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Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist Ellen Glasgow wrote, “The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.”This makes me wonder, if dentists find themselves in so many daily ruts, why do they keeping digging? What’s the cause behind the compulsory attitude...  Read More
Keep Dental Crowns Healthy
If you have one or more dental crowns on your teeth, you’re not alone, because crowns are a very common tool dentists use to maintain teeth that have extensive decay, fillings or fractures.Yet because you had crowns placed on one or more of your teeth due to the aforementioned problems,...  Read More
12 Interesting Oral Facts Nobody Knows Except Dentists
When it comes to teeth, many people assume that they know all there is to know about it. While it is a rather neglected area of the body, it also happens to be the one with few surprises. Nonetheless, there are some facts that and your teeth. The following are 12 similar true facts that few people...  Read More
Thought for the Weekend
"For it is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest that holds human associations together." --H. L. MenckenWhether it is your staff or advisors (or even friendship and family), there must be mutual trust. That does not mean that you're not keeping watch over things, as that is imperative, but...  Read More
Bad Words
Words and phrases dental marketers and consultants use that I cannot stand:gettargetcaptureacquirego afterprospectsmanage profilebranded response advertisingteam of writersremarketIt's all so wrong. The words we use do have profound influence on our thought processes, the conclusions we make and...  Read More
Implant-Based Solutions = Improved Quality of Life
There is no need to be edentulous. With conventionaloccurs. Because dentures are loose all the time, patients lose more than confidence, avoiding certain foods can lead to nutritional deficiencies, and an altered self-image causes an avoidance of social situations. Dentures restore only 15% of...  Read More
Prosthodontists Restore Surgical Defects
Removal of a boney tumor from the jaw leaves a large intraoral defect. It is the province of theto restore function and aesthetics for these patients.This gentleman lost 13 lower front teeth and a large volume of bone both vertically and horizontally. Instead of having to wear a removablewere...  Read More
Team Goodwill in a Transition
Ensure goodwill with open communicationThe teams’ role in the sale of a practice is a major factor that can significantly influence the goodwill of the transition. When patients perceive that the team is in full support of the new doctor, the transfer of the patients’ trust and...  Read More
Dental Content Marketing: Is Your Practice Doing It Wrong?
As a dentist, you likely have limited resources and funds for marketing. You don’t want to be spending them on the wrong marketing campaigns. Dental content marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing for dentists, but only if it is done properly.Where is my content going...  Read More
Building your online brand
Building your online brandIn this modern internet age, a practice website is an absolute necessity, and it needs to be well designed, professional and informative with fresh content that fully reflects just who you are and what you do. The financial success of your dental practice depends on your...  Read More
Who’s Your Advisor?
As the “Baby Boomer” market approaches retirement, we are seeing more and more accountants and financial planners entering the transitions business. It is readily apparent that they have little or no dental practice brokerage or management consulting experience, yet they are setting up...  Read More
You Will Never Guess What Is A $100k piece of a Dental Construction Budget?!
Sometimes a dental construction budget is blown away with the most boring of things.In this case, a driveway is the potential culprit.Click on the video and discover:1) Why creating the...  Read More
How Eating Disorders Hurt Oral Health
When I was younger food and I had a mutual understanding. I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted, and the only weight I’d gain would be if I went too long without a haircut. Of course there were mitigating factors other than teenage metabolism. I mean, I’m sure the two...  Read More
Dental IT and the benefits of specialization
While a good tech can get your system optimized and secure, it is important to note that dental-specific IT calls formuch more than just a hardware and software tech – it requires a company which employs adedicated HIPAA security officer in addition to a team of technicians familiar in...  Read More
5 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work
According to the American Psychological Association, workplace stress costs American companies an estimated $300 billion annually. 40% of adults say that they stressful events of the day keep them awake at night (you’re not alone). Number and figures don’t take into account the effect...  Read More
24 Dental Marketing Tips, Tip #9 is Crucial!
It’s time to change the way you think about. A lot of what we once “knew” about marketing no longer applies, especially when it comes to using social media as a marketing tool. It’s time for an update, for new stats about marketing and how you can use them to your...  Read More
Dental patient information, both written in the chart and verbal, is absolutely confidential. Practice and dentist’s business affairs are also to be treated with the utmost confidentiality.The above subjects should not be discussed outside of the office. Office matters must be kept in the...  Read More
Beyond Dollars & Cents: Think about the (Legacy) Team
All successful dental practices need consistent new patient flow as well as patient loyalty. However, one of the most significant contributors to the most successful practices is a dentist’s ability to lead and manage a great team. Although some of us may want to believe that it requires luck...  Read More
2014 Content and Social Marketing Survey
At least one inquiring mind wants to know how you're using content and social media tactics in your marketing efforts. Are you engaging more or less in 2014 than in the past? Will your content marketing and social media initiatives accelerate in the coming years? Do youyour social media marketing?...  Read More
Dental Marketing Ideas: Get More Social Shares and Website Traffic!
Whether you have just opened up your dental practice or are looking to drive more traffic to the landing page of your established well established dental websites (or somewhere on the business spectrum between these two), you know that getting people to click on your link, much less stay on your...  Read More
Accurately Predicting Your Dental Marketing Success With Predictive Marketing [Infographic]
As consumer behavior is in a constant state of flux, understanding existing (and new) patients can feel as overwhelming as understanding what makes people do the things they do… such as the opposite sex. And as much as we’d like to have it, no one has written a Dental Marketing book...  Read More
Thought for the Weekend
It is estimated that a practicegrossing $700,000 per year has over $300,000 worthof diagnosed, uncompleted dentistry in its patient charts.Now is a great time to do a chart audit and encourage thosepatients to complete procedures for diagnosed problems. This is true for your cash paying patients as...  Read More
Tip from Consultant Sandy Pardue: Patient Goodbye's
It is of utmost importance that your patients knowyou are glad to see them when they arrive, but it is also important that they knowyou were gladyou had the opportunity to see them, visit with them and treat them. They are GUESTS in your office and should be treated as such.Therefore, it is the...  Read More
Changing People's Lives, One Smile at a Time
When cosmetic cases are completed and the "after" pictures are taken, I review the case andenjoy seeing the transformation that has taken place. My most recent cosmetic makeover involved endodontics, implants and restorative and took close to 3 years to complete.Initially, my patient told me he...  Read More
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