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Oberman Law Firm Launches Expansion of Its Multi-Practice Law Group
Oberman Law Firm, a leading dental law firm which has a national presence, has announced the expansion of its Multi-Practice Law Group. The Multi Practice Law Group will continue to expand its client MSO (Management Service Organization) and DMSO (Dental Management Service Organization) practice...  Read More
It doesn’t matter if patients react from flight or fight mode. Both types can be easy to work with and does not need to make for a stressful day at the office. These steps will help you connect, defuse, and gain case acceptance. Empathy- “Mr. X, you seem uneasy/unnerved. In my...  Read More
Patients that come from a place of fight are easier to pinpoint, not easier to work with. The body has a defense mechanism that when put in dangerous, threatening, or fearful situations gets louder, bigger, and more aggressive to ward off what we perceive as a dangerous predator- yes, meaning you....  Read More
Fear and dentistry seem to go hand in hand. Whether the fear comes from childhood experiences or is solely psychological, fear is a real thing that patients often bring with them to their appointments. Here’s what most dentists and their teams fail to remember: people have two biological,...  Read More
How To Avoid A HIPAA Violation In The Use Of An Office Copier
Protected Health Information on Photocopier Hard Drives Many dental practices lease photocopiers and simply return the photocopier to the leasing company to replace it with the latest model. However, most dentists are unaware that their old photocopier could subject their dental practice to...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Handling a False Perception about Money During Case Presentation
Some people may think they cannot afford dental care when actually they can. Most people are very poor financial managers and when their money gets tight they think in generalities and even fool themselves. They may even have a small amount of money in a savings account earning a very low percent...  Read More
What Every Dentist "Must" Know About Protecting Their Intellectual Rights
Work for Hire: Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights Many dentists hire independent consultants to develop their website or to perform marketing services to brand their dental office. However, most dentists are unaware that without a written contract that includes certain specific...  Read More
stressLESS: Influencers that Impact Your Stress Levels
In all my work with dental professionals and the massive amount of reading I do around the topic of stress management, I have found consistently four really big factors that influence stress levels and the data to go with it. Feeling of control: You can call this control, autonomy or ownership. ...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Filling Short-Notice Changes
If the Scheduling Coordinator just can't prevent a change in the schedule, the next best thing is that any changes in the schedule be filled immediately. This means that if a patient says they can't make it tomorrow, you need to fill that slot before tomorrow gets here and you are all standing...  Read More
Consultant Tip: A Boost While the Doctor is Out
When the doctor is out of the office for any reason, such as attending a continuing education seminar, it is a great opportunity for the entire office staff to team up and bolster the appointment book with recalls, incomplete treatment, reactivations [patients that have not been in for 13 months or...  Read More
The difference between Management and Leadership
Leadership requires motivating and inspiring. Management includes organizing and staffing. Management involves creating an organizational structure, staffing the job with qualified individuals, communicating the plan, delegating responsibility for carrying out the plan and devising systems to...  Read More
Dental Employee Cell Phone Use
Cell phones, Facebook and the like are here to stay. The basic policy you should have in your general policy manual should be that cell phones, checking Facebook, etc. can never be done at the front desk or in front of patients. Staff should use their break time, etc. to do so. Staff should be...  Read More
A Boost While the Doctor is Out
When the doctor is out of the office for any reason, such as attending a continuing education seminar, it is a great opportunity for the entire office staff to team up and bolster the appointment book in your computer software with recalls, incomplete treatment, reactivations [patients that have...  Read More
The Recap:  Corporate Dentistry versus Private Practice
Private Practice vs. Corporate Dentistry – Secrets Uncovered A Recap: In Part #1 - We Discussed Professional Freedom We examined the pros and cons of professional freedom in Private Practice vs Corporate Dentistry. ( #2 - A Proven Loophole How Start-Ups Compete to Win –Private...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Appointment Wrap Up
Follow these steps at the end of each appointment with all patients to make sure you "wrap up" the patient's visit with positive communication while preparing them for their next appointment. STEP 1: Raise the chair so that the patient is in an upright position. You should remain seated facing the...  Read More
How do the best practices grow in the battle of Private Practice vs Corporate Dentistry?
The 6 Strategies: Don’t be Fooled by Their Simplicity If you study and implement these 6 strategies, your practice will attract a tremendous flow of new patients. If you do this right, you’ll keep those patients for decades, protecting your practice, your success and your legacy for...  Read More
Little Known Secrets Inside Group Dental Practice vs Private Practice Debate; The Loophole
This is Part 2 of the 3 Part Series on Group Dental Practice vs Private Practice. (If you missed Part 1, read it ) The Loophole a topic that, when used properly, will yield hundreds and even thousands of new patients. A new dental office that uses these tools (be it a group dental practice or a...  Read More
More on No Shows and Cancels
Any systems comes down more to WHO is doing the job then the “system” itself. Don’t get me wrong - systems are vital - but there are tons of good systems out there. What is more important is how well trained the people are on implementing whatever system you use as an untrained...  Read More
Introducing the Growth Hacking Strategy of 'GAMIFICATION'...  The HOTTEST Dental Web Marketing Strategy for 2014 and Beyond!
Since the late 1990’s games have been growing at an amazing rate on the Internet. I'm not talking computer-based, multi-player games like Black OPS – Call of Duty™ (I’m not a gamer, but I do enjoy battling my 21 year-old son on COD!) or graphic role-playing games World of...  Read More
Little Known Secrets Inside The Corporate Dentistry vs Private Practice Debate
Insider Insight This article will give you a no B.S. look at the pros and cons of corporate dentistry vs private practice. My team and I have worked for decades with very successful clients on both sides on this topic so you’ll have an unbiased perspective in this article. What you learn here...  Read More
The Cost of HIPAA Compliance for Small Healthcare Providers
Let’s start with what happens if you are not compliant: $1.5 million could be just the start of your costs. That is what the civil monetary penalties can be up to for settlements with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for HIPAA breaches. If you are not in...  Read More
The “Right Way” To Complete Dental Office Plumbing
In the video below we’d like to show you how the plumbing may look in your new practice…before the walls get closed in! Notice the red and blue lines in these walls. They’re not copper. The copper plumbing of your parent’s house is likely a thing of ancient history (it may...  Read More
Dental office construction project is racing along - Watch Phase 3
The demolition of Phase 2 is and the back half of the building no longer exists. As you preview this Phase 3 video, notice how the dental office construction design is coming into existence: A) 5 operatories are positioned on the exterior wall in the...  Read More
Correcting Dental Employees
The key to compliance is having a Dental Office Manual with all policy put together in a format that requires written attests that each policy has been read and agreed to.  Then when policy is not followed a system to correct people is as follows:   1. When a policy, procedure or system is...  Read More
Confirmation Protocol
Auto-Pilot: Do not put confirmation on auto-pilot. Services such as Lighthouse are useful when used smartly but, when you put confirmation on auto-pilot, front desk can sometimes abandon responsibility for the schedule because, “Lighthouse is handling it”.  Customize: Find out from patients if...  Read More
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