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You Will Never Guess What Is A $100k piece of a Dental Construction Budget?!
Sometimes a dental construction budget is blown away with the most boring of things.In this case, a driveway is the potential culprit.Click on the video and discover:1) Why creating the...  Read More
Dental patient information, both written in the chart and verbal, is absolutely confidential. Practice and dentist’s business affairs are also to be treated with the utmost confidentiality.The above subjects should not be discussed outside of the office. Office matters must be kept in the...  Read More
Accurately Predicting Your Dental Marketing Success With Predictive Marketing [Infographic]
As consumer behavior is in a constant state of flux, understanding existing (and new) patients can feel as overwhelming as understanding what makes people do the things they do… such as the opposite sex. And as much as we’d like to have it, no one has written a Dental Marketing book...  Read More
Tip from Consultant Sandy Pardue: Patient Goodbye's
It is of utmost importance that your patients knowyou are glad to see them when they arrive, but it is also important that they knowyou were gladyou had the opportunity to see them, visit with them and treat them. They are GUESTS in your office and should be treated as such.Therefore, it is the...  Read More
Cell Phones, Office Phones and Computer Use
If you haven't already done so many top dental consultants advise that you include in your general dental office manual an up-to-date phone/computer policy. This is the phone/computer policy I recommend:CELL PHONESCell phone use (including texting, checking Facebook, etc.) at your dental practice...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Pre-Scheduling of Hygiene Patients
To insure the viability of the practice, at least 85% to 90% of the patients should leave the office with an appointment or a future recall date. Why not schedule 100% of the patients? Not every patient should be pre-scheduled because they can't be trusted to keep the appointment. This is why it is...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Use a "Rebilling Charge" to Motivate Slow Payers to Pay Faster
There is no question that adding a monthly rebilling charge to account balances will motivate patients to pay their bill faster. We all try to collect fees and co-pays but still manage to have patients owing money to the practice, especially since insurance companies don't always pay what is...  Read More
Maximize Your Chances of Selling and Your Sales Price Part 2
Here is a post from Ellen Dorner of NL Transitions, a Dental Brokerage firm.In Part 1 of "Maximize Your Chances of Selling and Your Sales Price", we dealt with issues within your dental office you can “clean up”. However, if those items are already completed, what else can a seller do...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Individual Staff Members Personal Production
The individual staff member's personal production is very important to the success or failure of your practice. There is great cost in running an office that every staff member does not see, such as taxes, rent, office supplies, technical supplies, insurance, computers, utilities, payroll, computer...  Read More
51 Tips from Consultant Sandy Pardue for Creating Exceptional Customer Service
51 Tips to Create Exceptional Customer Service Track referrals to your office and acknowledge those that refer. If you state guidelines allow a patient referral program implement one. Create trust with your patients Send handwritten WOW Letters to patients from staff members Communicate...  Read More
Stay Positive With Your Patients
1. Patients' needs are top priority. The practice owner and all staff should leave personal issues and opinions outside of the dental practice. Patients visit your office to improve their dental health and eliminate pain. An atmosphere of warmth, cheerfulness and caring must be conveyed....  Read More
Learn 4 Rules Of Dental Office Signs In This Video
Learn the Dental Office Sign Rules: 3 Good and 1 Bad Dental Office SignRule #1Use the word Dental or DentistryThis sounds obvious but I assure you that too many practices don’t do this!Its shocking to me how obvious this is and how confused prospective patients can become if you miss this...  Read More
 Drive New Patient Growth With Your Cell Phone - 6 Genius Ways
I noticed something on Mother’s Day…when we finally convinced my wife to upgrade her phone.Lisa’s New PhoneWhy is this big news for YOUR practice?Setting:Mothers day (this past spring)Jayme: Tell mommy to open it!Lisa: Wow. Its nice. But why do I need such a huge phone??I’m...  Read More
Receivables Don’t Equal Profits!!!
Do you have more than $2,499 in patient accounts aged between 60-89 days? Do you have over $5,000 setting on your books older than 90 days? The numbers don’t lie, and unfortunately having a lot of money on your books does not equal profits. In fact, the longer accounts age the less likely...  Read More
Five Things to Look For In a Collections Partner:
With receivables becoming more and more patient responsibility, many practices are looking for alternatives to their traditional billing and revenue cycle management process. One piece of the revenue cycle puzzle is final write off and collections, which can be a negative experience when improperly...  Read More
Consultant Tip:The Lifeline to Your Practice
The old adage is, your patients know first what’s not working in the practice and this starts with their very first contact. The telephone is the most overlooked piece of equipment in the dental practice, yet it is the most important.If your telephone is not handled correctly, your practice...  Read More
Continuous Improvement: Unnecessary Motion
Then she tried to sit on my lap while I was standing up – Philip Marlow, The Big Sleep (1946)He never asks for a second favor when he’s been refused the first. Understood? – Tom Hagen, The Godfather (1972)I killed him for money and for a woman. I didn’t get the money and I...  Read More
Gamification IS the Future of Your Success In Dentistry - Infographics
Infographics BelowFor the majority of folks working in theDental profession (and most of the business world for that matter), the idea that you cannot work effectively andbe productive if play is involved is still a widely accepted belief. I’m not sure about you, but it’s likely thatyou...  Read More
Acceptable Conduct
While it is important to understand what is unacceptable conduct for your dental staff, it is equally important to understand what is “acceptable conduct” in a dental practice so you can concentrate on the positive not the negative. In order to create a positive working environment I...  Read More
Maximize Your Chances of Selling and Your Sales Price
Maximize Your Chances of Selling Your Dental Practice and Your Sales Price – Part 15 Ways to Improve the Selling Price of a Dental PracticeWhen someone wants to sell their home, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Typically they will start by improving curb appeal, cleaning out the...  Read More

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