursement rates and ever increasing overhead costs. What challenges are folks not aware of and/or intentionally ignoring?Sure, the...  Read More
Tooth-Friendly Treats for a Happy Halloween
October is a fun month, isn’t it? There are family visits to the apple orchard to pick succulent fresh apples, the delight of making s’mores over campfires, and the palette of vibrant-colored mums decorating porches and yards in cities, villages and farmsteads.There is also the ecstasy...  Read More
I graduated dental school in 1984. Opened my first dental practice in 1986. Quickly grew to 4 dental practices by 1996 with 175 employees and about 12M in gross sales. Met my wife in 1984. She was a dental assistant in the first office I worked. We got married in May 1986. By January 1990, we had...  Read More
General Policy Manual: What To Include
A Dental Office General Policy Manual – regardless of the size of your office - is vital.The following are some basic guidelines advisesyou consider when assembling your manual:1. Make a distinction in your dental offices manual between policies that apply to everyone in the company (general...  Read More
stress effecting oral health
as we all know in this today"s busy life people forgot about there general and oral health.patients came to the clinic with the problem of burning mouth .clinically there is nothing significant but when the patient is asked about and stress then they say yes we have stress of this probelm or that...  Read More
Types of Gum Disease
A gum disease is a progressive type of disease that affects the surrounding and supporting tissues of the gums, as well as the underlying jawbone. When this is left untreated, the result will lead to a loose and unstable tooth, even loss of tooth. In fact, this disease is the leading cause of the...  Read More
Categories: oral health, gum disease
How Professional Web Design Will Give You an Advantage over Other Dental Practices
Let's be honest, sometimes it’s not easy being a dentist. No matter how skilled a professional you are, you’re going to have to compete with other local dentists for the same pool of potential customers. That means you’ll have to put a good chunk of your hard-won earnings toward...  Read More
Periodontal Cure
Gingival sulcus is infested with parasites. Most doctors do not know, patients either. It is time we share information for patient’s health. Half of the adult population suffers from periodontitis. We personnally have been treating periodontitis for 30 years with success. We published in the...  Read More
LIVE dental office construction!
My team and I absolutely love helping build new offices.Its so exciting to see a doctors dream become a reality and literally come up out of the ground.Recently, we helped out in this project that will be a designshow stopper!New methods in construction can give you a high end appearance with...  Read More
Preparation needed by a Dentist in Order To Be Eligible To Apply For A Loan.
As a dentist you have quite a bit to concern yourself with when it comes to running your practice. The primary goal of most dentists is to one day become a "Million Dollar Practice." Initially once you begin operations you main goal is to keep your cash flow and revenue coming in steadily through...  Read More
You’re sitting next to the patient, waiting for his response. You’ve done it right. Showed your patient all the x-rays with the bone loss. Described the hygienist’s findings of 5 to 6 mm pockets, bleeding, the pus. Providing a pamphlet of periodontal disease and the oral systemic...  Read More
Saving up to 70% on Dental Care in Los Algodones
For many Americans and Canadians dentistry in Algodones is an alternative to expensive dental care at home. According to the more than 85 million Americans lack dental health coverage, and Mexico offers those without coverage the chance to get their dental care for up to 80% less.Algodones, in...  Read More
New Patients Will Come To Your Dental Practice Through Marketing
As a dentist if you are looking to bring in new dental patients you must put together a solid marketing plan.Marketing your dental practice does not have to be an elaborate, expensive process.Marketing your dental practice may be something as simple as a new sign that draws attention or new...  Read More
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