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9 Steps For A Dentist To Become CEO Quickly
Some dentists work their entire lives for the hope of one day becoming the CEO of their company. And while many will argue that the tortoise beat the hare, the truth of the matter is that some people simply won’t want to waste anytime in their efforts to becoming a CEO. This makes sense,...  Read More
Proposal?  Letter of Intent (LOI)?  Exclusivity?
So, you're in the process of selling your practice? You may be receiving written offers with various titles - term sheet, proposal, Letter of Intent, etc. Which of these documents are substantive and which terms are legally binding if you execute the document? It is very easy to get confused. ...  Read More
Dental Offices May be Targeted for HIPAA Audits
A little over a year ago, the former Director of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Leon Rodriquez, referred to covered entities that did not realize they have business associates relationships in place. He went on to say that some business associates did not know that they were actually business...  Read More
To Be Or Not to Be...A Dentist
Oscar Wilde once said that, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” The subject of today’s post, a former dentist who sometimes played a dentist in television and movies, is a perfect example of Wilde’s quote. But make no mistake: today’s subject...  Read More
Past Due Dental Accounts: Letters and Patient Calls
The sequence of steps for past due accounts is as follows: 1. Statement 2. Patient Call 3. 2nd Statement with note or letter 4. Patient Call 5. Past Due Letter 6. Patient Call 7. Last Notice – Demand Payment Letter. If no response after last notice, send memo to the doctor for review. 8....  Read More
Want A Consistent Flow of Quality New Patient Traffic from Your Dentist Website Each Month?  Incorporate These Eight (8) Strategies and You'll Be Well On Your Way - [Infographic]
Effective Dental Marketing isn’t just about driving quality new patient prospects to your website. An effective dentist website not only attracts quality new patient traffic (i.e., “Users”) consistently and converts a good percentage of them to scheduled new patient...  Read More
4 Places For Dentists To Market Their Dental Practices Other Than Google
and increase the amount of traffic that comes through their door won’t be able to escape the need to put a big effort into marketing. After all, relying on word of mouth referrals to get new customers just simply won’t cut it when you consider all of the techniques that the...  Read More
Productive Dentist Academy with Dr. Bruce Baird : Howard Speaks Podcast #7
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Bruce Baird talk about why patients fail to schedule. Audio Podcast:                                                                                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #7 with Dr. Bruce Baird                                       ...  Read More
99.99% Guided Implant Surgery with Dr. Jay Reznick : Howard Speaks Podcast #6
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Jay Reznick talk about oral surgery and the GP. Audio Podcast:                                                                                                                                                                            Howard Speaks Audio Podcast...  Read More
To Tanzania and Back, Humanitarian Dentistry with Dr. Abbas Fazel : Howard Speaks Podcast #5
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Abbas Fazel of ASDOH talk humanitarian denstistry. Audio Podcast:                                                                                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #5 with Dr. Abbas Fazel                                       ...  Read More
Categories: Public Health
Dentist Can get 20 New Patient Instantly If They Follow These Tips
What business couldn’t benefit from getting 20 new clients in a hurry? It doesn’t matter if you are a small start up or a huge corporation, 20 clients can make a big impact. , who rely on the amount of clients that come through their door as the way that they make a living. For a...  Read More
Your Dentist SEO Not Getting Your Dental Website At the TOP of Page #1 In Google?  Try This Instead
FREE Download: With more and more competition showing up each year, attracting enough new quality new patients is a major challenge for most Dentists today. One of the BEST, Most OVERLOOKED strategies you can implement (amazingly inexpensive considering the huge bump it'll give your website...  Read More
The #1 simplest dental recall system is so darn easy, many practices overlook it.
Next to attracting new patients, the MOST important issue is keeping them. Patients MUST be rescheduled – everytime – or you risk losing in many, many ways. This is why your new practice must have a rock-solid dental recall system. We teach this to clients and now you get to use...  Read More
7 Unconventional Tips to Help Dentist Stay Productive While in Office
No matter how much you do in a day, it always seems like there is plenty more that can be done. This is true for everyone, but it’s especially true for dentists. After all, not only do each day, but they also need to find time to organize their practice, educate themselves about the...  Read More
Dental Office Financial Policy
Establishing a clear and firm financial policy for your dental office helps to see that your practice is paid without the type of misunderstandings that can cost you new patients and referrals so always give a copy of your financial policy to each new patient at the initial appointment. It is vital...  Read More
Learn When To Start Your Strategic Dental Marketing
Most dentists wonder how they’ll get new patients in their new practice. The answer is timing of proper marketing. For a new practice, timing your dental marketing during construction is everything. What might construction and dental marketing have in common, you ask? The proper timing of...  Read More
Agreeable Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Josh Wren : Howard Speaks Podcast #4
Dr. Howard Farran and Josh Wren discuss the intricacies of pediatric dentistry. Audio Podcast:                                                                                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #4 with Dr. Josh Wren                                       ...  Read More
Categories: Marketing, Pediatric
Critical Cariology with Dr. Jason Luchtefeld : Howard Speaks Podcast #3
Dr. Howard Farran talks with Dr. Jason Luchtefeld on all things dentistry and ironman, including critical thinking, success, happiness and triathlon training.  Audio Podcast:                                                                                                                   ...  Read More
Create Your Own Economy with Dr. David Maloley : Howard Speaks Podcast #2
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. David Maloley talk about creating your own economy! Audio Podcast:                                                                                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #2 with Dr. David Maloley                                       ...  Read More
Napoleon Meets His Dental Waterloo
Napoleon Bonaparte is renowned for invading countries and pillaging treasuries, but did you know he was meticulous about his tooth care? It's true - he never left home to invade another country without packing his toothbrush. Admittedly I knew little about “Boney” until recently. I...  Read More
Tip from Consultant Sandy Pardue: Fall Use it or Lose it Letter
I recommend that every practice send fall themed "Use it or Lose it" letters to patients with both incomplete treatment and outstanding insurance benefits. This is a great way to give your practice an end of the year boost. Years ago we added a twist to our letters when we went down to the local...  Read More
Verifying Dental Benefits
A hybrid system works best by utilizing a carrier's web site when possible as many now give real time estimates along with a service such as DentalXChange and utilizing your PMS's capabilities. Last option should be to fax/call. When this occurs make sure to enter downgrades and exceptions into...  Read More
A Proven Technique for Powerful Dental Employee Reviews
A Proven Technique for Powerful Dental Employee Reviews Straight Out of Jayme’s Backyard Have you heard of the “1-10 Practice Grade” technique for dental employee reviews? Every week, I meet with clients to discuss building offices, coding, profitability, new patient marketing...  Read More
Best Practices: Dental Collections
When internal efforts fail to resolve patient debt, it may be time to change your approach. The question is— which approach best meets your needs? Should you use an attorney or a collections agency; a percentage based or flat fee approach? What are the pros and cons to these alternatives? ...  Read More
Get Your Dentistry to the Front Page of Online Search Results: 5 Ways to Boost Your Google Ranking
You’re not the only , you have to do everything you can to stand out. One way to stand out is to get your website to show up above your competitors in online search results. Here are 5 ways you can boost your Google ranking and come out on top in search results. 1. High-Quality Content The...  Read More
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